Chapter 622 – White History

After passing through the teleportation gate, we arrived at a big underground cave.

Light stones are placed on walls, floors, and ceilings so it is not dark.

On the contrary, it’s too bright.

Only then I was able to know how big the cave is.

The height is about 50 meters.

The width from the left to right is….it should be 800 meters in the narrowest place.

I don’t know how long this cave is though.

Because in this big underground cave, there is a luxurious western-style mansion.

I was surprised.

It is bigger than my mansion in the village.

Standing in front of the gate of the wall surrounding the mansion, I can’t see the end.

However, I think this mansion is slightly strange since there are few windows.

Also, looking at it closely, you’ll notice that they are steadily constructing to enlarge it.

Still, the luxurious atmosphere that it gives off is not affected.

I guess it’s because gold and silver wares are everywhere.

That sounds so vulgar but in this place, it doesn’t look like that….

It even made this place look better.

Do you remember anything, ancestor-san?

No, you don’t need to apologize.

Ancestor-san was trying hard to remember even when we were challenging the dungeon.

Even if he said that he had erased his memory with magic, it doesn’t mean that everything was wiped out.

He only sealed unnecessary memories and not remembered them so he can recall them if there’s an intense interference.

I want to know too but you don’t have to overdo it.

Loo is worried too.


By the way, nothing’s happening even though we already waited for a while in the front gate so we had no choice but to bust in.

Fortunately, the gate is not locked.

We’re not going to disturb whoever is in there, we just want to say hello.

We arrived in front of the door of the mansion while looking at the wide garden.

Loo holds the knocker and hits it three times.



Nothing’s happening.

Is no one at home?

Or is no one living here?

I heard from the seakins that they started inheriting the dungeon management for about three thousand years ago….

Could the people inside already be dead?

I guess I’m correct in not bringing the children.

Loo calls out.

「Excuse us. We are people who cleared the trials of the dungeon.」


Nothing is happening so Loo opened the door.

It’s not locked either.

The kuros and spiderlings went ahead.

From the bark signals of the kuro, they didn’t find any problem.

Inside the mansion……..a big hall right after entering.

Soft and fluffy carpet is laid down on the floor.

There are also magic lights but…..what’s the point when the kuros already searched around before they turned on?

Given how the lights turned on, it looks like we are being invited somewhere.

However, why are you walking to another place, Loo?

「I feel like it’s a trap.」

Right, now that you’ve said that, this coastal dungeon is pretty suspicious.

Though I understand if someone’s doing it since we invaded their mansion without permission.

Let’s follow the course.

With my persuasion, we moved in the path indicated by the magic light.

Perhaps because this place is constantly being widened, there are not many straight passages.

We also had to turn either right or left until I lost my sense of direction.

Is the lack of windows a plan to inconvenience the intruder’s sense of direction?

Was Loo right? Is this a trap all along?

Now, if the magic light goes out, I don’t have the confidence of returning back to the entrance.

When I became a little uneasy, a spiderling told me that it had been leaving its web since the entrance.

As expected.

Ah, the kuros can go back too using their sense of smell.

Good good.

It looks like my anxiety is unfounded. We arrived in front of a luxurious big door. By the way, the magic light did not go out throughout our travel.

Is there anyone here?

I hope so.

I also hope no one’s there.

Please, spare me from finding your corpses.

After Loo knocked three times, we waited for a reply….

The door opens a little and the kuros and the spiderlings immediately invade.


After waiting for a moment, a kuro returned with a troubled expression.

What happened there?


Inside the room….to be honest, it’s so complicated to describe. It looks more of a warehouse.

Although it’s a fairly large room, it is narrow since books are all over the place.

Since the first thing you’ll see upon entering are bookshelves, is the owner of this room a book collector?

But if that is the case, this place should have been managed more.

Is he the type of person who’ll throw a book away after reading it once?

When I went to the room according to the guidance of the kuro who returned….we were brought to a study place with a woman writing something on a desk.

A beautiful woman in her thirties…..

What I found weird is that she is roughly dressed. She’s wearing a simple sleepwear and her long hair is wrapped roughly with a towel.

Completely unexpected.

She is probably obsessed with writing or completely ignoring the barking kuros surrounding her.

Ancestor-san, do you know her?

「No, not at all.」

No, is it?

I’d like to speak with her for the time being….

What should we do?

Even if Loo spoke, she didn’t bother to react.

I thought of shaking her shoulder but I wasn’t able to touch her. She has some sort of barrier around her.

We also tried making our voice louder using ancestor-san’s magic but nothing happened.

Maa, it’s obviously useless since the kuros has been barking at her earlier.

This is troublesome.

When I was thinking, another door at the side of the room opened.


When I was wary of who it was….a petite woman came in.

In a maid uniform.

She didn’t notice us. She’s muttering something while walking into the room….when she finally noticed us, she froze.


The maid hurriedly went to the woman in the study who was writing something and threw the contents of the cup she brought on the head of the woman.

「Hot hoooooottttt hooooooooooottttttttt!」

It seems like there was hot tea in the cup and the woman fell from the chair.

The tea stains the towel wrapped around the head of the woman so she found it hard to take the heat off her.

She finally untied the towel, got up, and grabbed the maid’s collar.

「How many times have I told you to stop doing that? If you do it again, I’ll kill you!」

「I’m sorry. However, look….we have guests….」


The woman finally noticed us.

And the clothes she’s wearing too.

The woman left the room with a friendly laugh.

The maid asked us to wait a little longer and chased the woman who went out of the room.


「To think that there would be people who’ll overcome the trials and reach this place! You have my praise!」

Now, the beautiful woman is wearing a black dress and is completely acting different compared to earlier.

The beauty in her thirties even became a beauty in her early twenties.

I guess it is true that women turn into monsters at home.

Ah, it looks like she overlooked her hair. She has not completely transformed.

The maid was doing her best to brush her hair from behind.


I wanted to know what she wanted to say but it looked like it was my turn to speak.

Then, I won’t hesitate.

「We came from Big Tree Village. I am the village chief, Hiraku. The people around are….residents of the village.」

Strictly speaking, ancestor-san is not but we shouldn’t worry about details.

「We heard that there is an unexplored dungeon so we decided to challenge it. Because of that, we have no idea who you are. Can you tell us why this dungeon exist or can you tell us about you?」

「Hmm, I see. The gate was last used, ehto…..around three thousand years ago?」

The woman confirms the information to the maid behind her but the maid shook her head.

「I only started serving you for the last two thousand years.」

This talk’s scale is out of scale.

「Right. I’ll just introduce myself. My name is Versa. One of the thirty-seven commanders of the Legatus Legionis of evil god Raigiel-sama. The devil Versa Mira Transilver. The wife of Rumani over there.」

TN: Her name is ヴェルサ( Vuerusa). Since she’s a devil, her name should have come from Versace so Versa.

Rumani over here?


The line of sight of the woman called versa is directed at….ancestor-san?

Speaking of which, the characters at the pedestal of a gargoyle at the entrance.

It says Rumani Bran Transilver!

One of the many names of ancestor-san!


She’s your wife?

We were all surprised and stared at ancestor-san but he only shook his head.

「I don’t remember.」


Versa’s high-speed dropkick hit ancestor-san’s face directly.

The maid’s guard was excellent since she managed to ensure that the hem of her dress won’t be rolled up too much.

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