Chapter 610 – Village Three’s Trouble

The north dungeon visit proceeds in the same way as the south dungeon.

The only difference is that we passed more crops from Big Tree Village in the north dungeon.

I said that I want the visits to be the same as possible but it will be troublesome if we don’t consider the race difference with respect to food.

The titans definitely eat more compared to the lamias.

Because of that, we adjusted certain things…..the problem that we thought would happen never occurred.

We were entertained with a welcome banquet and stayed for one night.

And the same happened until departure.

Even the mountain elf Ya asking for something happened the same way too.

That made me laugh a little.


Now, the next thing to do is to go to the east dungeon but before that, I spoke with Glueworld first.

Actually, before we left, the offering products of each village has been given to me.

The representatives of each village will be accompanying me after all.

Village One’s paper and bamboo products.

Village Two’s silk and pork.

Village Three’s chicken eggs.

Village Four’s spices.

Village Five’s crafts.

When we were loading some of their offerings before departure, a problem was discovered.

Village Three has no specialty product.

Everything the Village Three has can also be found in Big Tree Village.

Because of that, I had Big Tree Village refrain from taking the offering of Village Three…..

「Village Three is embarrassed to send that offering to Big Tree Village…. I’m also sorry for the lamias and titans since they won’t be able to taste the eggs from Big Tree Village.」

The centaurs, Glueworld included, were greatly depressed.

Maa, the centaurs’ sex ration at the beginning of their migration was extremely unbalanced and their hands are tied too.

Adjusting to their new lives and raising children were their priorities after all.

When Baron Fuka’s group arrived, the ratio of men and women improved but that time, they struggled to fill the gap between those who came earlier and the newcomers.

Village Three’s specialty product was neglected.


I think being a centaur village is good enough…..

They’ve been working hard as liaison officers too.

What I’m trying to say is, there’s no need to hurry but Glueworld has been lost in thought since then.


A specialty product of Village Three….

The ideal situation is that only Village Three can make it but we don’t have to stick to that idea too much.

Since I left the curry spice making to Village Four, I should’ve thought of something I’ll leave to Village Three…..

What is then?

When Glueworld and I were in Trouble, Yuri came.

「As Village Five’s status compared to other villages is too low, I think Glueworld-san’s trouble is too luxurious.」


「It’s Yuri-san…. I’m a vice chief and so are you. You should just call me that way.」

「That is…..」

Yuri is teasing Glueworld probably in order for her to stop overthinking.

「We should just think that your chicken egg was equal to Big Tree Village’s chicken egg rather than being inferior. Isn’t that right, village chief?」


Ah, ahhhhh, right.

I don’t think that Village Three’s chicken eggs are inferior to Big Tree Village’s chicken eggs.

Yeah, that’s right.

Glueworld smiled a little.

I left Glueworld to Yuri.


However, chicken eggs?

Will that really be Village Three’s specialty?

But each village already has a poultry farm.

Since it is a specialty, should we increase the scale of Village Three’s poultry farm…..


We already have enough chicken eggs.

No, there’s even surplus.

The amount produced can’t be all consumed.

Even if we sold them outside, there would be a problem with the freshness of the chicken eggs. Village Five can consume it but Village Five are also raising chickens.

But there are new stores like Kuro and Yuki that make the consumption of poultry products higher…..

Can chicken eggs be really Village Three’s specialty?


Let’s not think about it.


「Village chief, it’s not always a good idea to resolve something on the spot. You better have to look at the place first and foremost.」

The one who told me that was Tier.

TN: She did not call him “husband” probably because it’s a formal occasion.

Tier then called Glueworld and told her that we’re going to visit Village Three.

Glueworld apologized for the inconvenience.

No, I’m sorry that I couldn’t think of anything right away.

Yeah, let’s stop thinking about Village Three’s specialty for the time being.

Let’s continue when we visit there.

Anyway, after returning to Big Tree Village, we will visit each village next.


The universal ship takes off and heads to the east dungeon.

This will be the ship’s first visit to the place but the approximate location was already confirmed prior to our visit to the south and north dungeon so we will not get lost.

We’re moving counterclockwise again.

However, that doesn’t mean that we know the exact location of the entrance of the east dungeon.

The entrance of the east dungeon was at the bottom of a large ground crevice so only a crack on the ground can be seen at a distance.

Maa, I heard that it’s in the middle part of the crevice so we will not get lost.

The problem is entering the place.

We may have to go down the crevice cliff so we’ll need a rope.

Ah, we found the crevice so the universal ship will land.




The same time I shouted, the universal ship escaped to the sky.

And a giant bloody viper comes out of the crevice to chase us.

It’s quite big.

What’s more, it’s not alone.

I was surprised.

I took out the AFT in its spear form……

The bloody vipers quickly hid in the crevice.

It doesn’t look like they escaped.

「Perhaps they are hibernating.」

Ria says so while holding her bow.

Ah, right.

They didn’t run away, they only drove us away.

So, what should we do now?

I can attack wherever they are hiding with my AFT in spear form but that might lead to the end of the east dungeon.

When we subdued the north dungeon, Hakuren and Rasuti played an active part…….

They are currently pregnant.

Let’s go back to Big Tree Village and ask for Dors or Girar for help…

That’s not different from me throwing a spear.

It would be the same with Raimeiren and Guronde.

Helze….won’t leave Hakuren and Mark is a good candidate since he looks like a person with common sense but….will he come?

「Village chief, this might mean that the east dungeon is close. What are we going to do next? Wait until spring?」

Hearing Ria’s questions, I can only tilt my neck.

「So far, we have never heard reports about bloody vipers in the east dungeon. In other words, I think they just happened to hibernate in that place. When the spring comes, they will leave.」

I see.

But there seems to be a lot of them.

There’s a possibility that they built a nest there.

「If that’s the case, let’s ask Hakuren-sama’s help. She’ll give birth this spring after all.」

Ah, we can’t do anything so let’s leave.

However, how about the grocks living in the east dungeon…..

「As long as they don’t leave the dungeon, the grocks will be fine desu.」

Ria asserts so.

The grocks can disguise as rocks to hide.



Unfortunately, the east dungeon visit will be put on hold until spring.


High Elf: When you said you left the dungeon before, you’re only lying, right?

Grocks: Rude. We have a highly advance technique that can make us move without being noticed. (No such discussion happened in the main story.)

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