Chapter 591 – Winter and Homecoming

When the banquet was over, ancestor-san tried his best to squeeze memories about the dungeon. After three days of thinking, he concluded that he indeed made that dungeon.

However, it seems like no matter how much he thinks of it, he can’t remember any detail. He can’t even recall what kind of dungeon it is.

Is that good news?

No, Loo and Flora said that it’s definitely bad news and warned everyone about the danger of the coastal dungeon.

As for me, I don’t think ancestor-san will set something dangerous given his personality….

「He’s only like that now but during the old times, he’s incredibly cruel….」

Reginleif, who has known ancestor-san since ancient times, confirmed how dangerous the coastal dungeon is.

By the way, how cruel is he?

When I asked Reginleif, ancestor-san got in the way.



In any case, challenging the coastal dungeon is still something we’ll do later on.

For now, we have to do our best to prepare for winter.

Thus, I brought the dregs of the grapes from making wine to the ranch area.

The goats and sheeps love to eat it.

How much do they like it? The goats behave when there’s pomace.

Isn’t that great?

However, since the dwarves are working hard to make alcohol even from pomace, I can’t give them all.

Only half.

That will be enough since it will still be a considerable amount.

Looking at the goats and sheeps eating pomace, I found out that their fur has changed to their winter fur.

It looks warm.

The kuros and fenrirs have winter furs too but there’s no obvious change.

You’ll only notice if you look closely….

Ah, a fenrir is appealing to me to take a good look at it.


You’re cute.

How about the orthros Oru?

Will it grow winter fur too?

At this time, it should be with the cows….

Its hair is….yeah, I’m not sure.

It’s a puppy so its hair is short.

I also haven’t observed it that much.


Perhaps because she’s about to hibernate, Zabuton gives instructions to her spiderlings who won’t hibernate.

She particularly gave red armor and white armor detailed instructions.

As the gatekeeper of the mansion, it seems like Zabuton is expecting a lot from those two.

The two felt it too so they responded with enthusiasm.


Zabuton also instructed the arachne Arako.

You don’t have to tell her that much. I’m sure Arako can do things properly.


Arako is careless too?

Arako looks embarrassed so what’s….is that so, I didn’t know.

Maa, everyone fails from time to time.

The important thing is not to repeat the same mistakes.


I intended to say something cool but I stabbed myself.

I’m the one who failed a lot of times.


Zabuton gave me some clothes.


I know.

I will wear them this winter.

I also have a present for you before you hibernate.

Ursa’s statue that I personally carved.

Instead of the usual brave Ursa, I carved a gentle Ursa.

Though I think I beautified it to an exaggerating level.

I don’t know how Zabuton hibernates so I tried to carve something small so that it won’t get in her way….it’s about 15cm.

Is this okay?

Ah, it looks like it’s fine since she looks happy.

I know.

When Ursa and the others return I’ll tell them about you.

I’ll have them stay in the village until you wake up though they will go to school again after.

By the way, my wives, including Loo, suspected me of having an affair when they saw me carving Ursa’s statue.

When they found out that it is Ursa I’m carving, they requested me to carve Alfred and Tiselle so their statues are being carved now.


Winter came and it got cold.

We’re done doing things outdoors so there’s no problem.

When I look around the mansion…..the orthros Oru loses to the cold and is trapped in the kotatsu.

It’s still small.

I wonder if it can’t keep its body temperature.

The cows came to see Oru and were relieved when they saw Oru being kept warm.

Were you worried that it would go to the ranch area regardless of the cold weather?

Hahaha, it jumped out once.

Then, came back immediately.

I laughed when it complained to Guronde saying the outside was strange.

Ah, I can’t let the cows stay outside too.

Go back to your barn. It’s warm there.

I don’t mind if you want to go to the hot spring too but you must be accompanied by a villager.

If you enter the hot spring at the wrong time, you might not be able to get out.

If you’re accompanied by someone, that person will do something using magic.

….you’ve spent winter so many times so you should know how things work?

Yeah, I know but there’s always at least one incident like that per year, right?

Ah, that’s the goats?

If you say so….hnnn?

You’re happy I’m worried about you?

Good good.


Brought by Beezel, Alfred returned.

Of course, there are Ursa, Tiselle, Gol, Sil, and Bron too.

Everyone grew up.

…there’s also a girl I don’t know.

Ursa’s friend?

Is that so?

Nice to meet you.


Ursa Ursa.

This friend of yours suddenly talked about being an assassin, is she okay?

And her specialty is also attacking the enemies’ vital.

Maa, she’s around the age where she’ll say things like that. I shouldn’t think that the person I met for the first time is a weirdo…..

What to do?

When I was a bit troubled on how to deal with her, Ursa’s friend held her knee and began to cry.

What happened?

Ursa, let her rest in your room for now.


I’ll leave Ursa’s friend to Ursa…..

Alfred, Tiselle.

Welcome home.

Let me hear what you’ve done so far…………………….that’s a lot.

Let’s talk about the details later.

You’ve grown up.

Loo and Tier are waiting so I’d like to shorten the greetings but…..

There’s something I have to ask.

Where are Asa, Earth, and Metora?

Working in the capital?

Wasn’t their job to take care of the three of you?

They’re working there now because they need to take care of you?

Then, I won’t scold them.

I’ll just give them more work.

Sorry, I won’t.

Now, go to Loo and Tier.


Now, Gol, Sil, and Bron….

「I have taken full control of the Gagorok Territory. I can mobilize 700 elite heavy soldiers at any time! 」

Gol made a fair salute.

「I have taken full control of the Shyban Territory. I can mobilize 2000 light soldiers! 」

Sil also made a fair salute but his salute is from another region so it’s slightly different from Gol’s.

「I have gathered the villages of multi arms race scattered in Bargo Territory. I can mobilize 112 multi-armed warriors! 」

Bron’s salute is completely different.

And the three of them seem to be waiting for something. Their eyes were twinkling while they were saluting.


「Thanks for your hard work. You are amazing. 」

I responded according to the cheat sheet the civil servant girl Rashaashi made for me.

Then, the three of them responded at the same time.

「When you invade the demon king’s kingdom, we’ll take the lead! 」

I will not invade.

Also, Beezel is here so don’t say weird stuff.

Beezel, I apologize.

They should have grown but it looks like they’re still children….

Or so I’m trying to explain to Beezel but he stood up beside Bron and saluted.

「Chrome Territory has 176,000 soldiers! They are at your disposal. 」

Hearing Beezel’s words, the three look frustrated….so, it’s a joke, right?

I think he went with the flow to joke around the three.

As expected of Beezel.

「The demon king’s kingdom, the first to the seventh army with total soldiers of…. 」

Tiselle was trying to say something but Tier blocked her mouth.

Yeah, I didn’t hear it.

I won’t mind anything I didn’t hear.



Welcome home.

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