Chapter 601 – E3, Familiar


Humans are versatile creatures desu.

Spider monster……

I know that they are little demon spiders but I shouldn’t be afraid.

The spiders are just doing their job in the mansion desu.

I heard that security and escort are their main duties but I was also told that clothes making is also one of their important jobs.

So, did you embroider my clothes?

Who is it?

One of the spider monsters raises one of its legs as if it’s in trouble.

Is it you?

Though I don’t really care if you embroider them, please spare some of them.

Especially my underwear.

Also, your white embroidery on my white clothes looks too luxurious.

Ah, you don’t need to reflect or anything.

Your embroidery skill is stunning.

In addition, you did something to the hole to make it look like a design.

Thank you very much.



Not only the spider monsters, even the inferno wolves are doing their job.

Despite this cold winter, they still go to the forest to hunt for prey.

Sometimes, they even hunt prey that are much bigger than them. Amazing desu.

That seems to be hard to carry.

Ah, let me help.


By the way, not all inferno wolves are actively doing their jobs.

Some of them are just staying in the warm place of the mansion.

I think every group will have those “ahh, right” people.

Even in the organization I belonged to.

I shouldn’t be one of those “ahh” guys.


……In a corner of the mansion, a group is having a banquet.

I decided that I never saw them.

Yeah, I shouldn’t approach that place.


Guronde-san introduced me to the children of the village.

Nutt-san seems to be their leader desu.

There’s no doubt about that since she can even give instructions to Ursa-san, Alfred-kun, and Tiselle-san.

In other words, if I defeat her, I’ll be the leader.

With that in mind, I challenged her to a bowling match.

There’s a mini-bowling which is small but I think the big one was more suitable for our battle.

The bigger one also has bigger pins with various villains carved like murderers and arsonists.

……excuse me but, can you change the assassin’s pin to another pin?

Also, there’s no way an assassin will be an obvious assassin.

I understand that you have to make it obvious for the convenience of carving bowling pins.

Ursa-san, why are you only targeting murderers?

Isn’t this a game where you have to take them all down?


I lost the bowling game to Nutt but I won in the knife throwing game.


If it’s about knives, you can call me an expert desu.

The praises from the children feel great.

Ano, excuse me.

The elves and dwarves have come to me.

You are challenging me to a knife-throwing game?

……let me show you my full power.


I was taught that there’s someone higher than the top.

I think there’s still room for me to get better.

Starting today, I’ll focus on practicing bowling and knife throwing.


One of the important people I’ve been taught of.

Pirika Win-up


Aren’t you the sword saint-sama?

Aren’t you missing?

Why are you here?

Ah, no, I’m just an ordinary person.

Ehto, ehto…..

Train together?

It’s an honor.


Since it’s a cold winter day, we’re training in a wide area of the mansion.

People gathered here as it is.

That beastkin is the sword god Gulf-sama?

I heard rumors that he’s incredibly….strong.

Daga-sama, a lizardman, fights with Gulf-sama.

Daga-sama wins more.

The elves are strong too.

If you talk about elves, you’ll immediately think of archers but the elves here use swords, daggers, and even fight barehanded.

Lamias…..I heard that one lamia has the strength of hundreds of soldiers.

They can actually be beaten by devils in butler clothes.

Yeah, there’s higher than the top.

Being conceited is not good desu ne.

By the way, Pirika-sama.

You’re losing to everyone except to me….

Could it be that you are wearing heavy weights in your body when you fight against everyone as a special training?

You’re not?


Isn’t it a mistake to make an enemy of the demon king’s kingdom?

When I return to school, I’ll report about it.


I was caught by the group having a banquet in the corner of the mansion.


I’m not familiar with the rules…..

Y-ye-yes, I’ll remember them immediately.





I directly hit the old man in front of me and flew to the top.


Mahjong is a fun game.

By the way, what’s with the pile of gold coins over there?

Isn’t the standard bet of games like this a medium copper coin?

Even a silver coin is too big for nobles.

Please stop talking scary things like mining rights of gold mines or rare metals.

I won’t lose even if you use that kind of off-board tactics to me!


I have become very rich.


I’m scared so I’ll just pass them to Ursa-san’s father.

I’ve never seen a gold coin before.

I even rarely see silver coins.

Now, I got barrels of gold coins….I’ll die.

Ma-maa, let’s conceal one gold coin.


Ursa-san’s father seems to have a hobby and that’s sculpting.

Is it really only a hobby? Or is it his profession?

His works are totally stunning.

The statue of god even gives off a divine feeling.

By the way, who’s this guy explaining things about this statue of god?

His face looks familiar…..

You’re a great man of the Korin Religion, are you not?

Are you supposed to be here?

Smiling is not a reply.


I saw a familiar face.

Holy maiden Celes.

In the old days, I helped to kidnap her.

At that time, I was entrusted to be her caretaker because we are both women and lived together for several months.

Thus, I understand.

She moves towards me and starts a battle stance.

And I will respond.

The other party is barehanded but I won’t hesitate to use my daggers.

I won’t say that this is a cowardly move.

I didn’t just use one dagger.

I use two.

I won’t kill you.

I’ll just teach you which one’s on top.



My dagger won’t hit her.


The way she uses feints is much better than the old days.

Before I knew it, she had already landed a hook on my flank…..if it’s only one shot, I’ll be able to endure but she hit me three times!

This is bad. Her next attack is a straight targeting my face, guard….

The straight landed on my stomach.

I sank while vomiting gastric juice.

「Don’t speak about the old days.」

Celes said so and carried me to my room.

Celes….no, Celes-san.

Do you know that you don’t have to hit someone if you want to request something desu yo?

Also, I’m sorry for Ursa-san’s father who cleaned the floor.

Ah, Celes-san.

Don’t put me on the bed, put me under.

That’s where I can calm down.


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