Chapter 617 – Adventurer’s Suffering

My name is Rentan.

A member of the adventurer’s team “Miagard’s Ax” which is famous in the demon king’s kingdom.

My role in our team is “tank”.

With my heavy armor and customized shield, my main task is to protect the other party members from the enemy.

However, since I’m heavily armored and even have a heavy customized shield, my movement speed is slow.

I’m also not suitable for long distance travel.

Because of that, there are times where I can’t participate in a quest.

Of course, I have my complaints.

However, it can’t be helped.

For example, a “tank” like me is definitely not suitable for medicinal herb gathering.

Even in an escort mission, I’ve been the reason for the slow travel time.

It would be good if I could be put on the carriage during our escort missions. However, how can I even think of taking the space of the goods we are supposed to escort?

If I were the merchant, I wouldn’t do it either.

If you’re going to ask what kind of quest I’m good at, it should be base defense.

Maa, there are few quests like that and even if there’s one available, no members other than me will take it.

The rest will be….doing quests they are good at.

I’m also good at being a sacrifice that will make sure that others will be able to escape.

Yeah, there’s no way there will be a quest like that.

And that’s good.

I would like to refrain from taking such a request even if I’m good at it.

Safety first.

That’s what I think.


One day, the members of “Miagard’s Ax” were gathered by our leader.

All fourteen of us, including the leader.

This is not unusual.

When he takes a quest, he’ll explain it to all members in order to decide who’ll go.

I listened to the content of the quest while wishing that it’s a quest that I can participate….

The content of the request is to spend a few days in a certain place, receive an item, and return with it.

That’s it.

It’s so simple that it’s questionable.

However, the reward for this quest is high.

The legitimacy of the quest has already been checked twice.

But why did he receive that quest?

Also, what kind of item are we going to pick up?

Everyone’s doubtful so we all started at Kokusu who’s beside our leader. Kokusu shrugged his shoulders and spoke.

「This is a nomination quest.」

I see.

In other words, we were appointed by the other party so we can’t refuse.

Then, it can’t be helped but….who is the other party? Why can’t he be refused?

That information alone already gave away the difficulty of this quest.

We’re still staring at Kokusu since we wanted to hear who the other party is.

「The quest giver is none other than the royal capital’s adventurers guild’s guild master.」


Sky high dangerousness!

I tried to escape with all my might but I was captured by our leader.

「I’m sorry but everyone must participate. Let’s face this misfortune together.」

When the leader declared so, all other members except Kokusu booed.


We rushed from the royal capital to Shashaato City.

It was because our departure was delayed a number of times.

It was due to members of our party trying to escape.

There was a cycle of running away, catching, and persuading.

I think it’s okay to leave members who are opposed to go with all their mights but the quest needs a certain number of people.

Are we going to pick up a lot of things?

We tried to increase our chances of survival but it seems like the beastboys that we can relied on refused because they seemed to have received nomination quest too.

It looks like nobles are involved so they can’t move without permission.

……maa, those beastboys are nobles after all.

Our other adventurer friends who heard that we received a nomination request from the guild master escaped before we knew it.

They’re heartless.

Thus, we decided not to look for them.

Our only hope is the adventurers guild in Shashaato City.

Though the notoriety of the guild master of the royal capital’s adventurers guild might have spread already to Shashaato City, there might be people who we can trick….cough, I mean would wish to join our adventure.

That’s a true adventurer.

Though we can’t find them in the royal capital, we believe that we can find true adventurers in Shashaato City.

「I only wish it will be more than one!」

I’m already laughing for the worst.


There’s no true adventurer in Shashaato City.

Damn it.

The curry is delicious.


With a little hope, we tried to hit the adventurers guild in Village Five but we also failed to find one.

However, it’s not like there’s no true adventurer there but they are all busy exterminating monsters and demon beasts around Village Five so they did not even listen to our story.

Ramen is also quite good.

It seems like it should be eaten with chopsticks rather than a fork.

Let’s learn how to use chopsticks.

While I was escaping reality, we started moving for the quest.


「Is it here?」

The leader asks Kokusu.

We arrived at a beautiful beach…..

Was there a beach in this place?

We’ve been adventuring in Shashaato City for half a year and we also walked around this area but I can’t remember this place.

That’s even the reason why we brought some equipment….

 「This place has been maintained so it’s better compared before.」

The other members agreed with Kokusu’s opinion.

The feeling of trouble becomes stronger.

According to the information we gathered in Shashaato City and Village Five, there seems to be a newly discovered dungeon near here.

I wonder if this quest is related to that.


「I can’t calm down in this place so let’s go to the forest.」

We were supposed to wait for a few days on the beach according to the quest but the beach is too open and there’s few places to hide so we will never be able to relax there.

