Chapter 608 – South, North, and East Dungeon Visit

Choosing a day with good weather, I rode the universal ship.

The destination is the south dungeon.

I’m going to visit the lamia’s residence.

During the fall martial arts tournament, the lamias asked me to come to their dungeon.

They want me to see their newly born children.

At first, they prepared dozens of reward medals in order to formally request my presence but I refused to take those reward medals since that’s unnecessary.

It is because not only the lamias but even the titans tried to do that to summon me too. Thus, after my visit to the south dungeon, I’ll go to the north dungeon next.

After that, we’ll head to the east dungeon where the grocks are living.


I only have a few companions.

It is winter so I don’t want to cause trouble to the other parties.

Because of that, my companions are only Tier, Reginleif, and Suarurou from the angel race.

Tier is my wife representative.

Originally, Loo is supposed to represent all my wives but Loo is too busy making short-range teleportation gates so she can’t participate this time.

It can’t be helped.

Reginleif and Suarurou are my guards.

Gran Maria and the others wanted to come too but they have to take care of their little daughters.

I had them stay.

In addition to the angels, the high elf Ria and the mountain elf Ya are with us too.

Ria is Tier’s assistant while Ya came with us since she has a request to the lamias and titans.

The mountain elves are in trouble because of the lack of manpower so I guess it’s related to that.

The mountain elves are having a rough time.

Jack of Village One, Gordon of Village Two, Glueworld of Village Three, Bell of Village Four, and Yuri of Village Five are also with us.

They usually don’t come with me in things like this but I managed to convince them to accompany me by saying this is a formal exchange for each village.

They are all wearing formal clothes.

Finally, there are also selected members of the kuros and spiderlings which is normal since they are always with me whenever I do things like this.

Ten kuros and twenty spiderlings with serious expressions are with us.

I never intended to let the spiderlings go out since it is winter but they requested it themselves so I agreed.

The spiderlings that are barely affected by winter, Red Armor and White Armor, are naturally boarding the universal ship.

I know.

Zabuton told you, right?

Though I’m not sure if she also told you to follow me.


Those are all the members of my party.

Unfortunately, Hakuren and Rasuti are pregnant so we can’t take them.

I asked Flora and the oni maid Ann to take care of my mansion while I asked the beastkin Senna to take care of the livestock.

The dwarf Donovan….yeah, he won’t stop brewing alcohol.

It doesn’t matter even if I don’t instruct him anything.

The beastkin Gulf and the lizardman Daga wanted to go with us too but I asked them to go help Youko in Village Five.

Youko seemed to want me to come too but please spare me from taking down ruffians.

If Gulf and Daga can’t control them, it means it is already impossible for me.

Alfred, Ursa, and Tiselle also wanted to come with us but that would make more and more people follow so I had to refrain from bringing them.

I’ll take you to the coastal dungeon so please forgive me this time.

The three beastboys are….they’ll go to Village Five too to help Gulf and Daga.

That’s great.


The top of the village, while I’m away, is Alfred.

This was decided with the recommendations of the villagers other than me and Alfred.

Alfred, don’t be nervous.

You should be proud.

Nothing’s going to happen so take it easy.

In case something indeed happened, rely on those people around you.



Rely on Loo.

Yeah, only Loo.

No, I’m not dissatisfied with Dors, Girar, or ancestor-san.

I’m telling the truth.




The entrance of the south dungeon is in front of me.

The universal ship is fast.

It’s slower than a dragon though….oh, that’s just a slip of the tongue.

Sorry, universal ship.

You can carry a lot of things.

You’re our savior.


Of the luggage carried by the universal ship, the lamias’ part was taken down.

They are basically crops from Big Tree Village and offerings from Village Five.

The crops of Big Tree Village are the usual but the offerings from Village Five are diverse.

Goldwork, silverwork, glassware, leather goods, woodwork, ironware, pottery, lacquerware, weapons, armor, magic tools, alcohol, livestock meat, chicken eggs, miso, soy sauce, etc. that are made in Village Five.

There are also gems, linen, wool, feathers, gold, silver, iron ore, wood, salt, furniture, carpet, arts, and books that were obtained from trade.

I don’t know why they are being given to the lamias but Ann made an inventory in advance so I gave it to Junea, the chief of the lamias.

She seemed to be happy.

After that, I look at the lamia children which is my main purpose.

The lamias are similar to the lizardmen, they are an egg-laying race so you can already interact a bit with the child as soon as an egg hatches.

Yeah, small but it’s definitely a lamia.

However, since they came from eggs, what’s the point of the plump breast of the lamias?

After the egg hatches, they will be breastfed for a short period of time.

I see.

I was just a little curious about your ecology.

No, I don’t intend to taste it.


Naming a child?


Ah, there’s only one.


Since it is a lamia, Lamiko.


If I really said that, there’s no difference when I named the arachne Arako.



I named it, I did my best.

The child is still an egg.

In short, there’s no feature.

The only information I have is that its gender is female.

Maa, I’m glad that the lamias look happy.


The next chief has been decided?

Ehto, you don’t have to do that because of me.

I think the chief should be someone that has the ability to be a chief.

That child is still in an egg.


A banquet was held to welcome us.

They seem to have prepared in advance when I told them that I would go.

It is pointless to decline so I enjoyed it obediently.

A speech before the party?


I’ve prepared beforehand too.



Ah, the good has become delicious.

You’ve done well.

Ah, don’t cry. It doesn’t suit this festive atmosphere.

What I’m trying to say is, let’s eat and drink.


After the party, I chatted with Junea and stayed overnight.

Ah, of course, in a different room from Junea.

Our chat was almost like a report of what’s happening around the south dungeon.

Definitely no sexy time.

Tier is by my side too.


Noon of the next day.

We will depart.

It’s not because we overslept but it is all according to plan.

We have to make time to greet those who were not able to participate in yesterday’s feast.

And to check the offering of the lamias.

We won’t return directly to Big Tree Village so they’ll have to carry their offering to the village next spring.

That’s the end of my itinerary but…… what about Ya’s looking for help?

It seems like it ended without problems.

Then, let’s go…..

Ah, there’s a see-off performance.

Got it.

I will watch everything they prepared given their efforts in this cold winter.


The universal ship departed from the south dungeon and headed to the north dungeon. However, instead of going straight, it moved in a large counter-clockwise curve.

It’s for the sake of timing.

There’s also the reason of not passing through the sky of Big Tree Village.

It is not disrespectful at all but it seems like we made that move in order to make sure that we won’t go home once we passed through Big Tree Village and caused a delay.

I was taught of that by Malbit and Ruincia.

The titans said that they don’t mind but we have to at least give them face.


We arrived at the north dungeon.

We did the same thing as we did in the south dungeon.

I’m not cutting corners in order to say that the way they did things was different.

Their race is different so it is impossible for them to do the same but I know they tried hard.


There’s only one unexpected thing compared to what happened yesterday.

I’m glad Tier and Ria are here.

Name a titan child?

I don’t mind but he already has a name, right?

You want me to change his name?

 No, I won’t rename you….

I, I understand.


I did my best to name the child.

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