Chapter 596 – Sangetsu


The tiger holy beast, Sangetsu, is lying in one of the rooms of my mansion.

Not injured.

Thanks to the leaves of the world tree.

Sangetsu itself refused saying it’s unnecessary but I already allowed it so it can no longer say no.

Its life was not in danger but it was seriously injured.


You should be careful around Miel and the others and forgive them too.

When I said so as I apologized, Sangetsu said it should be the one who should apologize.

「I was excited to meet the descendant of my son, who I thought had passed away, so I neglected what the cats feel. Please forgive me.」

Yeah, even though it looks like a big tiger, the way it does things is certainly of a holy beast.

Since there’s no point in having an apology battle, I accepted Sangetsu’s apology which ended up with me apologizing again.


Once again, the tiger and Sangetsu met in one of the rooms of my mansion.

There’s only the tiger and Sangetsu in that room.

Miel and the others are outside the room.

I did my best to separate them from the tiger.

They’re quite angry.

However, Sangetsu is a blood relative of the tiger.

Sangetsu is even delighted to know about the tiger.

They can only accept it.

And when they calmed down, have them let those two talk.


Do you understand why I’m doing this?

Okay okay.

Don’t bite my hand.


After the tiger and Sangetsu discussed, the tiger wished to stay in the village.

Sangetsu seemed disappointed but it looks like it won’t take the tiger back by force.

It asked me to take care of the tiger.

Of course, leave it to me.

And Sangetsu named the tiger.


It seems like that’s the name of its kidnapped cub.

It wants the tiger to take over and the tiger accepts it.

I think it’s a good name.

It walked around the house with Miel and the others on its back.

When it tried to go out, Miel and the others got mad because it’s cold.

The oni maids seemed to be fond of Sougetsu so there shouldn’t be any problem.

The problem is that the demon king is staring at Sougetsu.

It’s the eyes of jealousy for taking Miel and the others.


The anenekos are stuck with Sougetsu but the kittens are still with him.

It looks like they still prefer the demon king.

Ariel and the others are wandering around the demon king’s feet.

It looks like they want to play.

If the demon king doesn’t want to play with you, I will…..the demon king held the kittens and went in the room.

He complained about Miel and the others to Ariel and the others.

I think you should stop that. The cats’ relationship must stay as it is.


After staying for a few days in the village, Sangetsu decided to stay in Village Five.

It wants to say hello to Niz, the serpent god’s oracle.

I don’t really care but if you wander around as a gigantic tiger, it will cause an uproar.

When I thought so, Sangetsu transformed into a human.

A white-haired old man.

However, his back is not hunched and his suit suits him well too.

Since Youko can transform into a human, it is not surprising for Sangetsu to transform into a human too, right?

However, I want to say that you should have met us in that form from the beginning.


Sangetsu says that after greeting Niz, he’ll return straight to his hometown.

I think it’s a pity since we’re still getting to know each other but if you want to play, we’ll welcome you.

We had a simple farewell party and saw Sangetsu off.


He left immediately after.

I thought he would at least enjoy sightseeing in Village Five or enjoy meat and alcohol while greeting Niz.

Is that how a holy beast is?


But, how about buying a bunch of souvenirs in Village Five on your way home?

No, the stores in Village Five would welcome him but some stores are already running out of goods.

The shortage of goods during winter has always been a problem since they cannot be replenished immediately.

It seems like soy sauce and miso are particularly in red.

Prices also began to soar due to the shortage.

Even if I order the increase of production of soy sauce and miso, it will be impossible to feel immediate effect.

Youko is already holding her head.

If prices continue to soar, it is very likely that the stockpiled soy sauce and miso of Village Five will be sold.

If that is the case, you shouldn’t sell them to merchants and sell them directly to…..that would be hard?

It’s the merchant’s duty to sell them.

It is the lord’s job to take care of the lives of the residents that are affected by the shortage.

Youko, good luck.

Of course, I’ll help.

Even though I said that, the only thing I can do is to ask the Goroun Company to take out their stock….


The Goroun Company’s stock is too little?

An old man bought them?


Next time I see Sangetsu, I’ll complain.

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