Chapter 600 – E3, Hang in There

The first thing I did when I woke up was to check if I’m still alive desu.

I was not killed.

I don’t know what the other party is planning but I’m thankful desu.

The bed is fluffy and comfortable desu.



My line of sight is at the beam of the ceiling…..

That’s a spider desu ne.

A palm-sized spider desu.

And that spider is not an ordinary spider.

I don’t know what kind but I’m sure it’s a monster desu.

And it has considerable fighting power.

I can’t win against it.

Even the instructor who trained me can’t beat it.

Then, I passed out.


When I wake up, the monster spider is already in front of me.

Is this hell?

I passed out once again.


There is no salvation if I just keep on fainting.

That, I understand.

Is this spider threatening me by raising one of its legs?


I’m already used to it.

I will no longer be frightened by that kind of act.

When I tried to get out of the bed, I saw a lot of spiders surrounding my bed.


I quietly lay my body on the bed and fainted to sleep.


Can I get out of this hell?

I managed to overcome it and escape under the bed after fainting several times.

I was dragged out by the maid-san immediately after and was forced to change clothes.

It shouldn’t be a problem since I’ll get back under the bed again after this.

Ah, sorry.

You even have to wash my underwear.

By the way, maid-san, can you do something about the spiders around?

No, it’s not like I hate spiders or anything…..

Can you?

Thank you very much, thank you very much!


Do you know this?

An inferno wolf is a demon beast.

It is a great demon beast that can destroy an entire city alone desu.

It is no longer under the category of a demon beast but a disaster.

A disaster like that has been coming to my room alternately with the spiders.

I can’t leave under the bed.


A familiar face made me calm down a little.

Tiselle-san came to see how I’m doing since I’m not coming out of my room.

Your wings are out in your parent’s house desu ne.

I finally confirmed with my own eyes that you’re really an angel.


I should greet your father again?

He wants to hear my normal greeting?


What do you mean?

He probably wants to confirm that I’m not hostile after saying that I’m from an intelligence department.

Right, okay.

I’ll do it.

Let me greet him again.

But, can you lead me to the bath first?

Yeah, humans are versatile creatures but they are not accustomed to dirt.

We’ll get sick.

Also, I’d be happy if you could tell the inferno wolf, who has been checking on me, to stay in this room.


There’s no point in doing that?

What do you mean….?

Ah, I see.

There are inferno wolves everywhere in this mansion desu ne.


Let me get back under the bed.


Let me go back to school.


Humans are versatile creatures.


When you’re prepared to die, you won’t even be afraid of stroking an inferno wolf’s stomach.

Ah, a little higher?



How about here?



I’m stroking it.

It’s not because I was forced to do so.

Ah, I was called by Ursa-san.

It seems like they’re going to play snowball fight.

I don’t really know what a snowball fight looks like but I heard it’s a fun way to play with snow.

I think I’ve already had a leeway to be able to look forward to playing in this place.


Enemy, directly above! Hiding in the sun!

Hey! Can you even throw a snowball that high from here?

Impossible. That’s quite high! Ah, evade! Snowball is coming!


Heavy infantry, raise your snow spears!

What snow spears? Isn’t that ice spears?

It doesn’t violate the rules so it’s okay! Let’s go!


Loo-sama’s on south of here!…..she’s chanting a massive area effect magic! How do we counter it?!

Do the same tactics earlier! We can’t do anything aside from a suicide attack! Send a daredevil to her!


Where’s the fun snow game?

I hit a snowball from an enemy approaching our place. I’m the bodyguard of the demon king….I mean demon king-sama.

I should aim for the face or hands and not the body?

G-got it.

Let’s not think about what’s happening and do our best.


You are E3, right? You’re brilliant.

Demon king-sama praised me.

At the final moment, I sacrificed myself to become demon king-sama’s shield.


I’m an assassin.

Demon king’s kingdom’s enemy desu…..

What am I even doing?


A two-headed dog, orthros.

It’s a violent demon beast but it is weak compared to an inferno wolf desu.

What’s more, it’s a puppy.

There’s no need to be afraid.

Or so I thought but it is very strong.

Somebody, help me!

A woman I didn’t know helped me.

The orthros seems to be very fond of that woman desu.

When she told the orthros to not fight, it obediently follows.

Thank you very much.

You are Guronde-sama?

Thank you for your help.

So there are gentle people in this mansion.


I’m sorry to trouble this gentle person more but I can’t move.

Can you please find someone that can use healing magic?


The food served in this mansion is exquisite.

As expected of Ursa-san and Alfred-kun’s house.

Even at the school, the dishes they make are delicious.

However, the position where I sit….I’m treated as a guest so I’m sitting right next to Ursa-san’s father.

In front of me are the blood-sucking princess and the angel of annihilation.

Beside me is demon king-sama.


Around us are….I have no time to look around.

I’m concentrating on eating.

Originally, I should have eaten at a speed that matches the other people around but….I can’t afford to look around.

If I look around, I’ll lose my appetite.

There’s even a dragon.

But I made a mistake.

I’ve been educated to finish my meal early but I’ve finished too early.

I stood out.

Reflect, me.


Ah, no, I did not grow up in a big family….

Another helping, thank you.

I have no likes or dislikes!

Demon king-sama even gave me a part of the dish he’s eating.

What am I doing?

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