Chapter 587 – An Oni Maid Who’s Good at Cooking

Youko-sama is asking something to village chief again.

Isn’t she relying on him too much?


I’m one of the oni maids.

I have received village chief’s favor but we don’t have a child yet.

I envy Ann-sama for bearing his son.

If there should be an order, the next one would be Ramurias but a child is bestowed by heaven.

After her, it would be me….

And Laladel-sama is crying.

She sounds like she needs a diaper change desu ne.

I just changed it a while ago but this is already expected from a baby.


This is hard but fun.


Youko-sama asked village chief to hold a special cooking class in Village Five.

If it is only that, she could have just used her authority as the acting village chief and doesn’t need to bother village chief, however…..

She’s asking for our cooperation so she has to get village chief’s permission.

We basically don’t follow anyone’s order aside from village chief.

No, we’re not being mean.

It’s because we’re too busy desu.

We only prioritize village chief’s order.

That’s all there is.


We are already holding regular cooking classes for adventurers and residents of Village Five.

Because of that, this should be…..

The chefs who came to our special cooking class are not obedient.

I don’t care what their reasons are.

Dishes cooked with dirty hands are dirty dishes.

No matter how delicious it is, it will upset your stomach desu.

Do you know that you should wash your hands before cooking?

It’s an extension of that desu.

Yes, if we tell you to do it, you just have to do it.

Village chief even took time to watch over us, I shouldn’t make him see something unsightly…..

Maybe I should beat them up to let them know who’s the boss here?



My common sense has been poisoned by the demon king’s kingdom.

Reflect, me.


「This is a procedure to get a blessing in cooking to make sure that no one would upset his stomach upon eating it. It’s complicated but please remember it.」

Using the advice of the holy maiden Celes, we managed to educate them about the concept of hygiene.

However, it took one day for them to learn it desu.

Village chief, I’m sorry.


I hear your kind words.

I should be happy but I’m not.

Because I failed.

My fellow oni maids feel the same.


Let’s prepare for tomorrow.

We were not prepared enough this day.

We should prepare for every situation that can happen and deal with it.


What is the result?

The second day of the special cooking class is going well desu.

There are tons of failed dishes but those are necessary for experience’s sake desu.

Also, even if you succeed, that doesn’t mean you can easily do it again and again.

Everyone, let’s do our best.


What is it?

You want to be taught something other than basics?

Right, in our cooking classes, we only taught adventurers and normal residents so we only taught the basics.

But, can you do it?

I heard that all participants are chefs.

Okay desu.

We should teach you as if we are teaching a small child desu?

In order for you to understand everything better?

Okay, we’ll teach you as simple as we can.

However, you should think on your own on how you’re going to apply it on your job desu.

You are chefs after all.


There are some chefs who have no pride.

I admire your greediness but you should have attended the regular cooking class if that’s what you really want.

In the regular cooking class, we even teach the participants how to cook eggs.


The special cooking class ended safely.

I would like to say that we managed to do it without any major problem but….it was supposed to be held in a day.

I kept quiet.

Village chief’s gentle words still resonate.

Dinner at the mansion in Village Five?

What’s more, village chief will cook himself for us?

Is it okay?

Ah, you’re just watching the whole time so you want to do something now?

I see.

We’ll eat them with pleasure.


The dish he cooked is a peeled prawn with ground potato. It is fried then mixed with mayonnaise or sweet and spicy sauce depending on your preference.

The dishes that village chief makes are unique desu.

In addition, the concept is out of ordinary.

Where did you learn them?

Oh, I shouldn’t ask.

Snooping about our lord is too disrespectful desu.

We just have to remain silent and serve village chief desu.


I envy Youko-sama, who can talk with village chief about anything.

「Village chief, the participants of the cooking classes said they want to hold a cooking competition.」

Ah, just like that.

Youko-sama easily asked village chief again.

If you want to have a cooking competition, you can decide on it on your own. Why do you have to ask village chief about it?

And village chief, don’t just take on her every inquiry desu.

We still have to prepare for winter and the autumn harvest is coming soon desu yo.

However, we have no right to say anything. We have spent two days of village chief’s time in the special cooking class after all.

We can only shut our mouths.


What is it?

Youko-sama is looking at us.

And then, to village chief….

「I want the oni maids to join the cooking competition.」


Youko-sama, what are you saying?

Village chief asked why.

「There are those who are asking about the quality of the maids serving village chief.」

It seems like there are a certain number of butlers and maids who want to work under village chief desu.

It would have been okay if all applicants were excellent but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

They are those who only have self-confidence desu.

Youko-sama wants us to teach them their place.

I see, right.

If that is the case, I will not refuse.

Since they don’t know their place, I’ll personally teach them that.

Then, village chief.

Your order.



Village chief, are you thinking that we can’t win?

Are we being unreasonable?

No, I guess village chief doesn’t believe that much in our ability…..

Ah, since you’re the judge, if we join, you’ll be suspected of wrongdoing?


We can’t disgrace village chief.

We won’t participate.

Yes, it’s a pity that we can’t personally teach those narcissists but there will be some other time.

「I think the maids serving village chief are skillful enough for you to not be suspected of wrongdoing.」

Youko-sama is saying good words to village chief desu.


We decided to take part in the cooking contest.

Let’s win for village chief.


Ah, it will be in winter?

We’ll polish our skills until then.

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