Chapter 621 – Winter Sea Barbeque

Not only on the beach where the “final trial” is, even in the whole dungeon, ancestor-san can’t use his teleportation magic.

If he can use it, I would have asked him to go back to the beach to get some food.

I have to give the spiderlings steamed potatoes.

We also need to eat.

The lamias are the ones responsible for transporting our food in the dungeon but they can only go until the waterfall so we won’t be able to get food.

Everyone else challenging the dungeon won’t be able to get food too.

The sun is still high so it is still too early for dinner but it will fall soon enough since it is winter.

We need to get ready…

In front of us are the seakins.

I guess we have no choice but to ask them for food.

No, wait a minute.

How did they get here?

I asked a young merman.

「If you use the sea, you can freely come and leave this place.」

I see.

Do you know where the beach we were previously at?

「It is near the river where the entrance of the dungeon is.」

Oh, so you know?

Then, can we use a raft or something to go there and carry something back?

「You certainly can but….look over there.」

When I looked in the direction being pointed by the young merman, I saw three lamias riding a boat that was being pulled by the seakins.

「We were told to wait here so I contacted the other side….did we bother you?」

No, I’m grateful.

You’re very helpful…..

The seakins that are pulling the boat are the seakins from the first beach, right?

Is that okay?

Didn’t the seakin chief say that only the chief will be informed about the dungeon and only after inheriting it?

「Even though he said that, there’s no way the chief can manage the dungeon alone….I’m not the chief but look, I’m here.」


「Frankly speaking, the inheritance is not top secret so others will definitely be informed. However, those who have heard it must help managing the dungeon like me.」

In other words, the seakins that are pulling that boat….

「From here on, they’ll also manage the dungeon. I’m happy about that since that will make the clean-up work easier.」

Ma-maa, let’s have the seakins do what their race have to do.

I won’t say anything else.

Aside from one.

The one who said he wants to start a business there, leave him be.

He’s working hard for his dream.


The lamias brought cooking utensils and ingredients, not readily cooked food.

「The maids said that village chief would prefer this since you’re not doing anything else.」

I do.


These cooking utensils and ingredients.

It looks like I can even cook some hard to cook dishes using these but since we are at a beach….let’s barbeque.

Seakins, can you bring some seafood?

We have meat and vegetables here.

Of course, you can participate.

There are iron plates and noodles so you want to make yakisoba?

Last night, there were only curry and ramen which felt unsatisfactory.

Speaking of seafood, yakisoba indeed needs a few.


There are lots of seafood so let’s make seafood yakisoba.

Yeah, delicious is justice.

Ah, let’s not forget to steam potatoes for the spiderlings.

Let’s grill some corn too.

Of course, I won’t forget my favorite barbeque.

Wouldn’t it be easier if we just stick them on a skewer?

For now, let’s count the number of participants…..


A group of three kuros came.


However, it is still too early to let your guard down.

There is a final trial.

Seakins, do your thing.


You’re going to use barbeque?


I don’t really care but since you said it’s okay….is it really okay?

It has been passed down from generation to generation, right?

Ah, yeah, delicious is justice.

But it will no longer be a trial.

Okay, let’s enjoy the barbeque on the beach until we have a certain number of people.

It’s a pity that it is winter.


The day ended.

It’s not dark because of Reginleif and ancestor-san’s magic.

Light magic…..

I, Reginleif, ancestor-san.

Spiderlings, 17.

Kuros, 16.

Gulf, high elf, mountain elf.

We are the only ones who cleared the dungeon.

The seakins and those who were not able to clear the dungeon applaud us.

Those who were not able to clear the dungeon were transported to this place via a small boat from the first beach with the help of the seakins.

The kuros and spiderlings that were not able to clear the dungeon are gloomy.

Maa maa, you just had bad luck.

Loo’s group, Tier’s group, and Ria’s group are disappointed.

You can clear it next time.

Daga’s group is….ah, they weren’t able to complete the “Big Rock Trial”.

That was a difficult trial.

And Ursa, Alfred, and Tiselle.

They have faces that will continue the trial tomorrow.

However, whether we have time or not depends on the place at the other end of the teleportation gate.

Even if you can’t continue to do trials, don’t get angry.


The teleportation gate was in the shallows….it is currently low tide so it is currently on the sandy beach.

Looks like we can use it now without getting wet.

Also, it seems that even those who have not cleared the dungeon can use the teleportation gate so Loo, Tier, and Ria can accompany us.

Ursa and the others are reluctant to go since they weren’t able to clear the dungeon.

It’s good that you are honest but consider the situation first.

Wait for us at the first beach.

I’m sorry Daga but, please escort Ursa and the others.

By the way, I’ll only bring the kuros and spiderlings who cleared the dungeon.

The rest will stay at the first beach until we come back.


Then, let’s go.

When I was about to pass through the gate.


Ah, I can’t take the lead.


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