Chapter 615 – Crab


So far, I’ve eaten crabs purchased from Shashaato City through the Goroun Company.

I’m not dissatisfied with how they taste.

They are delicious.

In the past, there were only a few people in the village that eat crabs but recently, most of the villagers are already taking a liking to it.

Though I like crabs, I’m dissatisfied with something.

It’s the kinds of crabs being purchased.

Crabs are packed in a large barrel and transported. Yeah, the kind of crabs is not uniform.

I don’t know the names of those crabs but I can see their obvious differences.

However, I can’t say anything since they are “crabs” after all.

Therefore, even if I ask them that I only want to eat a certain type of crab, it won’t work.

But that doesn’t mean I didn’t try. However, different kinds of crabs were still brought in.

Maa, I still ate them all.

They’re delicious.

It’s a shame that my crab craving was not totally understood.


By the way, there are giant crabs before my eyes.

That shape.

I’m sure of it.

Snow crabs.

They are completely incomparable in terms of size but I’m sure they are snow crabs.

Snow crabs are also called matsuba crabs or echizen crabs depending on the prefecture.

And of course, they are edible.

In the past, I used to see snow crabs at supermarkets every winter but I could never buy one given their price.

They are completely incomparable in terms of size but they are snow crabs.


And I think bigger is better.

Yeah, there shouldn’t be any problem with them.

I naturally put my hands together in front of my chest and say,



「Village chief, ano, isn’t it better to do that after defeating them….」

The lamia beside me told me so and that took me back to reality.

That’s right.

There’s a possibility of them running away.

I immediately give instructions.

「Kuros and spiderlings, I allow you to go into the sea!」

The kuros and spiderlings immediately attacked the crabs at once after they heard me.

The reason the kuros and spiderlings are not attacking the crabs so far is because they can’t go into the sea.

I’m glad they are following my order but they don’t have to do that when they are attacked.

I won’t forget to add that next time.


The kuros and the spiderlings immediately killed the five crabs.

I wasn’t able to stop them which resulted in five cra….no, five supposedly delicious crabs becoming grilled crabs…..

Though I didn’t blame the kuros who used magic.

Their safety is the priority.

It can’t be helped.

I was thinking that maybe they’re not burnt but cooked which saved me time and effort but….that’s false hope.

The firepower was too strong.

When the fire was extinguished, all that was left were charcoals.

There’s not a single part that can be eaten.


Yeah, it’s okay.

However, it seems like it is impossible for me to hide it.

Sweat is steadily flowing out from my eyes.

The children are even looking at me.

The kuros suddenly became depressed.

I shouldn’t cry.

Yeah, I’ll do my best to hold it.


「Village chief! Village chief!」

One of the oni maids calls me out.

It seems like the seakins have awakened.

Then, let’s go and listen to…..not them?

The sea?



More than twenty giant snow crabs.

………the tears on my cheeks are no longer tears of sadness.

「Heaven, thank you very much!」


「Ano, it is better to not eat crabs of that size, they are poisonous…..」

That’s what a seakin said when he woke up.

I collapsed on my knees.

In order to boil crabs this big, I dug a big hole in a rock, poured water, and put thermal insulation stones.

The “healthy body” that god granted me may invalidate even poison but I think it is wrong to eat something that is already known as poisonous.

Also, that means I’ll be the only one who can eat it.

It’s a shame.

「If it is a smaller one….one that you can hold with one hand, you can eat it since it is not poisonous. Shall we catch you some? We can catch some immediately.」

Those are the wonderful words of the seakin.

「…..same kind as this?」



We forgot that we came to capture the coastal dungeon and enjoyed eating crabs.

Yeah, sorry.

I really forgot about the dungeon.

When ancestor-san came back, I suddenly remembered.

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