Chapter 595 – Holy Beast Sangetsu


When the tiger moved around the mansion, it met the orthros Oru with Guronde.

After seeing the tiger, the orthros Oru was stunned then, started running towards it while barking.

Does it think it can win against the tiger?

It’s barking vigorously.

Then, Miel suddenly appeared from the tiger’s back.

She’s wondering why Oru was noisy.

After Miel, Rael, Uel, and Gael also appeared.

The four anenekos seemed to be sleeping on the tiger’s back.

Oru stopped barking as soon as it saw them and made a sharp U-turn.

As if bullied, it went back to Guronde.

Guronde smiled wryly and stroked Oru’s head, comforting it.

She’s too soft on it.

And tiger, sorry if that surprised you.

Are you okay?

It was Miel and the others who complained to me.

Maa, it seems like you are getting along with the tiger….the tiger is under your protection?

Okay, then take care of it.

Ah, I know.

I’ll talk to Ann about lifting your kotatsu ban.


The next person the tiger encountered after Oru and Guronde was Youko.

Youko observed the tiger as if she found something unusual. After thinking for a moment, she called Dors.

Why Dors?

And what are you whispering about?

You’re making me uneasy.



This is a normal tiger, right?

They nodded together so I believe them….

No, then, why did Youko even called Dors?

Are you going to use the tiger for some sort of event?


What’s the secret behind this tiger?

Tell me without hiding anything.


This tiger seems to be a descendant of a holy beast.


What is a holy beast?

「It is a beast that approaches godhood. There were many of them in the past but now, there are only three of them left: the monkey Seiten, the elephant Ganeshui, and the tiger Sangetsu.」

Youko explains that in the past, there were many holy beasts such as bear, cow, and horse.

Speaking of which, is there no fox holy beast?

「The fox holy beast was recognized by god and became a god’s familiar.」

I see.

Speaking of god’s familiar, Niz suddenly came to my mind.

She should be a familiar of the serpent god.

Does this mean that she was a holy beast?

As I was thinking about it, Dors put his hand on my shoulder.

「When the fox holy beast became a god’s familiar, she became a direct vassal of the god but she ran away. Currently, she’s the acting village chief of Village Five.」


That means….

「Don’t just say an old story.」

Youko glares at Dors.

In other words, Youko is a former holy beast?


I didn’t know.

I want to hear what’s the difference between a god’s familiar and a direct vassal and why she ran away but let’s get back to the main topic first.

So, what are the descendants of the holy beast?

Are they similar to Hitoe?


The tiger holy beast is being worshiped in a human kingdom but about seven hundred years ago, the tiger holy beast’s cub was kidnapped by a human hero?

Wasn’t it being worshiped?

Why did the hero kidnap the cub in the first place….ah, it’s a fake hero.

I see.

So, the kidnapped cub is missing.

There is a big possibility that this tiger is a descendant of the tiger holy beast.

Do you have any proof?

The color of its eyes?

Yeah, they are certainly beautiful but I don’t know how tigers’ eyes look in the first place.

So, what’s the point…..if this tiger is a descendant of a holy beast, is something wrong with that?

Is there a problem?

I see. Good.

Miel’s group has been staring at me anxiously since a while ago.

The tiger can continue to live here.


The next day.

A big white tiger came before me.

I think it is about three-story-tall.

It should be the tiger holy beast, Sangetsu.

I told you there’s no problem…..


Ah, you are too polite.

It gave me a silver fur bear that is about three meters big.

It has meat and bones so, is this edible?

It seems so.

So, why are you here….it’s about the tiger that’s currently residing in my house, right?


By the way, are you okay? You’re injured.

This Sangetsu before me is full of wounds.

It seems like it had received an oracle from god a few months ago and has been traveling towards Village Five since.

It was not informed why it needs to go to Village Five but when it heard from Youko about its descendant, it became excited.

It can no longer hold back itself when it passes through the teleportation gate with us.

Without listening to Youko’s warning, it sprinted through Big Tree Dungeon and was captured by the arachne Arako.

It suffered an injury again.

If Youko didn’t follow it immediately, things would have been dangerous.

While receiving Flora’s healing magic, Sangetsu met the tiger.


The high tensioned Sangetsu was delighted by the tiger while the tiger was shocked because it doesn’t know what’s happening.

Miel and the others who are on the tiger’s back reacted.

You don’t have to be intimidated.

It didn’t come to rob the tiger.



You want to take it home?


It depends on the tiger’s feelings.

If the tiger wants to go, I will not stop it, but if the tiger says it wants to live here, I’ll protect it with all my might.

Ah, you never planned to take it back by force.


Since that is the case, Miel and the others, stop casting magic.

Sangetsu did not resist and…..down!

Flora, hurry up and heal it!


AN: The original name of Sangetsu in the material is Yamatsuki but not a former human.

A tiger god is not something surprising.

At first, the name candidates for this character are “Bath” and “Randy” but I think that won’t work so I didn’t do so.


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