Chapter 613 – To Train

My name is Hiraku.

I’m the village chief of Big Tree Village.

Recently, I have a lot of things in my mind so I would like to train my mind.



But how? Should I sit under a waterfall?

Sounds great, let’s head to the river.


Yeah, there’s the waterfall.

It looks powerful.

The flowing water is also mixed with fairly large ice.

I wonder what would happen if it fell into the water.

Looking at it, the ice slammed against rocks and other objects below the waterfall and a loud banging sound resounded.

It’s winter after all.


Let’s withdraw since it’s dangerous.

It’s cold too.

Ah, come on, my kuro guards, don’t rush into the waterfall.

Withdraw, I said withdraw.

If you really go there, I’ll go with you!

Don’t wait for me in the waterfall!

You’re already playing with me, don’t forget you came here with me as my guards!


Because of my “Healthy Body”, I won’t be sneezing anytime soon.

But cold things are cold.

I thought of my training again.


The river during winter is cold so I don’t want to go there anymore.

If that is the case……


I came to the hot spring.

Of course, I did not come here for the hot spring.

It’s for training.

There’s no waterfall in the hot spring area so I have no choice but to make one.

But that is something I can’t do alone.

Ah, the kuros are already warming up in the hot spring.

You guys, unlike me, are worried of catching a cold.

Stay warm.

It seems like the ghost knights will replace you as my guards in this place.

The ghost knights say to leave it to them then, dance.

I’m now a little uneasy.

It’s a good thing that the lion’s pride is also in the hot spring area and I also receive a report from Yoru saying that she can’t test her weapon since monsters and demon beasts are not approaching this place.

Even if my guards are the ghost knights, I should be okay.


I cut the bamboo I brought in order to make a waterway.

The water source is already at a high altitude so this task should be difficult.

 I chose a cliff-like place and made it in no time.


I can’t call this waterfall since there’s too little water.

If I take a large amount of water, the water level of some of the hot springs will drop so it can’t be helped.

Maa, what now?

What’s important is being struck by a waterfall so I shouldn’t be bothered by little things like too little water.

To be honest, I don’t even know what kind of training it is to be struck by a waterfall.

The problem now is that the hot water is being sprinkled from a place of about 3 meters high and it is drawing a parabola.

It looks more of a shower.

This can’t be called training by being struck by a waterfall, is it?

Right, if I induce the water to flow directly towards the ground…..

Yeah, that’s it.

I’ll make this place a waterfall.

Let’s do it.


This is just a hot shower.

I know.

I already noticed it when I was making it.

I was just pretending not to notice….


This is nothing but a failure!

However, I refuse to acknowledge it.

This is not good!

I actually have the courage to refuse!

I’m now prepared to say NO!

There are times where you should not give in!

I learned something new!


Even if it is only a hot shower, it should still be effective for training, right?

Let’s get struck under it a little more.

When I was feeling good, I felt something that touched my shoulder.

Ghost knights, you want to try too?

All right, it’s your turn.


At a later date.


「The matter that you brought to me, am I imagining things or this thing can’t be refused? 」

I asked the civil servant girls.

「No, it is not your imagination. If it can be refused, we will send them to Tier-sama or Youko-sama instead of village chief.」

「Is that so?」

「Yes. Loo-sama instructed us to not bother you as much as possible.」

「Then, this here……you just gave me this.」

「It is so important that we can’t judge it ourselves and given the situation, it is also impossible to refuse.」

「I see.」


My goodness.

Let’s train under a hot shower again today.

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