Chapter 609 – Muttering of a Civil Servant Girl

Village chief is going to visit each dungeon while I’m going to housesit.

I don’t want to.

I was surprised when I muttered that.

I shouldn’t.

Village chief himself decided that I’ll housesit.

One must never be dissatisfied with village chief’s decision.

I’m not complaining. I’m just struggling to remove the feeling of wanting to go.



It wasn’t village chief’s decision that I should housesit but Frau-sama?

That changed everything.

Where’s Frau-sama?

My apologies but I must complain.

Yeah, I’ll tell her right straight on her face.

So, where is she?

Behind me?


No, I have no complaints.



Recently, Frau-sama has become aggressive.

Whenever she feels like there’s going to be a question for a certain decision, she’ll attack.

As a person with noble blood, I think problems should be resolved with elegance like talking about it first.

「Submit your complaint letter later. Now, did you finish your assigned task?」

Even if I submit a complaint letter, you’re just going to throw it in the fireplace without reading it, right?

I know it’s just a waste of paper so I’ll write it on a board.

I’ll choose a wooden board that burns thoroughly.

Last time, I wrote it on a hard-to-burn wooden board and it stayed in the fireplace for around three days.

It was embarrassing that several people had read my dissatisfaction.

Now, my work’s done.

Even if it isn’t finished, no one’s going to complain if we’re drinking tea.

So, what’s my next job?


My next job was to attend a meeting.

I’m going to attend as the recorder.

The participants of the meeting at the meeting room of the mansion are Loo-sama, Flora-sama, Ann-sama, Senna-sama, and Frau-sama.

Hakuren-sama and Rasuti-sama usually attend this meeting but they’re not here because they are pregnant.

Gran Maria-sama, Kuudel-sama, and Corone-sama are not here either since they are Alfred-sama’s guards.

Youko-sama is not here because she’s responding to the troubles in Village Five.

Although it can’t be helped, seeing the vacant seats is such a pity.

And why is Guronde-sama not sitting yet?

Are you here to represent Hakuren-sama?

I won’t complain since Loo-sama and the others are fine with it.

Here’s your tea.

Frau-sama, we’re all busy so let’s start.


As you can see, just looking at the participants, you’ll immediately realize that this is not a formal meeting.

If this is a formal meeting, there will be a few men like Donovan-sama and Daga-sama.

And a little more women too?

Again, this is an informal meeting.

Its public name is “tea party”.

The contents of this “tea party” are diverse but it is basically a pre-confirmation meeting before consulting village chief.

Just in case you misunderstand, we are not discussing how to manipulate village chief’s judgment.

This is more of a consultation.

The main purpose is to know the contents in advance, collect information, and summarize relevant materials.

We have to do this so when village chief asks anything, we can answer immediately.

That’s of utmost importance.

This is a consultation where we consolidate everything into one.

It would be troublesome if village chief consulted us and we gave vague answers.

Maa, every participant is used to this.

Thus, we proceeded with the decision quickly.

I did my best to record it too.

I still need to show this to those who weren’t able to participate.


After the preliminary confirmation of different topics, next will be the report of things where village chief is not involved.


Not really.

It is reporting of incidents that can’t be heard by village chief.

There’s no bad content.

Please understand that maidens have secrets that can’t be heard by men.

I won’t record it.


The last part is the real tea party, chat time desu.

「There are few offerings of Village Five that I want, is it okay for me to secure them? Frau’s in charge of it, right?」

「I have a proposal about the education of the children.」

「Ah, there’s a new type of alcohol. I saw Donovan-sama holding it.」

「Do you think Ya will be able to bear a child?」

「I’m worried about E3-san, she sometimes looks in a distance.」

「Alfred-sama and Ursa-sama are confirmed, how about Tiselle-sama?」

I can join since this is just a casual chat.

It’s a little fun desu.

One of the oni maids came and reported to Ann-sama.

It seems like village chief has safely left the south dungeon and is now heading towards the north dungeon desu.

I don’t think there will be any problem but we can never be too sure.

Village chief seems to be moving smoothly.

The meeting room has become quiet because it is a report about village chief.

Then, it’s my time to talk.

「Speaking of which, I have to consult you about Pirika-san….」

Pirika-san is a human.

I’m a demoness so I tend to forget about it but thinking about the lifespan of a human, Pirika-san is already at the age where it’s normal for her to already bear several children.

I heard a little while ago that she can’t get married….

「It’s not like she doesn’t want to get married. She said that if she’s going to get married, she’ll only accept Gulf-sama as her husband.」

「She wants to be Gulf’s second wife.」

「Yes. However, beastkins doesn’t like polygamy so it might be hard for Pirika-san’s wish to come true.」

「If his wife permitted it, there shouldn’t be any problem.」

「I think getting his wife’s permission is the hardest part….」

「From the stories I read, she’ll be accepted if she properly greeted the wife….」

I apologize to Pirika-san but this is exciting.

Love is the nourishment of a woman.



I’m targeting village chief.

No, maa, that, I know I have no guts.

I’m a maiden after all.

One day, I’m sure.

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