Chapter 626 – Events Happened in the Village While Waiting for Ancestor-san’s Return

Miel, Rael, Uel, and Gael, the four aneneko’s are sticking to the tiger Sougetsu.

But not always.

The anenekos also leave Sougetsu during meals and toilet time.

About 1 meter.


Everyone can obviously see that the anenekos are very fond of Sougetsu.

There are people who are okay with it but there are also those who are dissatisfied.

Like the demon king.

Can you not complain to me while holding a cup of alcohol?

You still have four kittens, Ariel, Haniel, Zeruel, and Samael.

Look, the four of them are fawning at you.

I’m envious.

Why aren’t they going to me….what’s so good about the demon king?

Do you know?

There was a time when those cats were competing for the top of my head as their favorite place.


In addition to the demon king, Raigiel is also dissatisfied with the anenekos.

Aren’t you their father?

It might be because of how her daughters behave.

When he complained to the anenekos riding the back of Sougetsu, they responded with magic attacks.

Now, the sulking Raigiel is lying on my lap.

Okay okay.

So that’s how you treat your father.

I’ll go to them now….

Let’s not.

They’ll be sad.


In addition to the demon king and Raigiel, there’s probably one more.

Perhaps it is Sougetsu himself.

When the anenekos are a little away, it looks at me.

From its eyes, I can see it calling for help.

Is it my imagination?

I want to make sure but when I try to get close to Sougetsu, the anenekos will immediately return and guard it against me.

How troublesome.

However, if it is really asking for help, I have to help.

But, why is it asking for help in the first place?

When I was troubled, someone whispered to me.

It’s Ria.

「At first glance, all you can see is the smile-inducing scene of four cats riding a tiger, but if you anthropomorphize them and consider their mental health….won’t they become four adult women slaving a 10-year-old boy?」


I pulled the aneneko’s away from him and passed them to the demon king.

Then, I fled to the forest with Sougetsu.

The seriously angry anenekos were scary.

Although he drunk, I never thought that the demon king would be defeated in a matter of minutes.

Maa, it looks like the demon king did not resist.

It was only a few minutes of escape but I think that friendship blossomed between me and Sougetsu.


With Ann’s suggestion, the anenekos are now banned from entering Sougetsu’s room.

「Because he needs a place to rest.」


I know that too well.

And the anenekos listened to what Ann said.

The person who feeds you can’t be offended.

That’s my advice to the anenekos.

You should also stop waiting in front of the door and putting pressure on Sougetsu.

That’s counterproductive.

Also, when you defeated the demon king, you defeated Raigiel too, right?

Your mother, Jewel, is pretty angry….you’re already running away?

Maa, it looks like they are looking for places to hide.


You only remember me at times like this.


The fairy queen is relaxing in the guest receiving room.

She’s tired because she played with the children.

「The children don’t run out of energy.」

Yeah, that’s right.

The children, who were playing until the fairy queen is down, are now taking a nap in their respective rooms.

Given the situation, I thought the fairy queen would fall asleep but she got up with enthusiasm.


 Yes yes.

I’ll prepare some for you.

What do you want?


You really love it.

「Put plenty of ice cream and fruits, three layers, and put strawberry sauce on top.」

Don’t you want to try the new kiwi sauce?

「That’s for the second serving. The first one should be classic.」

Got it.

The fairy queen is not a human.

She’s a fairy.

Thus, I don’t need to consider any nutritional balance or excessive sugar intake.

However, it will be bad if the children imitate the fairy queen.

Maa, recently, thanks to the guidance of Ann and the others, the fairy queen has also become conscious in front of the children which is very helpful.

Since I’m thankful of her, I’ll make your favourite kind of pancake.

When the fairy queen was eating her first serving, Dors came.

「Pancake huh. That’s not bad.」

Yes yes, I’ll also prepare Dors’ share.

Are you alone?

Aren’t you playing mahjong with Girar and E3?

「I’m on break.」

It seems like the ones playing now are Girar, E3, Ruincia, and Mark.

As for why….it looks like I better not ask.

I don’t mind you playing but you’re not betting mountains or gold mines like you used to, right?

If it affects the children, I will ban mahjong.

E3 is also a child but she’s calm when she’s playing mahjong.

That’s impressive given that she came to a strange place.

I will not stop her.

By the way, what are they betting now?


Ah, it is similar to giving each other candies then.

However, they are not betting one piece or two pieces per match but bottles…..

What about those things behind E3?

Is she a genius?

That might be the case but….given that she got that much candy, it will be troublesome to bring them out.

She already has a lifetime’s supply amount?

I’ll exchange them for something else when she’s about to leave.

Yeah, here’s Dors’ pancake and the fairy queen’s second serving.

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