Chapter 618 – Capture Begins


In the corner of the hut, Loo and Tier are sitting straight while covering their faces using their hands.

They are embarrassed.

They forgot about the kids and chased the adventurers all night after all.

「Ugh, one of them escaped….」

「I thought we caught everyone…..」

Or so I thought.

It looks like the thing they are embarrassed about is letting one of the adventurers escape.

That person managed to warn the guards of Village Five, asked for his comrades’ rescue, and then ran into a tavern to court unmarried women. He was captured by the guards with Youko as the lead and was carried back here by Beezel.

The remaining 13 adventurers, who were captured by Loo and Tier, welcomed him with embrace.

Such a good bond for an adventurer’s team.

These adventurers were supposed to discover the short range teleportation gates according to the demon king’s plan and they are called Miagard’s Ax.

It seems like they are adventurers that got acquainted with the beastboys in the royal capital.

Because of that, the 13….now, 14, won’t leave the beastboys’ side.

I understand that you are acquainted with each other so you are at ease with them but how could adults like you hold children’s clothes?

Let’s just eat breakfast.


After breakfast.

I gathered the dungeon capture members and discussed how we would capture it.

As for the seakins, we will be accompanied by two mermaids as guides to the entrance.

It looks like they won’t enter the dungeon.

The rest of the seakins will be guarding the hut and….prepare for the opening.

Good luck.

The adventurers also won’t enter the dungeon.

Instead of waiting here….it looks like they’re going to collect their luggage that they left in the forest.

I don’t really care but why are you begging those three to go with you…..

Since the beastboys voluntarily cooperate with them, I leave them be.

It can’t be helped.

The two oni maids, five lamias, and three titans won’t enter the dungeon too and will just wait in the hut.

The oni maids will make food for everyone and the lamias will be responsible for transporting the food into the dungeon.

As for the titans, if something strange happens, they will be called if necessary.


And so, we entered the coastal dungeon with the following members:

Me, Loo, Tier, Gulf, Daga, 10 lizardmen, Ria and five high elves, Reginleif, and ancestor-san.

There’s also Ursa, Alfred, and Tiselle.

And thirty kuros and a hundred spiderlings.


Before leaving, I thought our firepower was enough but now, I feel uneasy.

Should I bring more from the village?

Loo and Tier told me that the members are more than enough so I didn’t do so.

However, if things become dangerous, we have to withdraw immediately.

Don’t forget that.


The coastal dungeon is a cave upstream of the river but since it is the only water source of the river, you just need to follow it.

Lights were needed near the entrance of the cave but as we went in further, the walls began to glow and the lights were no longer needed.


Something blocked our way.

A huge iron door that looks like a temple door.

There are also gargoyles on the left and right side of the door.

「I see. I’m sure making gargoyle was my habit but…..I can’t remember anything.」

While ancestor-san was thinking, Loo appealed to me and pointed the characters written on the pedestal where the gargoyle statue is riding.

「Rumani Bran Transilver?」

That doesn’t sound like ancestor-sans name, does it?

One of his many names?


This dungeon is something that ancestor-san made after all…..

Ah, you were asked by someone to install the gargoyle statues for security purposes?

In any case, we are now certain that ancestor-san is involved.

If ancestor-san recalls the dungeon, it will be easy for us to capture this but that would be regrettable….

However, why are you certain that this is an unexplored dungeon?

「The gargoyle statues were not destroyed. Normally….when someone touches the door, they’ll start moving.」

Loo said so and touched the door.

The statue of the tough looking gargoyle begins to move.

「Warning! No one’s allowed to break in! Get your hands off the gate!」

When Loo let go, the gargoyle returned to normal.

「The statue of the gargoyle has not been destroyed so this is definitely unexplored.」

「That’s right but…it’s strange.」


「It is normal that it won’t let anyone in but, normally there should be a ridded or a secret switch somewhere….」


For confirmation, I asked ancestor-san to touch the door.

The gargoyle statue moved.

Even ancestor-san is not spared.

「It looks like it is impossible to investigate how to open the door without destroying that gargoyle statue.」

Looks like it.

I asked ancestor-san if it is okay to destroy the gargoyle statue.

「I don’t know since I don’t remember. However, I don’t really care if it will be destroyed.」

He is probably looking at it as an immature product of the past so he wants to destroy it too.

I think it is a waste but safety first.

I destroyed the gargoyle statue using the AFT.



Why is everyone looking at me?

「Ehto, during its not moving state, it has a barrier so destroying it is impossible….never mind. I’ll check the door.」



While Loo was checking the door, I asked the seakins that guided us.

「By the way….the river is flowing by the door, if you could swim upstream that river, can you go beyond the door?」

「That should be the case but that’s not the case.」

There’s a barrier there so they can’t swim upstream.

To prove it, the seakin threw a stone on the upstream river.

The stone seems to have hit something like a wall on the way.

That’s the barrier?

「Since the river is flowing, I think it’s a one way barrier that will only not activate if you’re coming from the other side.」

I see, so that’s how it is.

Thank you.

However, a barrier….

Should I break the barrier using the AFT too?

When I was thinking of doing it, Loo managed to open the door.

Breaking the barrier using the AFT is the last resort.

I thanked the seakins that guided us and moved forward.


Even after passing through the door, the scenery did not change. It’s still a cave.

A wide cave parallel to the flowing river.

After walking for a while, I heard the sound of a waterfall.

There is a large pond and a waterfall.



A dead end?

That doesn’t seem to be the case.

There’s a door somewhere….

It’s behind the waterfall.

An easy stash.

Around that door are….tons of graffiti.

“Don’t open, dangerous!”

“Don’t approach.”

“Don’t open this door even if it is your last resort!”

Those scare me.

Is it really dangerous?

「Classic threats.」

Loo did not mind and put her hands on the door.

It was easily open.

There’s a big devil statue placed in the room beyond that door.

「Village chief, don’t let your guard down. That statue is different from the gargoyles before.」

Ancestor-san urges me to be careful.

I don’t know how it is different but the big devil statue’s eyes shine and talks.

「Beyond this point are trials. You can only take it in a group of three.」

Then, a staircase of light appeared.




The thirteen adventurers that were captured by Loo and Tier welcomed him.

The man who seemed to be the leader hugged the newly brought man.

「Hey, are you taking the role of “tank” as the fastest runner?」


Several more surround him.

「We heard that you were courting a woman? You’ve got one hell of a leeway.」

「Do you know how scare we are here?」

「I heard that you drunk and didn’t even dare join the rescue team.」

「Shut up! You would have done the same if you were the one who managed to escape! Do you even understand how I feel? Do you know how I felt when I suddenly got arrested by the guards? And when I met a high ranking person, I was suddenly sent back to the forest without a single explanation. Do you understand how I feel!!!」

「I don’t know how you feel but…..when I heard you were courting someone, I know it’s a lie.」

「Yeah, definitely a lie.」


An adventurer’s team with close bond.

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