Chapter 614 – Coastal Dungeon Capture Squad

The day to go to the coastal dungeon has come.

I’m the captain of the capture squad.

The members are Loo, Tier, Gulf, Daga and ten lizardmen, Ria and five high elves, five mountain elves, two oni maids, five lamias, three titans, Reginleif, and ancestor-san.

Ursa, Alfred, Tiselle, Goal, Sil, and Bron will join the fun too.

I also invited E3, the phoenix chick Aegis, the tiger Sougetsu, and the orthros Oru but….

E3 is holding a siege in the kotatsu so she won’t be able to come with us.

Aegis won’t be able to come with us too since he will be training with the eagle.

Sougetsu asked the anenekos if it can participate and it was rejected.

They don’t want it to go somewhere dangerous.

Oru doesn’t want to leave Guronde’s side so it won’t participate.

I’ll just ask Guronde….she held back because there’s a possibility of her accidentally destroying the dungeon.

Okay, I won’t force you.

Right right, how could I not mention those other members.

Thirty kuros.

And spiderlings……about a hundred?

It is currently winter so I told them to not force themselves but they are highly motivated.

At first, I didn’t intend to take them but I was persuaded by Ann and Ramurias saying I should bring masters of exploring and capturing unexplored dungeons.

The masters of exploring and capturing dungeons that everyone acknowledges are none other than the kuros and spiderlings.

If you are talking about capturing a dungeon, you are talking about the kuros and spiderlings.

They even have a track record.

There shouldn’t be a problem if they are with us.

However, if I want to take the kuros and the spiderlings with us, I have to ask the demon king and Beezel first.

No one will profit if they make a fuss in the demon king’s kingdom’s territory.

Fortunately, the demon king and Beezel arrived at the mansion back then and I easily got their approval.

The demon king even said he can’t reject my request since we will find a lot of short range teleportation gates in the dungeon.


Maa, so you already planned it that way.

I won’t do anything reckless, safety first.


Each member of the capture squad is armed. We moved near the coastal dungeon via ancestor-san’s teleportation magic.

We arrived at a beautiful sandy area near the sea.

A beach…..

Ah, this was part of that clean-up program?

The cave was found when the coast is being cleaned.

The cave is said to be in a rocky place a little away from here.

I feel a little lost but there’s something I should think about first.

The reason why I immediately found the nearby sandy beach and not the dungeon entrance is because we are supposed to meet others here.

Two other groups to be exact.

The group of seakins who discovered the cave with a dungeon on this coast.

The other one is the adventurers who the demon king hired.

They will be the discoverer of the short-range teleportation gates.

At first, I was supposed to have that role but I refused so he has no choice but to hire adventurers.

Why didn’t he propose to have the adventurers discover them in the first place?

However, I can’t find any of the groups.

It looks like they still haven’t arrived.

Looks like we need to wait….

The kuros and the spiderlings got excited upon seeing the sea.

Is this your first time seeing the sea?

You can get close to it but don’t go into the water.

No, I’m not doubting your swimming capabilities.

I know you can swim well in the river and in the pool.

However, we’re supposed to explore a dungeon.

It won’t be good if you get tired.

And if you get wet in the sea, your fur will get sticky….

It is hard to secure fresh water in a place like this so washing you will be troublesome.

Also, I think you can tell by the smell so don’t drink seawater.

It’s saltwater.

Okay, good reply.

You can go now.

And Ursa immediately got into the sea and drank seawater.

Come back.

You too, Alfred and Tiselle.


The climate in this place is not so cold but it is still the sea in winter.

It is not suitable for swimming but it doesn’t mean you can’t go enjoy it.

However, running straight into the sea?

Is this youth?

No, I shouldn’t be impressed.

I asked the oni maids to prepare fire so that Ursa and the others could get warm.

It looks like Loo and Tier are already scolding them.

Then, I’ll make some hot soup.

The parties we have to meet still haven’t shown up yet.

Fortunately, I brought a big pot.

The pot is big enough for an adult to fit in and it is used in cooking large quantities of food during festivals and banquets.


This is a coast so I’m expecting crabs.

Yes, I know.

If I make food using this pot, it will be too much so I’m going to use a smaller pot.

I said smaller pot but it is something that can fit in a child.

If I have to make food for the dungeon capture squad, using this will be enough.

When I was preparing to cook, the high elves told me to build a hut.

It’s not a bad idea to prevent sand from getting into the food.

I also want a place where we can change clothes and a toilet too.

Got it.

I leave the cooking to the oni maids and go out to procure materials for the hut.

I asked Gulf, Daga, and the lizardmen to be on guard while I had the lamias and titans to accompany me.

Monsters and demon beasts around here have been exterminated at the time of cleaning the coast so the danger is low.

I only took the lamias and titans with me to help me carry wood.

I won’t call the kuros and the spiderlings since they are happily enjoying the view of the sea….

There are five kuros and ten spiderlings around me.

They have the face of someone saying “we’re doing our job properly”.

Maa, I’m not going to a city so it doesn’t matter.

Reginleif will come with us too?

Go ahead.

Ancestor-san is….maybe your memory will come back if you walk around?


As for the beastboys…..go and watch over Ursa and the others.

I’m sorry and good luck.


We went into the nearby forest and procured wood using the AFT.

I will procure the amount the high elves requested.

No, even more.

It looks like I’ve been absorbed in cutting trees.

My tension might have been raised because of the dungeon exploration.

I have to cool my head a little.

And I’m sorry for the lamias and titans that will carry much more than expected.

It would be a waste to leave them after all.


As soon as we returned to the beach with the wood, we saw a battlefield.

The first thing I noticed was giant crabs.

There are giant crabs whose shell’s width is around 5 meters.

I’ll say it again, crabs.

Because there are five of them.

Those five crabs are in the shallow water facing against the kuros who are carrying spiderlings on their backs.

The high elves and the mountain elves are… the water too, just behind those craps…..

Looking at the sea, seakins such as mermaids and sahagin are floating.

Not just one or two.

There are around 30 of them.

They don’t look like they are swimming.

It seems like they fainted.

The high elves and the mountain elves are trying their best to keep the seakins away from the crabs.

Ah, the kuros are taking the crabs’ attention by provoking them while the high elves and mountain elves are rescuing the seakins.

Where’s Loo and Tier?

I can’t find them.

Those two can fly so I don’t think they drowned.

In short, they were not here from the beginning.

Gol and the others are….trying to keep Ursa and the others from jumping out.


I don’t know what’s happening but looking at the situation, it looks like the crabs have attacked.

And they were intercepted by those who remained on the beach.

I don’t know what happened to the seakins but….they seem to be alive.

Did someone use lightning magic?

While I was analyzing the situation, I focused on the super lucky encounter.

I never expected to see crabs that big.

How do I cook them?

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