Chapter 599 – E3, To the Village


I’m a special assassin that is trained to kill only one person.

I don’t have a target yet but I have information on key people who are likely to be my target.

Demon king’s kingdom demon king Gullgald.

User of teleportation magic, the key person for diplomacy, Count Chrome.

The undefeated strategist, General Britoa.

The ruler of finance, Lady Leg.

The four heavenly kings that support the internal affairs of the kingdom with one hand, Randan.


I’m familiar with them because they are the foundation that supports the whole demon king’s kingdom but I never thought I’d greet them.

For some reason, they came to see Ursa-san and the others.

Now, I’m confident that I can do it when the instruction to eliminate a target comes.

The other parties are superior in terms of ability but they are eating the dishes I made.


I mean…….

I won’t poison them.

I can’t make my eggplants play the role of villains.

If I were to kill anyone, I’d stab him from behind.

Maa, that’s only if I get instructions.

However, I never received anything.

I even lost contact with the organization recently as if something happened.

I don’t mind losing contact but how will I report from now on?


Now, the day when I’ll go to Ursa-san’s parent’s house has arrived.

I’ve experienced the teleportation magic of Count Chrome.

It is terrific.

Even though we’re just a small group, we can be carried anywhere without anyone noting.

Very assassin-like.

It’s also easy to kidnap someone.

I want it.

I also want to be someone who can use teleportation magic.

While thinking of that, I looked at Ursa-san’s home….their village.

This village seems to be crowded….what’s that?

There’s a luxurious mansion that doesn’t suit a village like this.

Demon king’s…..excuse me, is that demon king-sama’s villa?


That’s Ursa-san’s house?

As soon as we arrived at the mansion, I fainted for some reason.


Ah, the bath feels good.

I’m glad I’ve prepared a lot of clothes per Count Chrome’s advice.


After taking a bath.

Now now.

I’m a special assassin that is trained to kill only one person.

I don’t have a target yet but I have information on key people who are likely to be my target.

Other than that, I also have information about important people in my head.

Blood-sucking princess Lulushi Loo.

She’s the vampire that all human countries marked as “be cautious of” desu.

Originally, she’s the target of assassination but she has the best medical knowledge in the world so no one would dare do anything to her.

And it’s not like she can be assassinated.


Then, Lulushi, excuse me.

Lulushi-sama is Alfred-kun’s mother?

I see.


Can a vampire even bear a child?

No, what a stupid question. There’s an actual example before me.

I feel like the vampire’s biology is crumbling but I shouldn’t mind it.

What’s important is the information that the blood-sucking princess has a son.

I’ve never heard of it.

The blood-sucking princess will surely not advertise it but it is a must know information.

What were the intelligence agencies of all countries doing?

Maa, I’ve been at the school with Alfred-kun for half a year but I didn’t get that info either….

Let’s not talk about that topic.


Next desu.

The heavenly wings shrine maiden, Malbit.

The angel’s vice chief, Ruincia.

The angel extremist, Suarurou.

The angel of annihilation, Tier.

The three angels of holocaust, Gran Maria, Kuudel, and Corone.


Aren’t they all important people of the angels?

Am I at Garret Kingdom?

That doesn’t seem to be the case desu.

Ah, Tier-sama is Tiselle-san’s mother desu ne?


Are you saying that Tiselle-san is an angel?

I’ve never seen her fly.

No, I didn’t say anything.

Ehto, I have never heard that the angel of annihilation Tier has a daughter.

It might be because it is top secret since it is related to the angel of annihilation desu yo.

What were the intelligence agencies of all countries doing?

How can they not report something like this desu.

I have to report this.

That’s what I thought….

However, aren’t the blood-sucking princess and the angel of annihilation supposed to be eternal rivals?

Aren’t they too close?

You’re both living in his mansion?

Both of you chose the same man as your husband?

I see I see.


I’m sorry. It took me some time to understand.

The blood-sucking princes and the angel of annihilation are the most “be cautious of” targets of all human countries. They both gave birth to a child and they chose the same man as their husband.


I’m sorry.

I don’t understand anything at all desu.

Let’s put that topic aside.

Given what’s happened so far, Ursa’s mother should be a big shot too, right?

She’s pregnant…..


Please stop joking.

Yes, I can see dragons rampaging outside the window with my own eyes but my brain refused to process it.

I didn’t see it, I didn’t hear it.


Perhaps if I reported about the blood-sucking princess and the angel of annihilation, no one would believe me.

I’ll probably be laughed at and even be demoted for sending classified misinformation.

Thus, I won’t report.

My evaluation is important too.

By the way, who’s the angel that’s writing a chronicle over there?

She’s not an unknown person, is she?

Ah, you’re an elder of the angels?


I feel like I’ve read her name in an ancient document….the one she’s bowing at is….Ursa-san, Alred-kun, and Tiselle-san’s father?


He’s normal.

Why did the blood-sucking princess, the angel of annihilation, and a dragon choose him to be their husband?

He’s not strong and full of openings.

I can kill him anytime I want……



Am I experiencing death?


What’s happening?


Two big wolves with horns on their foreheads are next to Ursa-san’s father.

It looks like they are serving Ursa-san’s father and they are looking straight at me.

I know those eyes.

The eyes of a super strong individual that can kill me any time desu.


I shouldn’t have looked at Ursa-san’s father with these kinds of eyes.

I failed.

I must reflect.

But I should surrender first.

「I’m E3 11-8. I’m an assassin of the Goruzen Kingdom’s intelligence department!」

I revealed everything and fainted.

Yeah, I can no longer take the feeling of a spear piercing my chest.

I’ve reached my limit desu.

Why did I expose myself?

If I don’t do something with my offense, I’ll die, right?


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