Chapter 612 – Maid Who’s Watching Over / Maid Who Got Involved

I am…..someone anonymous.

The only thing I can say is that I’m a professional maid desu.

Yes, my workplace is Big Tree Village.


Y-you don’t have to know me.

I want to stay safe.



Yeah, in Big Tree Village, there was a case that has been a topic for a while.

It is the marriage story of Gulf-sama and Village Five’s Pirika-sama.

It is against manners to talk about stories like that unless it is already acknowledged by village chief or at least by Loo-sama or Tier-sama desu.

Village chief advocates freedom of love.

However, if a person in power gets involved, it makes everything different.

This time, Pirika-sama consulted Youko-sama, the acting village chief of Village Five….or rather, Pirika-sama’s fellow disciples reached out to Youko-sama.

Youko-sama forwarded it to Loo-sama.

I will not say anything about Youko-sama’s judgment of forwarding it to Loo-sama and not to village chief.

Yeah, I think Youko-sama already predicted that even if she forwards it to village chief, village chief would just say to leave them alone.

Gulf-sama already had a wife and children after all.


That time, the women of Big Tree Village started to move and a consultation was held.

A woman, no matter her age, will get excited with love stories.

We’ll watch over how Gulf-sama and Pirika-sama’s love story unfold right before our very eyes.

Yeah, everything’s ready.

We even prepared the stage.

We did everything we could possibly do.

However, it’s not like I’m trying to force them together.

Not just me, everyone’s thinking the same.

I swear in village chief’s name.

Whatever will happen will be for the two of them to decide.

And even if I’m watching them, I’m properly doing my job…..


「I’m sorry. I don’t think I can love anyone else other than my wife.」


It looks like the two of them are not meant to be desu.

It is regrettable but there’s nothing we can do about it.

And it looks like Pirika-sama is already expecting that answer….there are tears in her eyes but she’s smiling.

This night’s dinner, let’s cook Pirika-sama’s favorite dishes.


By the way, village chief.

Why did you fall over?

You were hit by Gulf-sama’s unbending will?

I see.

Can you get up?

You can’t?

It looks like the damage is great.

Are you okay?

I reached out to help village chief stand up but before I could reach him, Ann-sama and Ramurias-sama were already helping him to stand up.

Yes, I’ll polish the windows.

Ann-sama and Ramurias-sama send village chief to his room.


I have a suggestion for this night’s menu…..yes, then, okay.

It looks like Ann-sama’s thinking about Pirika-sama too desu ne.

When I’m done polishing the windows, I’ll go help in the kitchen.


The kitchen is a battlefield like usual.

There is also a sudden change of menu.

Ah, I’m not discouraged one bit.

I can move just fine.

My friend in the kitchen immediately gave me something to do.

I feel like it’s heavier than expected but it’s not like I can’t do it.

I’ll do my best.


I’ll do my best but can I ask just one question?

Where are Ann-sama and Ramurias-sama?

It is rare for the two of them to not show up in the kitchen this time desu.

They said that they’ll just send village chief to his room and leave but a certain amount of time has already passed.


Damn it!

I should have helped them carry village chief rather than polishing windows!


The orthros Oru is eating.

When it first came to this village, it eats whatever we give it but recently, it no longer does that.

It only eats what Guronde-sama has given now.

Quite loyal.

I am proud…..because I’m the one who made what it’s eating.

Guronde-sama is only the one who gave the food I made to it.

No, don’t mind me.

A maid shouldn’t say something superfluous.


After eating, Oru goes to where Guronde-sama is.

Sprinting desu.

You can see that it’s pretty spoiled.

Guronde-sama is very strict when it comes to children’s education but she’s sweet with Oru education desu.

Once, Guronde tried to tease Oru by hiding while Oru was eating…..when Oru realized that she’s missing, it ran around all over the mansion weeping, looking for Guronde-sama.

After that happened, I feel like Guronde-sama has become sweeter with Oru.

By the way, I’m just curious with one thing, how effective is the nose of an orthros?

I’m sure Guronde-sama is just playing around so there’s no way she’s hiding seriously so if it looked for her using its nose, it should be able to find her…..

No way, could Oru do it on purpose in order to be pampered by Guronde-sama?


Oru never thought about it.

Sorry for doubting you.

Its nose is not that good yet because it’s still a puppy….No, it didn’t even realize that it could find her if it just used its nose.

Ah, yes, yes, I will not stop you from walking in front of Guronde-sama.

But, can you walk before her?

Aren’t you usually following her behind?

I see, you are acting as her guide.

I don’t think Guronde-sama needs a guild in the first place and what if trouble comes from behind…..

I’m not sure if you’ll be able to react.

I’m sorry, my mouth seems to have slipped.

I’m a maid so I shouldn’t say superfluous things….reflect, me.


When Guronde-sama patted the sulking Oru, it returned to its original state.

Yes, I will not say anything.

Only that your relationship is good.

However, is it alright for you to act that way even if Girar-sama is over there?

If it is the usual, once Guronde-sama pampers Oru, Girar-sama would be grumpy but it looks like something happened….

You got into a fight yesterday?

That’s a surprise.

You always look like a lovey-dovey couple.

That’s the reason you fight?

I don’t get it.

Ah, Girar-sama left the food that Guronde-sama made.

Right, yesterday, Guronde-sama was cooking something.

You left it behind?

You thought it was made by us or by the devils…..

Guilty desu ne.

However, it seems like Girar-sama is waiting for the right timing to apologize….

I see.

Then, I’ll take you to the kitchen.

Girar-sama, cooking is also a kind of pleasure…cough.

It would be better if you know how hard it is to cook.

And the despair of your food being left behind.


Anyway, please leave Girar-sama’s cooking to me. It will be served tonight.

It’s not a good thing to let a couple fight after all.



The food that Girar-sama made was delicious.

Much better compared to what Guronde-sama cooks.


Guronde-sama ate the food Girar-sama cooked and sulked.

Please don’t let it pull you down.

Wait a minute, why am I the one cheering her up?

It should be Girar-sama.

It’s impossible because you haven’t made up yet?

This is your chance.

Yeah, don’t be a jerk like before!

And don’t use Oru as a shield!


AN: Ann and Ramurias only played a card game with village chief. I’m sure of it.

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