I also agree with moving to the forest.


We set up a base in the forest.

For now, let’s eat.

We managed to replenish seasonings in Shashaato City.

Delicious is justice.

Currently, we decided to take turns watching the beach.

I don’t know who’ll bring the items but we were not instructed to welcome whoever it is.

We should at least be this cautious.


The night came, then, morning.

Kokusu, who was watching over the beach, collapsed.


When I was thinking why, the trembling body of Kokusu suddenly jumped up and ran with all his might to us.


No, I get it.

Among the monsters and demon beasts that adventurers like us are dealing with, there are those who can dazzle, make someone sleep or even faint.

We have magic tools to counter it so the person who gets dazzled or sleeps will get back to normal after fainting.

Did it work?

The disadvantage is the high price and it’s a one-time disposable item. I also heard that it hurts a lot when activated.

The teary-eyed Kokusu turned to us and told us to run using hand signals.

If the situation is bad, I don’t think there’s a need for you to cry.

We immediately understood why.

The magic tool activated.

He’s probably hurting all over.

However, he didn’t even complain.

We did not dare collect our luggage placed in the base and ran away.


I think while running.

Then, I saw a big beast.

A wolf.

Not just a wolf.

I know what it is.

A disaster.

And there’s something on its back?

Maybe it was the one that stunned him.

It should be stun bash.

There are very few monsters or demon beasts that have that ability but none of those are something we can deal with without preparing special equipment.

And the wolf is carrying something like that on its back…..

This force can already destroy a city.

This is bad.

Really bad.

Thinking of the nearby places, it should be Shashaato City and Village Five.

For the sake of the people living there, we should kill them here.

If possible.

But it’s impossible.

They won’t wait for the members of Miagard’s Ax to be fully equipped.

And even if they did, I can see it clearly.

Their overwhelming power.

Can you understand what I’m currently feeling? No matter what choice I choose, it will result to death.

But I don’t want to die.

There are a lot of things I want to do.

I want to get married.

It’s my little dream.

I’ll get married and build a family with lots of children.

I don’t have a partner yet.

However, I’m sure she’s there, somewhere.

That’s why I don’t want to die.


There’s one thing I forgot to say.

The wolf with a formidable adversary on its back….it’s not just them.

I didn’t count but there should be at least 10 pairs like them.


It looks like the end of the world has come.

But I will survive.

Goodbye, my favorite shield.

Goodbye, my favorite armor.

I don’t have a sword!

Which city is more powerful, Shashaato or Village Five?

It’s Village Five.

Not speaking of the adventurers, the guards there are all well trained.

My teammates seem to have concluded the same thing.

All of us are heading to Village Five.

Alright, let’s get out of here!

Let’s get out of here!!!!

But despair doesn’t want to leave us alone.

Kokusu looks behind and screams.

We can’t leave Kokusu behind.

He’s not acting like the normal Kokusu.

He should have at least told us what he saw.

However, he just looks forward and runs.

I think he’s right in doing so though.

However, I can’t just let fear swallow me.

So I checked at our back too.



Two women flying.

Given the way they fly, they are flying for us.

Ah, I know them.

I know those faces.

The blood sucking princess Lulushi and angel of annihilation Tier.

They are world famous.

Their disaster level surpasses those wolves.

Those two are people no one can offend.

I used to know them only with their names but for some reason, I found the paintings of the two of them in Shashaato City and Village Five.

Why are they chasing us too?

Given the direction they came from, they should be related with those wolves….no, perhaps one of them is ordering those wolves.

God is so cruel.

Me and my running teammates look at each other and nod.

Then, our leader shouted.

「Scatter and escape!」


-POV Change-


The flying Loo and Tier.

「Areh, those should be the adventurers that the demon king hired, right? Why are they running away?」

「I don’t know desu. How about trying to call them? Loo-san, please.」

「Okay okay. Oi, adventurers over there.」


They were replied with screams.

「Loo-san’s voice might have scared them.」

「Looks like it. I don’t know what happened but they look like they’re in trouble. Want to check them out?」

「I don’t mind but… looks like they don’t have the plan to cooperate, right?」

「I’m sure they don’t. That means we have no choice but to catch them.」

「Right….ara, they scattered.」

「Just when I was about to cast a wide area effect magic.」

「You didn’t chant so I don’t think they sensed it but….doesn’t that mean that those adventurers are pretty skilled.」

「I like them already. Want to check out who’ll be able to catch more?」

「Fufufu. I won’t lose.」

Thus, Miagard’s Ax’s suffering has just started.


What happened:

「Oi, adventurers over there.」


They were replied with screams.

The adventurers didn’t understand her.

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