Chapter 584 – Follow-Up Report

In Shashaato City, the monster incident that Miyo solved involves a siren.

The upper body is of a human and the lower body is of a fish monster….it looks like a mermaid so it is treated as a demi-human.

It is characterized by its singing voice that can confuse those who hear it.

If it sings in the city, it will surely cause havoc.

No, it actually sang.

However, there’s no damage.

The siren was seized in a ship. It was caught when it was practicing while waiting for the perpetrators to take action.

It seems like the perpetrators took care of it well. In order to make sure that it can sing perfectly, it was never abused and it is in good physical condition.

But it seems like they treated it too well. The siren became fat.

Why did that happen?

「For a mermaid, daily life is a kind of exercise. The siren was trapped in a ship so it will definitely get fat.」

That’s what Loo said. She’s peeking at the follow-up report beside me.

I see.

So, being fat makes its singing voice lose its effect?

No, it was still effective?

It’s just that she could no longer sing.

It looks like the siren can only sing one phrase.

In any case, it was fortunate that someone found it when it was practicing.

Maa, I kind of want to hear it sing.

Currently, the siren is at the sea concentrating on dieting.

Once she’s done dieting, it looks like she’ll work as a ship guide at the port.

It doesn’t want to go back to where it was….

It became a prisoner of deep-fried food while in captivity.


What a rebound? I’ll take note of that.


There are eight perpetrators who tried to cause chaos in Shashaato City.

It seems like their ship was also a spy hideout.

Shashaato City seized the ship and secured a lot of evidence.

So, who handled the perpetrators…..the governor?

It’s a problem of the kingdom so that’s natural.

The five perpetrators of the Village Five incident were also sent to the governor of Shashaato City.

I don’t think I’ll want to keep terrorists in Village Five and it is also impossible to release them so I’m glad that there’s some place we can send them.

As for the orthros puppy, it will be raised in Big Tree Village.

I originally wanted to return the orthros puppy from the place it was captured but gave up on that idea because it was captured in a human country.

If we just put it back, there’s a possibility of that human country making a fuss saying we want to harm them with an orthros.

I also thought of taking care of it in Village Five but there’s a lack of manpower there.

Orthros is aggressive and has a short temper after all.

Even if it is a puppy, it will be like that.

If it is not always being accompanied by someone, it will surely cause trouble. I had no choice but to bring it to Big Tree Village.

However, I don’t plan on taking care of it that much. Will it be okay to let it do what it wants?

Maa, maybe some kuro will take care of it.


Ah, yeah, the orthros puppy doesn’t like me.

It barked at me.

I was shocked.

It doesn’t like Youko either.

It may have become more vigilant after being bound by the spiderlings.

However, it seems to be obedient to the spiderlings so we managed to bring it to Big Tree Village via the teleportation gate.

Then, when it saw Kuro and Yuki, it pretended to be dead.

It was perfect.

Even after I shook its body, it did not move an inch.

I thought it was really dead.

However, even if it pretended to be dead, Kuro and Yuki were not deceived.

No, they don’t really care about the orthros puppy. They just don’t like seeing me anxious after seeing it like that.

When Kuro barked lightly, the orthros puppy woke up immediately.

It stands up so fast that it almost stands using its two hind legs.

I laughed a little.

Maa, get along you guys.


The demon king had also caught a number of groups of suspicious people.

It seems like they were already purging them even before I told them.

Tiselle led the arrest?

What do you mean?

Ah, she’s the one giving command from the royal castle.

Hold on, even if that’s the case, why are you making my daughter do hard things like….she volunteered?

From the information gathered, she accurately guessed the other party’s hideout and arrested them in advance.

That’s something I can never think my daughter could do.

I’m proud of her.

Wait a minute.

This is not the time for me to be proud.

Is everything alright…areh?

What do you mean Gol’s group is involved with the unit that arrests those guys?


They’re still children.

I know that the kingdom is running on meritocracy and they have a lot of merits but don’t let them do dangerous things.

No, I shouldn’t say that. They are already married so they can decide on their own.

Yeah….let’s have Gol and the others do what they want with their lives.

Just don’t let them do something absurd.

Ah, they’re busy as baseball players so they’ll rarely get involved in things like this?

So, the mastermind was the Goruzen Kingdom?

I thought that the coup was successful and there should be a new regime. It’s even a new country now….

Yes but no?

The Goruzen Kingdom is indeed the mastermind but it has already been destroyed.

Those units that are all over the demon king’s kingdom were acting on their own.

They did not withdraw?

Even if they want to withdraw, they have no country to return to.

They already thought of surrendering but they don’t know how they are going to be treated especially that they’re here to do terroristic activities so they didn’t.

I see.

I know how they feel but they no longer have to do what they were ordered to.

No one will praise them.

Maa, I’ll leave the dealing with those who got caught to the demon king’s kingdom so I will not say anything.

Because of that, I would be happy if you forget about the matter of me taking spiderlings to Village Five.

It was an emergency so I wasn’t able to inform you.

The only one who can use teleportation magic here is ancestor-san and he’s dead drunk.

If I were to contact you using the small wyvern messenger, you’ll be arriving here first before it reaches the capital.



There’s no need to apologize since you would have permitted me?

That’s good.


You want to see the orthros puppy?

So, it is a rare demon beast even in the demon king’s kingdom.

I don’t mind.

Ehto, I don’t know where that puppy is though.


The orthros puppy was hiding behind Guronde.

It seems like Guronde has tamed it.

Did you have a sense of camaraderie since both of you have multiple heads?


Right, you’re not in your dragon form.

The orthros puppy wouldn’t know that you have multiple heads.

Then, how….

It will look for the strongest and follow it after.

It doesn’t seem to annoy Guronde.

On the other hand, it looks like Guronde’s fond of it.

Then, I’ll leave that orthros puppy to you.

I laughed at her after saying don’t pamper it too much since Girar might get jealous.


Now, the demon king was also behind Guronde with the orthros puppy.

Then, the demon king got entangled with the anenekos and kittens.

It seems like the anenekos and kittens were jealous when the demon king tried to play with the orthros.

I’m a good friend of it too.

You should be jealous with me too.

When I thought so, Loo, Tier, Ann, and Ria poked my side.

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