Chapter 594 – Tiger


Stealing is not good.

I’m telling you, this is something you shouldn’t do.

If you want it, just say it directly.

I’m currently staring at the thief.

Aneneko Miel.

In fact, it’s not only Miel but also Rael, Uel, and Gael. However, among the thieves, only Miel was left.

As for why, it’s because she failed to escape.

Miel tried to escape like the others but was unable to do so.

The fish she’s carrying was too big.

Result of being too greedy.

As for the fish she took, it’s still in her mouth. She’s trying to open her mouth to let it go but it looks like it’s stuck on her mouth.


Don’t laugh.

This is an infuriating scene.

Or so I tried but when Miel pitifully asked for help, I wasn’t able to hold it back.

It can’t be helped.

I’m worried about Miel and the others also returned the fish they stole so I’ll remove the fish from her mouth.

I’ll take it off but it doesn’t mean I’ve forgiven you.

All four of you are grounded.

Yeah, don’t try to draw my sympathy with your little acting.

Demon king, don’t participate in their acting.

Also, demon king.

What’s with that big tiger behind you?

This is the first time I’ve seen it, is it your subordinate?


A normal tiger?

It was given to you by a local noble when he heard rumors that you’re obsessed with cats?

That’s a tiger, not a cat.

The noble also thought it was a cat when he gave it to you?

It was small when it was gifted to you but when it grew up, it became a big tiger.

The noble who gifted it to you was also surprised?

Then, did you bring it here to brag?


You want me to raise it here in this village?

This is not a zoo.

Where did you get the idea of leaving animals in this village in the first place…..maa, by the way, does this tiger bites?

Does it rampage?

Can I touch it?

I can.

Is it obedient?

It sounds like a cat with a big body.

When I tried to pat the tiger, Miel and the others interfered.

If I want to touch it, I should touch you first?

You guys only let me touch you when you’re in a good mood.

Don’t be jealous of a newcomer.

However, if I don’t pat Miel and the others, they will sulk for a long time.

I know.

Just your back and not your stomach.

The base of your tail….are you going to let me today?

Good good.

However, you should understand that I won’t change your ban on kotatsu.

Don’t look at me with shocked expressions.

The fishes you stole are the fishes the oni maids prepared for Alfred and the others.

Yes, they personally caught them.

In this cold winter season.

Even if I forgive you, Ann will not forgive you.

You should reflect on your actions for a while.

…..I’m glad that you understand but why are you more afraid of Ann than me?

Right, no one can’t go against someone who prepares your daily food.


After Miel and the others, I finally patted the tiger.

Yeah, these stripes.

I’m not familiar with what species but this is definitely a tiger.

However, it is not moving as if it is a figurine.

Probably because it is nervous in an unfamiliar environment.

Let’s prepare a place for it to calm down.

Maa, considering its size….will it be okay to use one of the vacant rooms in the mansion?

Ah, it would be bad if it marks up the place of its smell.


It’s sunny outside.

Free high elves and mountain elves, assemble!


In the ranch area, a tiger shed was made.

I thought of something after making it.

Will this tiger attack the ranch animals?

Tigers are carnivorous, right?

You will never do something like that?


That probably means that you won’t attack the kuros too, right?

Okay, I’ll trust you.

If the food is not enough, just let us know.

Then, try living in this tiger shed for a while.

If you find something you want to improve, we’ll do it.



What happened?

Don’t you like the tiger shed?

That’s not it?

You’re lonely?



It was decided that it will live in a room in my mansion until it gets used to this place.

If you don’t mark anything, I would be delighted.

When I was thinking that the tiger shed that we just built would be useless until spring, the goats occupied it.

But you have your own shed, right?


You like newly built ones better?


Only until spring.

Don’t get it dirty too much.


A few days have passed but the tiger never came out of the room or moved by itself.

I was worried that it wouldn’t get used to this place but then, I saw a tiger sleeping with the anenekos in the room.

It looks like it’s fine.


The anenekos are not using the tiger as a kotatsu substitute, are they?

You’re really getting along, right?


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