Chapter 611 – Worried Ann

My dungeon visits are supposed to last for about five to ten days.

We don’t know what will happen in the east dungeon so we put longer days in our plan….

And the result, we decided to return after three days and two nights.

Alfred, who’s in charge while I’m away, seemed to be a little dissatisfied.


Red Armor and White Armor psyched up more than usual too but things ended before they knew it.

Hahaha, okay okay.

Kuro and Yuki are calm.

Though they’re a little sweeter compared to usual.

And the orthros Oru is barking at me.

…..did you forget who I am?

Ah, it seems like it remembered me now.

Its tail wags as it comes closer to me.

I wanted to pat it but it still looked resistant.

Maa, let me pat you.


When I reached out to it, Oru ran to Guronde.


I chased it, caught it, and patted it.

Guronde, I apologize if I surprised you.


I’m grateful to both Reginleif and Suarurou who came with me as my escorts.

Your presence eased up my mind.

Please take a rest.

Reward medals for your service is…. unnecessary?

No, but……..

「At normal times, we are not of use to you.」

「Right desu. Receiving reward medal for something like this is too much.」

I don’t think that’s true……


Though I want the two of them to take it, I won’t force them.

I gave up the idea of rewarding them and left them to Tier.

They also suggested to leave it to Tier after all.


Gulf is being taught by Gol and Sil of something.

It is rare for their group to make a move and they’re not a trio.



There’s a reason for that?

I wonder what the two of you, Gol and Sil, are teaching Gulf?

I tried to get closer to listen but I decided to refrain since they have strangely serious faces.

Or rather, they’re giving off a “don’t approach us” atmosphere.

There are also high elves and oni maids watching over the three of them…..why?

Maa, if it has anything to do with me, they’ll talk to me later.

Yeah, I won’t approach them.


In my bedroom are the sleeping cat Raigiel and jewel cat Jewel.

It’s probably because my room is the most comfortable place in the mansion.

Ah, you don’t have to get up.

I don’t mind if you continue sleeping.

I just came to change my clothes.


Wine slime is here too?

You look fine even though it’s winter.


Wait a minute.

I open the hidden cupboard in the room and check the content.

Before leaving, I’m sure my alcohol barrel is still 80% full and now it’s less than 30%.

It’s you.

It’s good that you admit without making excuses.

However, you can’t steal.

What if it is not alcohol?

You know whether the content of a barrel is alcohol or not?

Why are you using the dwarves’ line?

Maa, let’s say you can discern the content of a barrel, however, that doesn’t mean that you can steal it.

Next time you’ll do something like this, I’ll tell Ann.

The remorseful wine slime left the room.

Raigiel is looking at me with tantalizing eyes.

Yeah, he’ll certainly react this way.

I know why.

In the inner part of the hidden cupboard, there’s a hidden door.

There is a delicious alcohol that I got from the dwarves hidden there.

As long as it is safe, I won’t care about what happened earlier.

I tried to explain it to Raigiel but his expression didn’t change.


Could it be….

I open the hidden door in the inner part of the hidden cupboard.

There’s an alcohol barrel.

But it’s light.



I told Anne.

「I understand what the wine slime did. However, I thought it was our job to manage the alcohol volume intake of village chief? However, it looks like you don’t trust us.」

I’m sorry.

However, hiding alcohol is a man’s romance.

I told her about it at the spur of the moment without thinking about the situation first.



Loo seems to be busy.

Flora too.

Maa, I’ll tell them my adventure during dinner then.

By the way, why are the women restless?


You’re not doing something bad, are you?

I’ll trust you then.

If you can tell me, please do so.


Now, call Ursa, Alfred, and Tiselle before dinner.

I made a promise with them.

I’ll talk to them about the coastal dungeon.

Currently, there are only three children who’ll join the exploration but….is there anyone else who wants to go?

Excuse me but I want to be clear.

E3 doesn’t want to join?

Isn’t she Ursa’s friend?

I think it’s better to invite her than to leave her alone here.

Though I think E3 is fine staying in the village even if Ursa’s not here……

I can’t make her do something dangerous.

Maa, let’s talk to her.

We’re going to challenge a dungeon.

Do you want to go? Or do you want to give your slot to someone else?

Don’t look away.


What is it, Ann?

Is dinner ready?

「How about village chief give up on going and leave your slot to someone else?」


It is a dungeon that ancestor-san made. I should be fine since he’s going to accompany me.

The demon king has also arranged veteran adventurers.

And of course, I won’t be going in with the first team.

If it is dangerous, we’ll withdraw immediately….

Until it was time for dinner, I worked hard to present Ann my itinerary in the coastal dungeon.

I did that in order to convince her.

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