Chapter 590 – Harvest and Member Selection

Harvest started in Big Tree Village.

When this harvest is over, it will be winter.

In short, there’s no time to relax.

The dragon banquet was stopped.

I asked them to help with the harvest.

Even the two dragons who have been training in the dungeon, Kworun and Domaim, harvested root crops like radish and carrots.

I left Hakuren and Rasuti’s spot to Mark and Helze since they are both pregnant.

The rest will be harvesting rice, wheat, barley, and corn.

Let’s do our best.


Village One, Village Two, Village Thee, and Village Four are done harvesting so they came to Big Tree Village to help.

That helps us a lot.

The lamias and titans are also processing the crops harvested and they are already familiar with what they are doing.

Both races are doing something related to brewing alcohol but I won’t say the details.

Also, since the dragons had been in a banquet for a while, there should be room in the warehouse…..

It’s already overflowing.

The sales to the Goroun Company and Village Five were carried out immediately.

Youko said that the warehouse of her mansion in Village Five has reached its limit.

We had no choice but to make the Goroun Company take them as soon as possible.

As for the share of the demon king’s group, Beezel will take them to their intended location like usual.

I feel sorry for being unable to help him.


Most of the field was harvested in two weeks.

The harvested crops that need to be dried are being sun-dried but the weather this year is a little bad.

It looks like it will take time.

At worst, they might have to be dried by magic.

If they are dried with magic, their taste will drop.

The power of nature is amazing.

Because of that, I want everything that needs to be sun dried to be sun-dried.

While praying for that to happen, we celebrate the end of the harvest and hold a banquet.

Ah, dragons, this banquet will only be for today.

Please, don’t continue for everyone’s sake.


During this harvest season, the angels focused on hunting.

Malbit and Reginleif even challenged a grappler bear but failed.

It would have been possible for them to beat it if they had used the kuro horn spears but that would have blasted everything including the meat so that wouldn’t be called hunting.

They are strategizing on what to do during the banquet.

On the other hand, the high elves and the kuros, who mainly targeted rabbits and boars, are smiling widely for great hunts.

However, their smiles froze when the ghost knights from the hot spring came.

They brought two panic caribous.

In preparation for winter, the high elves and the kuros hunted more than usual but given how delicious the horn of the panic caribou is, even they have forgotten that they hunted a lot.

The ghost knights joined the banquet as they are but….you want to ask me something?

It is rare for them to ask something from me.

When I asked them what it was, they said it’s about Yoru.

It looks like her trebuchet broke because of a monster’s attack and it can no longer be repaired.

What’s been a trebuchet is still there and Yoru has been crying over it since then.

Got it.

We’ll prepare a new trebuchet.

I’ll make it with the mountain elves so the end product might not be a trebuchet.

However, I’m sure Yoru will appreciate it.

She’ll definitely stop crying.

The ghost knights were relieved.

It looks like Yoru and the ghost knights are getting along well.



The ghost knights participated in the banquet.

There, the ghost sorceress and Quentan spoke with them.

Ever since the ghost sorceress worked as a teacher for the children, her residence changed from the hot spring to Big Tree Village.

It’s been a long time since they met…..or not.

The ghost sorceress and Quentan regularly go to the hot spring doing various research.

Not dangerous research.

It seems like they are dissecting and examining monsters and demon beasts that were subjugated because they approached the hot spring.

That’s better than letting them rot but….please do it moderately.


Speaking of hot springs, Miyo has been relaxing in the hot spring, or she should have. When harvest season started, she said it’s too tiring to rest there alone so she helped us harvesting.

That helped us a lot and I’m sorry.

Although her stay has been extended, the person in question doesn’t mind it so I guess it’s okay.

But she didn’t touch any document.

The civil servant girls are dejected.

Ah, I also have to send a letter of apology to the governor of Shashaato City.

He must be thinking that I ignored his letter since Miyo’s staycation was extended.

I know that I must pay attention to things like this or else, there might be a bigger trouble waiting.

I should consider both sides carefully.

Youko is well-versed in this area to the tiniest detail.

I even wish to learn from her.


At the banquet, the dungeon at the coast was talked about.

Everyone’s excited because it seemed to be unexplored.

However, that place is around three days away from Shashaato City.

If measured from Village Five, it will be two and a half days away.

Since it is still part of the demon king’s kingdom, it is impossible to let the kuros and spiderlings to explore it for me.

The kuros and spiderlings looked at me with eyes of disappointment.

I’m sorry.

Also, Hakuren and Rasuti are both pregnant so they won’t participate.

Even if they want to, I won’t allow them.

Take care of your body.

Hakuren and Rasuti are holding back so other dragons, please hold yourself back too.

Yeah, Doraim.

I know you really want to go but please hold back.


Given the flow of the discussion, it seemed like it was impossible for me to go but I got great backups.

Reginleif and Ruincia were both reluctant to not let me do what I wish to do.

However, most residents objected because it is a major problem to let me go somewhere dangerous even if it is my wish.

Therefore, a compromise was made.

Several groups will be formed to explore the dungeon.

Each group will enter one after another after a period of time and I’ll be in the last group.

I don’t want to fight strong demon beasts or monsters.

I only want to see some unusual places.

Because of that, I’m not dissatisfied with the plan.

I accepted it with open arms.


After that, survey group participation was arranged during the banquet.

There are eight groups that will participate including my group.


I don’t mind being grouped with Reginleif and Ruincia but why do the phoenix chick Aegis and the orthros Oru with us?

Aegis aside, Oru’s not that close to me yet.

Shouldn’t I be accompanied by the kuros and spiderlings?


No, I’m not saying you’re unreliable.

Also, what’s this unmarked group?

Alfred’s group?

Ah, they’ll surely participate if they heard that a dungeon was found when they returned?

Got it but they must not enter as the very first group no matter what.

Yeah, it would be good if they entered after me.

However, that will probably disappoint them.


Well, it’s good to think about the dungeon but we must prepare for winter first.

We’ll only go to the dungeon after it’s over.

Ah, I haven’t forgotten that I need to visit the dungeons of the lamias and titans.

I want to see the grock of the east dungeon too.

Since we have the universal ship, it will be easier to move around.


By the way….

Ancestor-san looks troubled ever since the story about the coastal dungeon spread.

What’s wrong?

Do you still have a hangover?

「No, that’s not it….」

Then, what?

「I’m not really sure about this but, that dungeon, I might be the one who made it.」


Has the search ended even before it begins?

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