Chapter 597 – Ursa’s Friend


In Big Tree Village, there is someone who’s obviously a guest and that person is Ursa’s friend.

The demon king and Dors’ group are not guests. They are either friends or relatives.

Clearly not guests.

If you are a guest, you’ll hold back a lot.

For example, a guest will never hide in a room and play with kittens nor hold a banquet for so long in the name of naming children.

A guest will be more careful of me, the owner of this mansion, and even hold back a little more.

I should cook for the banquet or make brushes for the kittens?

Okay, I’ll do those.

I know. Miel and the others will be angry if I don’t make their share too.

I’ll make one for Sougetsu too.

As the oni maids about the food of the banquet. Have them eat mochi for the time being.

Tell Donovan’s group about the drinks.

You’re already familiar with each other, right?


Let’s return to the main topic, Ursa’s friend is a normal girl.

Though there’s that embarrassing moment when she introduced herself as an assassin but given her age, that’s normal.

Alfred had said things like those too.

No, it’s not just Alfred.

Tiselle and Nutt are sometimes talking big too.

Ursa….doesn’t say things like that.

It would be better to not say things like that to people you meet for the first time.

I think Alfred and the others are aware of that but Ursa’s friend is not.

I thought she’s a problematic girl but during our second meeting, she greeted me properly.

Maybe she’s just too nervous during the first time.

She said her special skill is vital point stab.


After the greeting, Ursa’s friend joined the children.

It looks like she’s more fond of Nutt than Ursa.

Probably because Ursa just left her friend alone immediately and got stuck with Hakuren.

When Ursa’s friend joined the snowball fight, she played an active role in protecting the demon king.

The demon king praised her too.

But Ursa’s friend at that time had a gloomy face.

Maybe it’s because of the result of the battle.


Ursa’s friend seems to like baths.

She took bath many times a day.

However, she’s not fond of the hot spring.

Ursa took her to the hot spring but she’s shivering when they came back.

I also heard that she did not soak in the hot spring.

That’s what I read from the worry message I got from the ghost knights.

Does she have a bad memory about hot springs?

No, I feel like she’s happy before they went there….

Hmm, it’s a mystery.


Ursa’s friend eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I thought she’ll be confused with the concept of lunch but it seems like she already knows about it because Ursa and the others recommend everyone to have lunch at school.

I’m not sure if she likes it or dislikes it but she eats neatly.

Though her eating speed is pretty fast.

Is it because she never had an opportunity to eat a lot?

No, it looks like she’s eating only fast because there’s a lot to eat.

You don’t have to finish everything at the same time as everyone so take your time.


Ursa’s friend can’t go to the forest.

It’s because Alfred and Ursa stop her.

That’s also the reason why Ursa’s friend is learning sword art from Gulf and Daga along with Nutt and the others.

She has a long way to go but she has good muscles.

Pirika even praised her.

Though she had a gloomy expression even though she was praised.

Was it because Pirika, who praised her, lost to Gulf and Daga?

Even if she can’t win against Gulf or Daga, it looks like she understands that Pirika’s ability is quite high.


Ah, I won’t participate.

I’m weak.


No, you don’t have to look at me with that kind of expression.



Ursa’s friend often goes to Celes. The holy maiden should have just returned from Village Five to Big Tree Village these times.

Celes seems to be a little annoyed since her daily work should have ended already but she’s not driving her out.

When these two met for the first time, they suddenly fought each other.

Ursa’s friend is a short sword dual wielder.

Celes fought with her bare hands.

I thought Celes was in danger but when Ursa’s friend swung her sword towards her, Celes evaded and attacked Ursa’s friend’s flank with a left hook. Thrice. When Ursa’s friend was sluggish, Celes gave her body a right straight….it looks like she’s targeting her stomach from the start.

The end.

I didn’t even had the chance to stop them.

After that, the two of them had a good relationship.

What’s with that battle?

By the way, I was the one who cleaned the gastric juiced floor.


Since Ursa’s friend is a guest, we lent her a room in my mansion.

At first, I recommended her to stay at the inn but Alfred said that it would be hard for Ursa to meet her because it is cold outside.

I don’t oppose that.

However, why is she sleeping under the bed and not on the bed?

I heard that from the reports of the kuros and spiderlings but….I can’t do anything about that.

It will be a problem if I say something like sleeping on bed to her.

I just had a carpet laid on the floor so that she wouldn’t feel too cold.

It might be her lifestyle and I won’t say anything about it.


When Sangetsu went to the village, Ursa’s friend saw him.

She was so surprised that she opened her mouth really big.

I even laughed a little.

Maa, Sangetsu is around three-story tall.

It’s not abnormal for her to be surprised.

However, since he can change his size freely, he should have come in a normal tiger size.

Ah, no, it would be best if he comes in his human form.

Maa, it looks like he’s in human form until he comes to Village Five. He only transformed to that size because he’s in serious mode when he broke through Big Tree Dungeon.

Youko is also around that big so that might be the default size of holy beasts.

By the way, the souvenirs that Sangetsu purchased in Village Five are transported by merchants.

It seems like it costs a lot of money but do holy beasts own money?

Ah, Sangetsu has a big business in his hometown.


Given that transaction, there’s a possibility that he’ll buy regularly from now on in order to form a connection to this place.

It was Youko who told me that.


Then, let’s think of a plan to increase the production of soy sauce and miso.

There are others aside from those?


It looks like he ate a lot of meat from Niz’s Alcomeat so he eyed for those too.


Ursa’s friend seems to be interested in art.

She’s looking at my sculptures seriously.

I don’t feel bad.

When it comes to the statues of gods, ancestor-san even explains them to her. I thought she’ll find him annoying but it looks like she’s fine with him.

The spiderlings want to brag about Zabuton too so they want to show her Zabuton’s statue.


The kuros too….? Ah, you want to show her Kuro and Yuki’s statues.

I don’t mind.

Let’s show her.



Where’s Ursa’s friend?

Ah, there she is.

Did she drop something under the table?


Thinking about her sleeping habit, does she like floor that much?

Ursa’s friend is a weirdo.


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    Ursa’s friend has the most comprehensive chapters in this whole novel yet. Her POV chapters will start next chapter.

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    I think that ursa’s friend was the guy who constantly kidnapped the holy maiden and that they were friends, as I was rereading the celes pov cap

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