Chapter 616 – Seaside Cottage

On the advice of the seakins, the hut we built was on a rocky ground.

If we built it on the sandy beach like what we originally planned, there’s a possibility of being submerged in the tide for about six months.

A river flows near the hut and the cave where the coastal dungeon is a little upstream of that river.

This way, the hut can be used as both a base and a resting place.

I’ve been listening to the explanations of the seakins about the cave but the high elves and mountain elves didn’t even bother to listen.

「Making the floor a level higher than the ground… critter measures? Backrats can easily invade it though.」

「Critters in rocky places can even move upside down.」

「They have such a strong gripping power huh.」

「Especially backrats.」

「But why build in an inverse cup foundation?」

「Critters in rocky areas can’t move backwards so it is necessary for them to face the direction they are moving. In other words, if they try to invade your place built on an inverse cup, the critters in this rocky place can only walk with their heads down.」

「And that will make they roll down?」

「No, they won’t. However, if they are moving forward with their heads down, their gripping strength will be lesser and will even come off due to its own weight. You’ll see it as soon as they move at the edge of the inverse cup.」

「…..should we make it slippery?」

「Yes. There’s a special squeezed seaweed juice. Once the critters of this rocky area touch the edge of the inverse cup, they can only fall down.」

「I see. It is inevitable since they can’t move backwards.」

「However, if the inverse cup is too shallow, some critters from the rocky area might be able to escape so please keep that in mind. 」

We received advice on how to build a seaside cottage from the seakins who are familiar with rocky critters.

It’s good that they have passion for research but I would prefer it if they listened with me.

If it’s just me, I might forget something.

Also, the spiderlings won’t be affected by the inverse cup, anti backrat plan and they even said that they don’t even need to use thread to leave.



It is not known what caused the seakins to all faint.

They said that they seem to have felt an overpowering bloodlust from the shore….but, I heard that there’s no strong monster or demon beast here?

Gulf and Daga’s group that looked around also said that they did not encounter any strong monster of demon beast.

If that is the case, then….

「The one who used lightning magic, please come forward. I promise I won’t get angry. 」


No one came forward.

I never thought that no one would come forward which means there’s probably no one who used lightning magic.

Though I don’t think that the kuros will do it…..

I’m not happy if I’ve been lied to.

Be honest.


The spiderlings raised their legs.


You didn’t use lightning magic but it is your fault that the seakins fainted?

You scared them?

That’s impossible.

There’s no way anyone will faint upon seeing your cuteness.

Also, if that is true, the giant crabs should have passed out too, right?

The giant crabs fainted too but they woke up soon.

I see…..

Since you said it yourselves, I guess it is really your fault.

Don’t scare them next time.

…….it’s a racial characteristic so there’s nothing you can do about it?

Even so, just don’t forget to make a non-frightening posture.

Got it?

It might not be possible now but it might be possible in the future.




If that’s true, then, the people who immediately fainted after coming to the village were…..

For now, let’s apologize to the seakins.


The hut was completed.

We now have a place with roof.

The walls are removable after considering that it would be hot during summer.

It’s a stilt house and looks like a seaside cottage.

It is fully equipped with a kitchen, toilet, and shower for comfort.

It’s a shame there’s no bath…..

How about we use the hole we dug for boiling those giant crabs?

That hole will be a stand by place for seakins that can’t go to land?

That means I have to dig a canal to the sea later.

Let’s think about the problem first….

What matters now is to dig a new hole for a bath.

Let’s do it.

By the way, what’s with a stand by place for seakins that can’t go on land?

I’m not going to start a business here.

Sure, there’s kitchen and everything but…..

「Leave the maintenance of this cottage to us. 」

The seakins said so with serious faces but that’s useless.

There’s no available chef.

….that’s not a problem?

There’s a seakin that can cook?

You studied in Shashaato City?

You even helped in Marla’s beach stall?

You’ve even been to Village Five to study ramen in a barrel filled with seawater?

You’re amazing but please don’t be so reckless.

So….ah, I see.

You are confident with your cooking skills so you want to show off somewhere soon.

However, it is difficult for seakins to leave the sea for a long time so you would be grateful if there will be a seaside store…..


Since you have a chef of your own, everything changed.

There won’t be so much hassle since you only need to buy ingredients.

If you ask the Goroun Company, they can sell you ingredients regularly.

The next problem is the customers….

Isn’t this place too far from the city?

Your target customers are the seakins?

But….are you sure?

As for me, I don’t see any problem but….

Don’t be upset.

Since you are going to open a business, you need permission from the demon king.

I already informed him that I might build a base but I didn’t tell him anything about opening a business.

It might not be necessary but report, contact, and consultation are important.

When I said that, ancestor-san brought the demon king.

「Your spirit is commendable but do you have the skill to support that spirit? 」

「I might not be skillful enough to open my own store yet but I want to please everyone with my cooking! 」

「I see. Then, please me. 」

The demon said so as if he’s a gourmet.

We brought ingredients so there shouldn’t be a problem.


Lunch was crab dishes and the little early dinner were curry and ramen.

「This curry, though its taste is several levels lower compared to curry that can be eaten in the village and Marla….for some reason, I feel like this is the true curry. 」

Eating seafood curry by the sea feels kind of special.

However, since we are by the sea, seafood was used a little more than necessary.

Like too much crabs and prawns.

No, I didn’t say anything.

「This ramen also tastes several level lower compared to the ramen served in the village…’s delicious.」

Eating seafood ramen by the sea feels kind of special.

Though my comment about the ingredients is similar.


I’m not saying using too much seafood is bad.

There’s no rule saying you shouldn’t do it.

No, I didn’t say anything.

「Excellent! I’ll give you permission to do business!」

Since the demon king gave his permission, it was decided that he’ll start a business here.

That’s good.

Good luck.


No, what do you mean manager?

Don’t force me on it.

You don’t have anything to pay for the cottage?

No need no need.

I’ll just give it to you.

Hahaha, I don’t need some shares.

Though you should pay for the ingredients I’ll give you.

You can pay for that with seafood.

The not giant crabs you caught earlier would be great.

The special squeezed seaweed juice for the backrat inverse cup trap would be okay too.

The high elves and mountain elves were interested in it.

Ah, not too much though.

You can also pay with fishes that you can catch depending on the season.

But don’t overfish.

Also, though I don’t think it will happen, if the demon king ever evicts you, just follow his order obediently.

This is the demon king’s territory.

I’ll help you build a cottage somewhere else.


It was decided that the seakin will start operating a business in the cottage but this is currently our base for the dungeon exploration.

I know how you feel but please be patient for now.

We still need to transport ingredients.

However, what happened to Loo and Tier? And what about the adventurers that the demon king hired?

If they are late, they are late. However, they should have at least informed us…..

Loo and Tier said they’re going to do something before the giant crabs and seakins came and flew somewhere.

What is their business?

When I was thinking about it, I heard a kuro barking outside.

Someone seems to have come.

However, I can’t seem to find anyone.


Ah, there it is.

Tier’s golem.

I didn’t notice it because it’s short.

The golem is carrying an adventurer-like man.

He’s not injured but it looks like he fainted.

Who’s this?

 「Kokusu of Miagard’s Ax?」

It looks like an adventurer that the beastboys knew.

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