Isekai Nonbiri Nouka – Quiz 6

Quiz 6

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  1. Soch

    18/29 shame

  2. Lamora_R2

    13/29 I’m sad, let re-read now,

    1. rocheneorecormon

      14/29. Honestly I was selecting at random. Only 3-4 Are sure answers.

  3. Pagrawal

    I have to say didn’t expect the gintama reference there.

  4. XsaluteZero

    oh? 22/29…that a lot more than I thought, I can’t even remember half of this XD

    By the way, you’re so sly “12. What is Yoru’s new weapon?” how can I answer anything but Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon XD

    1. Me? I'm just a gamer

      im also tempted to choose that answer XD

  5. Booty Whisperer

    Darn it, 17/29! I F*CKING SUCK!

  6. Paul Acidre

    21/29…not bad..thanks tL

  7. CounterMAN

    What is E3’s specialty :
    – Hide under the bed
    – Vital point stab

    im tempting to chose Hide under the bed (and table) lmao

  8. Sleeping Cat

    Hehehehehe! 27. This one’s fun.

    1. Countrymage

      It was part of her introduction to VC, she isn’t going to advertise the hiding under the bed part, or how often she changed her underwear.

  9. Shino

    My first try 17/29 aww

  10. Urahara Kisuke

    First try 22/29

  11. dicky satria

    18/29 dangit i didnt read it correctly of Yoru ‘new weapon’ though it was her first weapon

  12. Elisus

    16 / 29. I’m ashamed of my words and deeds.

  13. Mischa

    12/29. Ugh hard to do when I have time to read once a week. I guess being called a novice reader is not bad.

  14. Anonymous

    14 – Novice

    Too many character names to keep track of!
    The universe is large and ever expanding.

    1. Dimas

      How make quiz like this in website? I want make quiz like this too

      1. Elite4Harmon

        I made them using the plug in called “quiz cat”

  15. Yup yup


  16. Will

    12 lol I reading it almost a year but low score haha

  17. justicetoflats

    14/29 how this lowly me climb up 5 more points from last time I think

  18. dimas

    how make quiz like this in website friend ? use what ?

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