Chapter 592 – Yoru’s New Weapon


Ursa, who has returned from the school in the capital, is being spoiled by the pregnant Hakuren.

That’s not it?

Ursa is taking care of Hakuren?

That’s good but….she’ll give birth at the end of winter which is a little further away.

By the way, Rasuti will give birth around early spring.


Alfred and Tiselle are talking with other children.

They are telling them about the events in school.

Ah, it’s not just the children but the kuros and spiderlings are also listening.

It looks like a lecture now.

The orthros Oru is wary of Alfred and Tiselle.

It’s probably because it is not familiar with them.

It’s standing not far from Guronde.


Gol, Sil, and Bron are talking and laughing with the late demon king.

Joking aside, I apologize to the demon king.

I don’t want him to misunderstand since the three said something strange.

The demon king just laughed at my apology and told me not to mind it.

And then, he said something to Gol, Sil, Bron, and Beezel.

「Can this demon king be defeated with such degree of war potential?」

The demon king made a smug expression.

I see.

He’s saying that he doesn’t care about that much difference in number.

Demon king is amazing.

If only he didn’t get in the way when Gol and the others tried to get Dors’ support.


When I listened to their story about Gagorok, Shyban, and Bargo Territory, it seems like even before the incident, rebellion was already likely to take place.

I thought they should be fine now since the three already resolved the rebellion but it seems like they are acting as governors of those messy territories.

Etho….first of all, can you not go to dangerous places like those?

You’ll make me worry.

Also, do the three of you have the qualification to be governors?

The demon king’s kingdom is all about power?

Rather than anyone else, it will be better if the three of them, who crushed the rebellion, to stay there to prevent future problems?

But are the three of you okay with….

You received certain rewards so you’re fine with it?

If you don’t like what you’re doing, you better say it properly.

Maa, the three of them are already fine adults and they’re even married too.

I will be rude if I say more….

You don’t have to hold back coming home anytime.


However, demon king.

Do you think it’s fine for the demon king to play baseball while the three of them are working?

You’re not playing?

Though it is also your hobby, it can also be called a proper job?

There are team members who have ties to human countries so it is good to keep them in touch while playing baseball.

Why don’t you just call them out directly?

It’s job-related after all.

If you use that method, the effect will be the opposite?

I’m not that convinced but there’s a possibility.

Got it, got it.

Baseball is both a hobby and a job.

I didn’t doubt your love for baseball.




During winter, I don’t want to go out but I can’t afford to not go out.

There are a lot of things to do like taking care of the shrine, collecting chicken eggs, and cleaning the barns.

And there’s also gathering slimes we missed too.

Slimes usually evacuate to a warm place before it gets cold but those who are too late to do that will freeze.

That’s not life-threatening even if they froze until spring but we need them in the mansion.

The village can stay clean and beautiful because there are smiles.

When I looked up at the sky, the flaming phoenix chick Aegis was flying.

Quite daring.

Eagle is flying a little behind Aegis.

They look cool.

I waved my hand to the two of them. They greeted back and left.


I’m heading towards the forest.

I’m going to gather wood for Yoru’s new trebuchet.

The truth is, I had already prepared a certain amount of timber before winter but it was used by the mountain elves.

That gave me two choices: wait until spring to make a new trebuchet, or go to the forest before it is fully covered by snow.

According to my mood, I should wait until winter but according to the report, Yoru did her best to protect the hot spring.

Thus, I came to the forest.

Around me are my kuro guards.

I know.

It’s cold so I’ll finish this quickly.

I select a tree by thinking about the parts of the trebuchet and cut it using the AFT.

Thinking about the mountain elves, I guess it would be better if I secure more.

While working, five mountain elves came to help.

Together with them are Alfred, Ursa, and Tiselle.

It’s cold so you should have stayed at the mansion.

It’s been a long time since you helped me with my job so you want to take this chance to help me?

I don’t really mind.

Then, can you carry that little one over there?

That rabbit.

Yeah, it attacked me.

As for the mountain elves.

You bring that boar back.

Even if we’re close to the village, it’s still dangerous.


By the way, Ursa.

Is your friend okay?

The spiderlings are watching over her?

Then, she’s safe.

She might have panicked from shyness before so I’ll try greeting her again later.

Also, can you ask her if she has anything she wants to eat?

She’s your friend so we should treat her well.

Alfred and Tiselle can bring your friends back too.

You tried but they refused?

They’re probably shy.

Let’s hope Ursa’s friend can convince your friends to come to our place later.

Ah, we’re being too relaxed, it’s getting cold.

Let’s head back.

I tied the cut trees with a rope, transformed the AFT to a hook, and dragged them.


After working outside, it’s time for a bath.

It’s still noon but we have to warm our cool bodies.

I invited Alfred to join me but he refused.

I guess he’s at that age.

I will not force you.

Alfred entered a bath different from mine.

Ursa and Tiselle would be with the mountain elves.

My companions are the kuros who came with me.

Okay okay.


Ah, there’s a slime frozen outside.

Let’s get it here.


By the way, didn’t you freeze last year too?


That’s someone else?

I hope so but….you shouldn’t be too careless.


When I get out of the bath, I head to the workshop.

I have to process the trees earlier and turn them into a trebuchet.

Normally, freshly cut trees can’t be used unless they are dried for half a year to several years but thanks to the AFT, they can be used immediately after cutting.

I’m not taking this for granted.

Thank you, god.


With the help of the mountain elves, the trebuchet was completed in no time.


This isn’t a trebuchet, isn’t it?


A big bow with wheels for movement.

No, it’s like a big bow mounted on a pedestal with wheels.

You don’t want to waste the wood I gathered so you built this instead….

The auto reloads and fire functions are excellent.

However, have you forgotten that we’re making a trebuchet for Yoru?

You made it like this because it is Yoru?

Is that so?


When we brought the ballista to Yoru, she was delighted.

No, as long as you’re happy, everything’s good.

Ah, you want more arrows?

Got it.

Currently, there are about….50.

Additional arrows will make you work hard this winter.

Just the arrows alone, it is obvious how a ballista is less cost-effective than a trebuchet.

Maa, they are of the same category so they can be compared….as for the hot spring’s defense, the ballista should be better.

No, I’m sure of it.

In any case, be careful not to misfire.


Thus, the hot spring area now is equipped with a ballista.


Even though it is winter, Yoru is practicing hard.

Don’t overdo it.

The arrows are durable so you want to make full use of them?


Then, I better hide the ballista I remodeled.

There’s a lot of surplus material for the trebuchet so I built another.



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