Chapter 625 – Return

With the kuros and spiderlings, I went to the room where Loo and the others were waiting.

Yeah, this room is full of books too.

I managed to find the way and saw everyone was relaxing.

Loo seems to have been revived. Good.

Reginleif is….still like that?

It seems like she was too stimulated by laughing too much so let’s just leave her be.

There are two unfamiliar maids in the room. They are probably Corey and Harkin.

It is because they are still apprentices that their maid uniforms are a little simpler.

Ah, I already got tea from the room before so you don’t have to.

Thanks anyway.


It has been quite a while since we passed through the teleportation gate and it’s already night. I think we should return soon.

Since ancestor-san is not with us, it is impossible to return using teleportation magic.

As for why ancestor-san is not with us…

I just left there because I didn’t want to disturb the conversation of a couple that haven’t seen each other for a long time.

The problem is….I hope that the seakins are still waiting for us at the beach. If they are not, we have to enter the dungeon again and get washed away by the river.

We can’t return using the dungeon since it is only one way after all.

I don’t want to get wet but it can’t be helped.

I wanted to tell everyone to start moving but I have to do something first.

I gathered the papers where the weaknesses of ancestor-san are written.


I know that you worked hard in writing, especially the kuros and the spiderlings.

You’re amazing by the way.

Ah, I won’t burn them.

I’ll just keep them somewhere.

These are not just ancestor-san’s weaknesses, Loo too.

By the way, will these work to Flora?

It won’t?

Was she never like that or is she still like that?

Never huh. I want them to be relieved since I don’t think it is right to abuse someone’s weakness.

Next, all the books in this mansion are prohibited to be taken out.

If you took and hid one, leave them behind.

It looks like no one tried. That’s great.

And one last thing.

If you read the contents of these books, don’t disclose them to anyone.

Just make excuses like you haven’t read or you’ve never seen them.


I’m not limiting your hobbies, all I’m asking is not to cause trouble to others.

Ah, Gulf.

Don’t you dare get close to me in front of the maids.

I don’t want to be a material.

Ancestor-san is enough.


There are books that don’t have man-to-man entanglement?


… to say more info?

Not man to man.

Not woman to woman either.

A fairy tale about inorganic matter with personalities?

I have a bad feeling about it so no.


I’m already preparing to get wet but many seakins were waiting for us on the beach.

「I wish to express joy in your safe return.」

It resembles a lizardman but….this guy that bowed to me must be a sea lizardman.

「I was asked by our elder to wait for you.」

I appreciate that but what would you do if we didn’t come back.

It looks like there’s already a shifting schedule until we come back.

I see.

Ehto, thanks.

The old merman….I mean, where’s your elder?

Eating at the sea cottage?

He likes grilled corn?

But he’s already at that age, are his teeth okay?

The skin of the corn can easily get sandwiched between the teeth.

「The ship’s over there.」

The sea lizardman pointed at a big ship.

It looks like it was borrowed from Shashaato City.

「It will only be a short boat trip but, thank you.」

Alright, let’s go.


「Ehto, is there a problem?」

Not really. I only want to ask you what do you think of the spiderlings?

「Eh? Ehto, I-I guess, they’re pretty cute…..」


Since they have not fainted, I guess the racial characteristic of the spiderlings that they talked about is affected by their state of mind.

Versa and her maids were not scared of them either.

Yeah, that must be it.


You fainted on the beach when you saw the spiderlings guarding Ursa’s group?




We arrived at the first beach where Ursa and the others were waiting.

Ursa and the others are still awake.

Were you thinking about capturing the dungeon?

I know you’re enthusiastic but you have to sleep well at night.

Daga, thanks for guarding the children.

Of course, I thanked the kuros and spiderlings too.


The beastboys and the adventurers are combing the forest.

However, Village Five is closer than this beach so it seems like they will rest for the night there.

I don’t mind if they do.


Next morning.

Ancestor-san still hasn’t returned to I guess it is time for the children to capture the dungeon.

Since we know that the seakins are managing the place, there’s no need to hold them back.

If we do so, the children might get angry.

However, I won’t let you go through the teleportation gate at the goal beach.



I should get ready at the goal beach since I’m the one who’ll give the final trial?

Are we going to have a barbeque there again?

If it’s the same, everyone will be disappointed.

I asked the seakins to support me in persuading the children but it was useless.

Yesterday, there was not enough time so they were not able to prepare that much but now, they have prepared a lot of seafood.

There are even big prawns and abalone.


The last trial, I’ll be in charge.


We stayed there for three days but ancestor-san never returned.

A maid came instead.

「Their discussion is likely to continue so he asked you to return to the village without him.」

Got it.

The adventurers that have continued to stay in Village Five must also be pulled out at once.

Let’s start walking to Village Five then….ah, you already prepared carriages.



We arrived at Village Five.

The beastboys are still with the adventurers.

Until ancestor-san returned, I decided that the adventurers should continue to stay in Village Five. Are they still fine with the same reward?

In order for them to not use their own money for accommodation, I invited them to stay at Youko’s mansion but they refused.

You don’t have to hold back.

The beastboys will return to the village with us but plan to go to Village Five regularly to contact the adventurers.

I’ll assign you as the liaison officers.

I stopped by the branch of Goroun Company and talked to them about the delivery to the seaside cottage.


Thus, our dungeon capture adventure has ended.

If ancestor-san won’t return, we will be in a situation where we can’t tell if we succeeded or failed. It’s a pity that we received minimal results.

The coastal dungeon was fun though.

Those who weren’t able to clear it until we left said that they wanted to challenge it again.

Let’s go back next summer.

I think it’s good to have a barbeque there during summer.

Ah, but if it is summer, Ursa and the others will be at school.

I hope that the short-range teleportation gates path will soon operate.


It was the end of winter when ancestor-san returned.


Why is Versa with you?

Aren’t you a hikikomori?

Does Versa want to see the outside world for some reason?

You don’t care about that…..

Once you’re done speaking with me, are you going to move together?

I think it would be better to not stimulate her too much….

That’s not it?

Versa is going to stay in this village?


N-no, I’m not against it.

I welcome you.

I welcome you but I strongly suggest you to control your hobby.

Yeah, strongly suggest.

Also, you are too close.

Don’t let your guard down around her.

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