Chapter 598 – E3


My name is E3.

E3 11-8.

TN: Her name is イースリ(Isuri = E3) and her last name is イレブンエイト(Ereven eito). She has acquaintances in the village who are named similar to a code like Number 21 so I chose her name as E3 and not Isuri.

Human desu.

As an assassin, I was trained by my organization from the age of five.

I’m currently 16 years old.

I think I’ve learned a lot of assassination techniques.

However, I have never used any of them yet.

It seems like there are items that react to assassins so it’s a countermeasure.

In other words, I’m an assassin created to kill one person.

Though my target has yet to be determined.

It would be great if they decide soon.

I don’t have any motivation after all.


It was decided that I’ll infiltrate the Gullgald Noble Academy at the demon king’s kingdom capital.


It’s in the middle of the enemy territory.

Did the instructor find out that I made fun of his hair?

No way.

I, who has the highest level assassination skill in the organization, won’t be disposed of just because of personal grudge.

I believe in the organization.

I don’t think this is an exile or a demotion.

Yeah, I really don’t think so.



Even though I say I’m infiltrating the school, I only need to enroll normally.

Thinking about my purpose, I only need to live as a normal student.

As for some troublesome points, I’m a human but… would be fine if I enroll as a daughter of a human merchant.

Let’s go and meet the local operatives of the organization.


The agents of the organization in the royal capital of the demon king’s kingdom are seven but it has now come down to three.

It seems like there’s a crackdown in the royal capital and it’s really severe compared to the crackdowns before.

The main mission of the agents of the organization in the royal capital is to gather information and support assassins like us so they shouldn’t be caught in the first place….

Ah, they were doing evil deeds to earn pocket money.


I had doubts about the quality of the agents but it seems that the agents that were not caught are fine because they are doing their jobs properly.

Even so, more than half of them were caught….let’s stop talking about it.


Is my admission okay?

…..okay, I’ll believe in you.

So, I’ll be enrolling as a merchant’s daughter….


Not as a merchant’s daughter?

They’ll check my details?

Why are they on such a high alert?

Is it because that’s the normal identity of a spy?

I’ll praise the demon king’s kingdom’s meticulousness.

Let’s not use the merchant’s daughter and use another one.


I enrolled at the Gullgald Noble Academy using the identity of a daughter of a vassal of a noble.

In this world, you can do what you want as long as you have money.


I thought I would stand out at first but it was a useless worry.

There were three students who stood out more than me.

They look like normal children.

Should I gather information about them for the time being?

It’s my job to live as a normal student but it is also important to prepare things so that I can move immediately as soon as I receive instructions from the organization.

Look at how excellent I am.


The standing out students were targeted by assassins.

It seems like the organization I belong to also cooperated.

I heard that a familiar senior of mine did his best.

Unfortunately, they failed.

If I can speak with him….

I’m sure he’ll be surprised.

Even if I give my best, I can’t win against those children.

Doing something against them is impossible.

There are things that humans can do and can’t do.

He’s free to have hopes and dreams but don’t involve me in it.

Yeah, I decided to distance myself from those prominent students.

Don’t approach them.

Don’t even gather any info about them.

If the organization asked me to target those students, I’m prepared to betray the organization.

That’s it.

I know that it is useless to report about them but I still did so properly.

I have to make the organization think carefully about it.



I was surprised by an angry voice and when I looked back, all I saw was the sole of someone’s shoe.

It seems like someone drop-kicked my face.

That made me roll three times to a nearby wall.

「What are you doing?!!!!」


It was a great experience for me.

But it’s painful.

I won’t forgive you.

In front of me was one of the prominent students.

Her name is Ursa.

She pointed something on the table.

When I looked at it…I saw the tableware I’m using until a moment ago.

We’re currently at the school’s cafeteria.

It’s not unusual to find me here.

I put the bill for my food and even put out the sign that it can be cleaned up.

I don’t remember anything I did that will offend her but I’m not someone gentle that will just let herself be beaten up one-sidedly.

「Isn’t it terrible to suddenly attack someone?」

I decided to get close to her a little and hit her with my hidden weapon.



Who’s behind me?

When I looked back at the source of intense bloodlust, I saw one of the prominent students standing up.

It was Alfred.

He’s in rage for some reason.

And his rage is directed at me.

What is it that he doesn’t like about me?

Alfred pointed at my tableware but I can’t guess what he’s trying to say.

「You left carrots behind. Are you trying to get killed?」




For Ursa and Alfred, leaving something on your plate, not limited to carrots, is asking for death.

They are not only following it themselves but they also make others follow that belief.

I’m not the only person that experienced that. There are many others.

How cruel are they to impose their own beliefs on others?

Though that’s not something an assassin like me can say.

In any case, I won’t forget how I was strangled and how they thrust those carrots I hate in my mouth.

One day, I’ll get my revenge.

No, I understand that it is impossible to happen in terms of ability.

But I have a human heart.

I also have that desire for revenge.

I’ll do my best.


I’m sure I have decided not to approach them but for some reason, I’m currently part of Ursa, Alfred, and Tiselle’s group.


It’s because she took a liking to me.

I wonder what she likes about me but I want to avoid standing out so I just went with the flow….

Yeah, farming is fun.


They’ve grown quite well.

It is time to harvest them.

「Ursa-san, how many people will have dinner today?」

「Uncle Glatts is coming today so there will be 200.」

「Got it.」

The eggplants I’m in charge of are now ready to eat.

It tastes so good that I’m even terrified.


I’ve lived my life like that until before winter.

I’m kind of lonely that I can no longer farm.

And what should I do this winter?

The school is still open but most students will return to their parent’s homes.

I can do anything at school but there will be too few students remaining so I’ll stand out.

I should also consider what the normal daughter of the “parent” I got using money will do.

If I want to live in their house, they’ll surely reject me.

Maa, let’s just live as an adventurer.

I can’t.

I’ll stand out.

How about asking Menek-san, the one in charge of the ranch, if I can help him during this winter?

Not a bad plan.

I have helped the ranch several times already and Menek-san always says that there’s a shortage of manpower.

Everything will be alright.

Let’s talk to him tomorrow.


If you think of something, you should act immediately.

I forgot that basic knowledge.

Before I met Menek-san, I met Ursa-san.

No, she found me.

It was decided that we’ll go to Ursa’s parent’s house.


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