Chapter 588 – An Oni Maid Who’s Good at Washing


It’s so good to see a huge number of sheets hanging under the sun desu.

Spiderlings, thank you for your help.

You helped me a lot.

The rest are small items so I can deal with them alone….you’ll help me till the end desu?

Thank you very much.

Then, can you provide your web that I can hang the laundry on?

There’s a lot of clothes and your webs are very durable desu yo.

Yes, thank you.

I’m one of the oni maids.

In Big Tree Village, we do the housework.


Oru the orthros is always with Guronde-sama desu.

Their relationship is good desu ne.

However, Oru probably didn’t know that Guronde-sama is a dragon.

It panicked when it saw Guronde-sama transformed into a dragon before it.

And then, it suddenly started biting Guronde-sama on her dragon form.

When I asked village chief, Oru seemed to have thought that Guronde-sama was crushed by the dragon.

In other words, in order to save Guronde-sama, it bit the dragon Guronde-sama.


Oru can’t even do anything against Guronde-sama’s scale but it is attacking with all it has.

Its loyalty is stunning desu.

Let’s make its dinner today a little luxurious.

Ah, however, didn’t this mean that it failed to recognize its lady?

Can it figure out that the human Guronde-sama and the dragon Guronde-sama are the same person?


Oya, Oru stopped moving.

What happened?

I asked village chief.

It seems like it noticed Guronde-sama’s smell from the dragon desu.

I see.

Its attack weakened.

But its state of panic continues desu.

On the other hand, Guronde-sama, who’s in her dragon form, is watching over Oru gently.

Is it because of that?

Oru stopped attacking.

It emotionally looked at Guronde-sama in her dragon form.

Did it finally figure out that it just attacked Guronde-sama?

I asked village chief.

He says I’m wrong desu.

He smiled and told me the reason.

It seems like Oru thought of something.

「Lots of head, could you be….mother?」


Excuse me.

I burst into laughter.

Ehto, I don’t know how it feels but a dragon looks completely different from an orthros.

Just because you both have more than one head doesn’t mean that you are parent and child.



When I saw Oru’s figure leaning its two heads, I also saw its loneliness desu.

Thinking about its life, it was taken from its mother as a little puppy.

It is a child looking for its mother.

How sad.

It looks like Guronde-sama noticed it too.

She transformed to her human form and pat Oru’s two heads.

Although she’s not her mother, I feel like she’s trying to tell it that she won’t let it be lonely.

However, upon seeing Guronde-sama’s human form, it immediately became happy seeing that she’s safe….

That joy.

It looks like it didn’t get Guronde-sama’s intention.

That left a bad taste in my mouth.

 I’ll make sure to watch over it.


I heard that the devil Prada-sama is a colleague of Bulga-sama and Stefano-sama desu.

She’s staying at Village Five but she came to say hello.

Ah, she’s being groped by Bulga-sama and Stefano-sama.

They seem to be good friends desu ne.

After that, she was moved by the statue of gods carved by village chief….no, she’s even in tears desu.

It seems like she’ll get along with ancestor-sama desu.

Ah, they’re really getting along.

That was fast.

They’re already having a good conversation.

That’s good but, is ancestor-sama fully recovered from his hangover?

He seems to be off…..

No, it looks like he invited her to go to the banquet.

Prada-sama, you can participate in the banquet but don’t forget to greet everyone there.

She should be fine since Gucci-sama regularly comes here.

And there they go.


I heard Prada-sama’s scream.



It looks like ancestor-sama forgot to tell her that the participants of the banquet are dragons.


The angel Reginleif-sama is already trying to be familiar with Big Tree Village.

She’s particularly asking about the rules in Big Tree Village and in detail.

It looks like she’s strict when it comes to discipline.

In that case, I won’t hold back.

I will tell you all of them.

「Wash your hands after going to the toilet.」

That’s a strict rule set by village chief.

Ah, don’t just jump to a conclusion that soon.

That’s not the only one.

「The leaves used to wipe buttocks should be replenished by those who realized that they are about to all get consumed.」

That’s also important.

I’m not joking around desu.


Reginleif-sama is seriously trying to memorize them.

Yes, the rules that affect our daily lives are important.

Yes, let’s say it together.

As expected of village chief.


Youko-sama, who has finished eating breakfast, will be heading to Village Five.

I’ll take care of Hitoe-sama but only a little since she’s going to attend Guronde-sama’s class later.

Though it is still too early to say, I think Hitoe-sama has the ability to follow Youko-sama’s path desu.

Youko-sama says that Hitoe-sama can choose to do what she wants and we don’t oppose it.

Guronde-sama also agrees with her on that matter.


After sending Hitoe-sama to Guronde-sama’s class, I cleaned up Youko-sama’s room.

Like always, this room is full of documents desu.

Being the acting village chief of Village Five is hard work after all.

And recently, she seems to be taking various measures for village chief.

Ah, those measures are not bad.

She’s taking various measures to comfort village chief since he’s been lonely after Alfred-sama, Tiselle-sama, and Ursa-sama went to the school at the demon king’s kingdom desu.

Therefore, some villagers are saying that Youko-sama is spoiling village chief too much but she’s doing something we can’t do.

She has our thanks.

Maa, it’s not like I’m saying they’re just jealous of village chief and Youko-sama’s good relationship.


Even so, there are a lot of issues in Village Five desu ne.

Unlike Big Tree Village, whose residents are gathered because of village chief, a lot of people living in Village Five are just there to live in a safe place.

I think we should leave everything to Youko-sama but Village Five’s village chief is village chief too.

He can’t completely take his hands off it.

However, I also don’t think he should always be there.

This is only my selfish expectation but, I think in the future, Village Five will be ruled by Alfred-sama desu.

Considering how much village chief put his hands on Village Five, there shouldn’t be any problem.

And when Alfred-sama becomes the village chief of Village Five, we must make sure that there’s always something he can do.

I think that the sweet ruling of Youko-sama is a preparation for that.

Otherwise, Youko-sama just needs to show her overwhelming prowess to the residents of Village Five and she will rule that place perfectly.

That will make all things run smoothly over there.

And that’s the reason why she’s not doing that….

Ah, wait a minute.

I have to hurry and clean up this place.

Ah, why are there clothes in this place?


I’m sure I asked her to put the laundry in the designated place properly.

I can’t wash anything without permission.

This might be something important.

Will important clothes be something between documents?


I’m forbidden to make arbitrary decisions.

It could be a piece of evidence to some kind of incident.

Let’s just put it on the desk.


I heard from a colleague who had been to Village Five that village chief cooked for them.


Fortunately, that colleague is good at cooking.

Let’s have her cook it too.

It will be fine.

She’ll be able to do it.

By the way, I heard you’re going to participate in a cooking competition.

Village chief’s request?

The main ingredients of the dish village chief cooked were shrimp?

I see.

Let’s prepare.

We’re all oni maids.

Someone’s happiness should be everyone’s happiness.

When I was pushing my colleagues, who were with village chief, village chief also gave us his homemade dish.

As thanks for our daily works….

Thank you very much.

Also, let me say this again.

As expected of village chief.

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