Chapter 585 – Orthros Observation Diary

The orthros puppy was named Oru by Guronde.

Oru sleeps in Guronde’s room.

When Guronde laid a blanket in the corner of the room for it, it seemed to have liked it.

However, when Girar is staying in the room, it will sleep outside.

I wonder if it is because of Girar’s glares.

It looks kind of sad.


Oru always follows after Guronde.

It’s with her wherever she goes.

However, it doesn’t follow her inside the toilet or bath.

During those times, it can only whine in front of the door.

Guronde can’t help but smile wryly at it.


When Guronde was teaching the children, it also doesn’t follow her.

It’s because it’s kind of playful with the children.

At first, it managed to just watch and endure but when it no longer can hold back, it barks. At that moment, it was surrounded by the kuros who were guarding the children.

It hid behind Guronde while being scared silly.

After that, Oru no longer approaches the children.

It can’t even be brought near?

Now, when it is time for Guronde’s class, it does everything to not get in the way.

However, it looks like it knows that it is prohibited to cause any kind of disturbance so it just stays at the same place and doesn’t even move.

Doing that, Guronde will stroke its two heads alternately.

Then, it will fall asleep.

After lying for about an hour, it will begin moving again.

After that, it will start its daily routine.


Oru’s daily routine is to look for those who are weaker than itself.

However, it filtered its search to those with four legs.

In short, I and the slimes are not eligible.

Its targets are the inferno wolves, fenrirs, centaurs, horses, cows, pigs, sheeps, goats….tortoises, and cats.

It’s doing what it can.

It’s working hard but there’s no result.

The lions from the hot spring and the dungeon walkers in the Big Tree Village’s dungeon are also out of the question.

Recently, I saw it gazing at the distance.

It’s doing that even though it’s only a puppy.


I think I want to do something for Oru but, what should I do?

What kind of life does an ordinary orthros have?

I asked Loo.

「I think it bred as a guard dog to protect cattles.」

But, didn’t it lose to a cow before?

「Protecting someone doesn’t necessarily mean that the protector should be the stronger one.」

I guess so….

What should I do?

Since it is bred to be a cattle shepherd, let’s just throw it at the ranch area to watch over the cows but Loo said….I shouldn’t.

It lost to a goat.

It is likely to be bullied.


How about I build a small ranch dedicated for Oru?

Ah, a cow volunteered to cooperate.

Then, let’s do it.

I made a mini ranch of about 5 meters square in the residential area.


Guronde took Oru to the mini ranch.

Its face looks dissatisfied after seeing the ranch is so small but its tail is wagging like crazy.

And when Guronde ordered it to protect the cow, it barked happily.


—POV Change—


My name is Oru.

I’m an orthros and I’m proud of the name given to me by milady.

Milady is super gentle.

And super strong too.

I can tell by the smell.

That’s the reason why I chose her to be my lady.


That village chief guy.

He’s no good.

He smells scary.

He reeks of wolves and spiders.

Of course, if those are smells of ordinary wolves and spiders, I have nothing to be afraid of.

However, they are not normal.

I don’t think I can win against them.

It is impossible for me to recognize the village chief as my lord since he’s being followed by those scary beings.

I can’t go against them.

Also, it looks like they won’t let me follow him.

If I’m stronger….

Ah, no, I don’t hate milady.

Milady is great too.

Even if milady’s husband drives me out every time he comes, I’m satisfied with being with milady.


By the way, the place where I’m currently living seems to be called Big Tree Village.

The first thing I must do here is to assert dominance.

If I’m not strong, milady will be laughed at.

That’s unforgivable.

That’s what I thought as I began challenging everyone.

Ah, everyone with four legs.

It’s impossible for me to go against spiders.

They are floating above which is cheating.

Two legs?

Then, who the heck am I going to challenge?

Do you know what I mean?


I started challenging everyone to a duel.

I’m losing every day.

I can’t help but lose to inferno wolves and fenrirs.

They are wolves after all.

I’m a dog.

It’s regrettable but I’ll just admit my defeat to them.

The centaurs have the same upper body as those two-legged.

I’m not convinced but the horses, cows, pigs, sheeps, and goats are strong.

I’m supposed to protect them, right?

Why are they stronger than me?

Is it because I’m a puppy?

No, that doesn’t matter.

The flame magic I casted is directly being kicked off by the horses and cows together with me.

The pigs, sheeps, and goats are fighting with me as a herd.

Also, why are they used to fighting?

Or am I just inexperienced?

Yeah, how can I win?

Moreover, turtles and cats.

Why are you strong?

I can see why with the turtles.

They don’t look like ordinary turtles.

As for the cats.

They have a shining jewel on their foreheads.

Are they counted as normal?

Are they?

I’m kind of worried.

Seeing me like that, a minotaur child challenged me to a duel. It imitated a cow and lost.


I’m happy for your kindness but you just broke my heart.


I’m the lowest of the low in this village.

I don’t mind if I’m with milady but I do mind when I’m not with her.

I have to do something.

I spend my days thinking about how to be useful.

One day, milady brought me to a small ranch.

A really small ranch.

There’s only one cow.

However, milady ordered me.

「Protect the cow.」


What is this feeling of elation?

I feel like I can do anything.


Leave it to me.

I will definitely protect this cow!

Even if I’m this village’s bottom-tier character, even if the cow is stronger than me, I will follow your command.

I’ll take pride in it.



What is it, cow?

You can’t open the door without permission.


It’s time to go back to the ranch area?

It’s hard to spend a night here?

What should I do?

Should I go with the cow?

Should I report it to milady?

No, I have my orders…..

Ah, milady has come to pick me up!



—POV Change—


At a later date.

Oru can be found working hard in the ranch area.

It seems to be getting along with everyone.

However, I’ll refrain from saying that the mini ranch I made was no longer used after three days.

It was converted into a flower field.


The oru is moving together with the cows….ah, you’re going to the hot spring?

Be careful.

I hope the oru won’t get lost.

When I said that, it barked at me angrily.

It looks like it got used to life here.


The orthros was named Oru.

Does this mean that Guronde’s naming sense is the same as village chief?

Guronde and Village Chief: Rude!

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