Chapter 602 – E3, Letting Guard’s Down

Ursa-san invited me to a hot spring.

I don’t know what a hot spring is but it seems like it is a big, open-air bath desu.

That took my interest because ever since I came to this village, I’ve taken a bath so many times.

Thus, I agreed to go to the hot spring.

My guard was down.

It’s my complete blunder.


With the help of Count Chrome’s teleportation magic, a dozen people, including me and Ursa-san, move to the hot spring.

The buildings were more solid than I expected which is surprising but thinking about the village’s mansion, it’s not really enough to make a fuss.

A woman named Yoru-san greeted us but what took my attention was the large wooden weapon following her behind.

What’s that? Areh?

They said that it was moving because of Yoru-san’s magic.

I see.

She even gave it a name.

Ehto, when we were about to enter the building, Yoru-san cried because she’s going to part with her wooden weapon.

No, I think it is impossible to get that thing inside given its size.

The elf one-sama told me to don’t mind her so I won’t.


Hot spring.

It’s about a hundred times wider than what I expected and it’s really amazing desu.

Is this all hot water?

This place is only the women’s bath?

Amazing desu.

The temperature is different depending on the place.

I see.

I’ll keep that in mind.

Ah, the depth is different too.


Ten meters deep?

Do you use this place to build a ship?

For dragons…..right.


Anyway, this is a hot spring.

Let’s go.

I was embarrassed to be seen naked even with the same gender until a while ago but I got used to it in the bath of the mansion.

Going to a bath means naked.

Hot spring means naked too.

Culture desu.


Ursa-san, what’s that?

Hot spring clothes?

I see.

This is open air.

There’s a possibility of being exposed to the opposite gender’s eyes.

A lady must be careful.


Then, wear one too.


Now, let’s try this hot spring desu.

I poured some hot water over me to wash my body first.

That’s natural desu ne.

When I poured a little hot water over my body, I felt a strange gaze behind me.

Is someone playing a prank?

It doesn’t look like it.

Cause there’s a lion.

And it’s big.

It’s about 3 meters tall.

An adult lion….a lion demon beast desu.

It has a mane so it should be male.

This is the women’s bath.

I’m kind of impatient while thinking about that.

Because this lion demon beast is intimidating me desu.

And then, I realized.

I don’t have my weapon.

I was caught off guard.


Anyway, I took some distance and ran away.

Once I return to the building, I can get my daggers.

I probably won’t win even if I have my daggers but…..I won’t be taken without resisting.

Even if I lose, I’ll take its eyes or feet with me at least.

When I moved with that determination, an adult lion demon beast without man appeared.


It seems to be a reinforcement of the lion demon beast.

That’s cheating desu.


I gave up fighting back and ran away with all my might.

Even though they are demon beasts, a lion is a lion.

Lions have great instantaneous power but they lack endurance.

With my full sprint, it is possible to escape.

I want it to be possible.

Or so I thought…..

The lion demon beasts are flying.

That’s cheating desu.


I suddenly remembered.

The research institute in Goruzen Kingdom has a chimera project.

I’ve been there for a tour.

They were doing something to make a lion have the ability to fly.

No way, could they be the lions of that time?

Did they remember me? Is that the reason they intimidated me?

I did not do anything. I just went there for a tour.

Also, it was seven or eight years ago when I visited that place.

You’re so tenacious.

Even so, I think I’ve changed considerably compared to that time, how did you realize it was me?

No, what are you saying I didn’t change…..

My chest and butt are growing properly.

Yeah, I should be growing up.

There’s no use in escaping reality.

I’m cornered by the two lion demon beasts in the forest.


I ready did not do anything. I’m only there for a tour.

No, I think I fed them that time.

Right desu.

I was sent there for a tour but I was forced to do some work.

I cleaned your rooms that time…….don’t you remember?

If you remember, please spare me…..

While saying so, I’m looking for a chance to escape but I can’t find that chance.

Screw it.

Will I end here?

No, I’m fine.

The lion demon beasts must have remembered that I took care of them.

Seeing me frightened already satisfies them so they no longer intimidated me.


So, you’ve been in this place.

It’s nostalgic to see you.

Ah, wait.

Don’t leave me in the forest.

I’m only wearing hot spring clothes.


I returned to the hot spring with the two lion monsters.

Thanks for guiding me.

On the way, I recalled various things.

The male lion demon beast’s name is Rashar.

And the female’s name is Damarti.

I named them.

They are better than number 21 and number 22 after all.

They may be called with different names here but…..I’m glad you remember.

I’m not in the position to say this but, it’s great that you’re healthy.


You already have cubs.

If possible, can you tell your cubs to not intimidate me?

I’ve never been acquainted with your cubs after all.


By the way, I still haven’t entered the hot spring yet.

It was cold in the forest so I wanted to warm up immediately desu.

But first, I apologize to the people who got worried about me when I suddenly ran to the forest desu.

I’m sorry.

Ursa-san, elf onee-sama, Yoru-san…..

I was really careless.

I’m an assassin desu.

But there are those who I can’t deal with because of my profession.

They are opponents that don’t die, undeads desu.


I’m sorry.

I lied.

I can’t deal with them not because I’m an assassin but because of my personal fear.


When I saw three ghost knights, I fainted.


I did not soak at the hot spring and return.

My body’s trembling because it’s cold.

I’m not trembling because of fear.

I warmed up in the bath of my mansion.

Yeah, the bath in the mansion is the best.


Sour grapes.


E3: Sun Castle? Airship? My eyes are really bad so I decided that I never saw them.

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