Chapter 623 – Black History

I am surprised that ancestor-san has a wife.

Though I’m surprised….

「I don’t remember.」

Even though he already received a powerful dropkick, he did not remember anything at all.

I’m unsure of the state of their relationship so I did not say anything….

However, how can you forget about your wife?

Only someone terrible can do that.

Within me, ancestor-san’s stock fell.

But wait.

Will ancestor-san dare to forget about his wife?

What if this is all Versa’s delusion?

「Fuh. I also don’t think that you’ll remember with only that. However, thinking of me as a liar is already out of the line. Herme, give paper and pen to everyone but Rumani.」

Herme seems to be the name of the maid.

TN: From Hermes, I think.

The maid gave us paper and pen.

Good quality paper.

Feather pen.

She also handed each of us ink pots.

Do we need to write something?

Ah, maid-san.

I don’t think you need to give the kuros and the spiderlings….


You can write?

Maa, you can even fish.

Okay, do your best.

When the maid reported to Versa that papers and pens are already distributed, she started talking.

「At this moment, I’ll permit you to record what I’m about to say.」

So, Versa wants us to write whatever she’s going to say?

「Ah, it’s not really compulsory. Only those who are interested should do it. I won’t force the inferno wolves. As for the demon spiders….they seem to be able to write using webs. Fufufu, Aren’t they adorable?」

I agree that the spiderlings are adorable and they are better people than anyone would think.

After she coughs it off, Versa decides to pose with one hand covering half of her face.

「Ugh….The “King of Destruction” who dwells in my right eye wants to rampage. This is unusual but the time is not right. Should I make changes in the black contract?」


「Kuh, this time, the “goddess of nihility” dwelling on my left arm is reacting. You spoiled girl. However, I can’t let you out. Stay asleep.」


「With this, I’ll travel to the place of death. I know. I wonder what awaits me….Fuh, as expected of my only wing.」

What is happening?

When I looked around….I saw the suffering ancestor-san.


Looking at what’s happening, are those collections of ancestor-san’s lines?

I see.

Ancestor-san, so there was a time where you were like that huh.

And it looks like you are already starting to regain your memory.

Given ancestor-san’s reaction, the possibility is high….ancestor-san is already convulsing on the floor but Versa has no plan to stop.

It seems like she’ll continue until he recovers his memories of her.

She has no mercy.

By the way, Loo.

Why are you lying on the floor convulsing too?

It looks like she was hit by a stray bullet…..

She has that surprising side.

By the way, everyone else other than me, Loo, and Reginleif are recording Versa’s lines silently.

I guess they won’t waste the chance getting ancestor-san’s weakness.

But don’t abuse it.

As for why Reginleif is not recording, it’s because she is holding her belly while laughing out loud.

She looks so happy.

I found a surprising side of her.

Ah, she’s hyperventilating.

Excuse me, maid-san.

Help us out.


「That fiery red hair. Bewitching. Will you let me monopolize that beauty? What I need is not the blessings of the world. What I want is to be blessed by the sky with you. This is what Rumani said when he asked me to marry him.」

Versa stops and smiles fully.

It seems to be over.

Ancestor-san and Loo are lying down on the floor, not moving a bit.

It seems like they have taken some great damage.

Reginleif’s life was in danger so I had her out of the room.

I think she laughed enough for the rest of her life.

「Oh…..I remember Versa……」

Ah, ancestor-san is alive again.

It seems like his memory returned as Versa had expected.

「You humiliated me.」

「Let’s start the second part, shall we?」

「…..I forgot about you, I’m sorry.」

「Ohohohohoho. That is your punishment for forgetting your wife.」

Given that conversation, Versa seems to be the wife of ancestor-san.

Within me, ancestor-san’s stock fell sharply.

How could he erase the memory of his own wife?

It looks like he noticed my gaze. Ancestor-san said to everyone.

「Let me explain why I decided to forget about her.」

Let’s listen.

「However, there are a lot of obstacles given our situation and it will be difficult to explain it to everyone. Therefore, let me explain it to village chief first. Once he understood what I wanted to say, I’ll let him convince the others.」

You only want to explain to me?

Maa, it doesn’t matter……

When I tried to approach ancestor-san so that I could hear him clearly, he stopped with a hand signal.

「Don’t approach me more than this. There’s a reason for this, village chief….yes, how about trying to pull out a book from that bookshelf. Any book is okay. I want you to open it and read a few lines inside and make sure no one else can see it. Be careful. You must never tell it to anyone.」

Since ancestor-san’s voice is full of seriousness, I also followed his instructions seriously.

All I need to do is to get one ordinary book, right?

And read a few lines.

Let’s see which one looks the best.

This one looks good so I open it properly and read.



I put the book down, pick up another book, and read it.


I think he already guessed it from my expression. Ancestor-san spoke to Versa.

「What’s the book that village chief is reading?」

「Of course, my masterpiece.」

I understand now.

「Village chief, do you get it now? No, it doesn’t matter even if you only vaguely get it. I’m sorry but can you tell the women to get out of the room? Everything that will come from my mouth now are poisons that might affect them.」

Since ancestor-san said so, I had them evacuate the room temporarily.

Ah, don’t forget the fallen Loo.

Gulf….ancestor-san said that it would be better if he doesn’t know so he went out too.

I feel like I don’t want to hear it either………

In this room, only I, ancestor-san, the kuros, the spiderlings, Versa, and the maid had remained.

After ancestor-san confirmed that the door was completely closed, he shouted.

「Village chief! This room, no, all the books in this mansion were written by Versa! Their contents are all similar to what you have read earlier!」

「Similar is not the right word. There should be a more detailed classification.」

「Shut up! They are all man-to-man entanglement books!」



That’s amazing.


「I know! I know that there are such books and I don’t hold them in contempt! I acknowledge that she enjoys writing them! They are good literature! Moreover, I won’t stop her from writing one! I also acknowledge her talent in writing and even her passion that I can only bow my head to!」

Are you saying that these books are not the reason you decided to forget about your wife?

「I even forgive her for making me appear in those books. I don’t understand the joy of those kinds of books or which one is good so I just let her write as much as she wants.」

Ah, you write your husband as a character in books like this?

I would hate it.

Ancestor-san is already tolerant that she allowed you to do that.

「However! Yes, HOWEVER! I can’t bear that she actually prepared a man and told me to get entangled with him! Do you understand, village chief? She kidnapped a handsome prince before and brought him to me and asked me to be a hetare and let him attack me, YES, SHE ACTUALLY ASKED ME TO DO THAT! Is it a sin to forget that?」

「I think it is the responsibility of the husband to correct the hobby of his wife.」

「There’s a limit! After that, I refused and sent the prince back to his kingdom and when I came back, there were seven more books with the theme “escape for love” between me and the prince and after that, she kidnapped another prince to get entangled with me and said it should be okay since it’s a different type! Can you blame me for trying to forget those?」


I’m not saying I perfectly understand you but….the verdict!

Ancestor-san, not guilty!

Ancestor-san’s stock, recovered.


Ancestor-san did not make his wife cry.

「Village chief, don’t let this sadness propagate. All of the books in this place should be banned. Please tell all the villagers to not read or take them out. Forbid them from getting any interest on them.」

I promise.

And I thought of something again.

I was right to not bring the children here.


AN: I think the biggest victim this time is Loo.

TN: Versa is the scariest devil I’ve read.

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