Chapter 627 – Events Happened in the Village While Waiting for Ancestor-san’s Return Continuation

The jewel cat Jewel is on my lap, very unusual.

And she’s taking a pose where I can pat her.

Perhaps this is compensation for the actions of the anenekos.

You don’t have to worry about it.

After I said that, I patted her since she’s here for that after all.

I only pat her back.

And of course, I pat her along her fur.

I won’t stroke her on the opposite side.

Ah, you want me to use a little more force.

Like this?

Okay okay?

 And it looks like it has exceeded the limit of her patience, she left silently. It looks like she was pressured by Kuro and Yuki who were watching nearby….

As expected.

As soon as Jewel went away, Kuro and Yuki put their chins on my lap.

And when I pat them, I scolded them to not think unnecessary things.


It was lunchtime so I went to the kitchen. There, I saw Suiren and Kwon cooking with the oni maids.

This should be a rare occurrence but I’ve already got used to it.

They have stayed here for quite some time after all.

They are already familiar with everyone and you can even say that they are already living in this mansion.

Maa, I don’t really mind since there are surplus rooms.

However, what should I do about the petitions to have Suiren and Kwon return?

Even Girar has gone home a few times.

I wonder if they can really be completely ignored…..

The two of them are working properly in the village and the petitions are not addressed to me.

Thus, I won’t say anything.

I’ll think about it when I receive petitions addressed to me like what happened with Girar.

After checking the cooking progress in the kitchen, I went out to call Mark, Helze, and Domaim.


Helze is wandering in front of Hakuren’s room.

This is also a familiar scene.

It’s not forbidden to enter her room but it seems like she doesn’t want to bother Hakuren who’s close to giving birth.

I’m glad that you care for her but why do you have to hide every time Hakuren tries to get out of the room?

You look like a suspicious person.

And Mark.

You can watch Helze from the shadows but don’t cling on the ceiling beams.

The spiderlings are troubled.

You are father and daughter, why can’ you just stay beside her normally?

You are going to be beaten up?

I don’t think that will happen.

By the way, it’s already lunch.

Go to the dining room.


What’s wrong, Helze?

You want to bring Hakuren her lunch?

I’m happy with how you feel but don’t take away my job.


The next one is Domaim….perhaps he’s in the dungeon.

I changed to outside clothes. When I was about to get out, I met someone at the entrance of my mansion.

He just entered with Doraim.

They are carrying baskets so they might have helped in harvesting beansprouts.

That’s great.

Beansprout has recently been in high demand on the ramen street of Village Five.

Maa, as for the reason, I taught them about a ramen that uses beansprout….

The plan of cultivating beansprout in Village Five is already being seriously considered.

However, beansprouts are legumes that should be planted in dark places.

If I use the AFT, I can plant beansprout in any field.

 Well, it takes a lot of time and effort to prepare a dark place of a certain size for beansprouts after all.

But if they manage to, it will be easy to cultivate beansprouts.

Let’s think about it later.

I received the baskets from Doraim and Domain and told them to go to the dining room.


I’m going to take these beansprouts to the storage room in Village Five but I’ll bring Hakuren her lunch before I go.

Or so I said but Doraim and Domaim acted with me.


Dining room.

Dors, Raimeiren, Hiichirou.

Girar, Guronde, Guraru.

Mark, Suiren, Helze.

Doraim, Rasuti, Kwon, and Domaim.

They are divided into four groups.

And they are seated around a four-seat table or a kotatsu.

I’ll join Dors’ group in their kotatsu.

Lunch is a meal set of fried meat and vegetables, omelet, rice, miso soup, and pickles.

The meal started and ended without anyone obviously liking or disliking anything.

Yeah, Hiichirou should eat more.

You’ll be an oniichan soon.

Do you want to go to Hakuren with me after eating?

You have a duty of gathering tableware.

No, if you want, you can go with Dors or Raimeiren later….

When I was having such a post eating conversation, one of the devil midwives came.

It seems like Hakuren’s labor has started.


Two hours later.

Hakuren gave birth to a child easily.

It’s a boy.

And he’s shining.


When Hiichirou was born, he’s not giving off light like that.

Is this okay?

Both Dors and Raimeiren are calm.

Is this normal?

Is that so?

Got it.


And Hakuren gave birth to another child.

She has a twin this time.

Some of the midwives had already expected that she’s bearing a twin but they did not tell me because they’re unsure.

The second one is a girl, and she’s covered with darkness.

This is okay, right?

I mean it should be normal, isn’t it?

It seems so.


For now, let’s thank the midwives who helped her give birth.

When I picked up my son, I felt like I’m dazzled by the light and when I picked up my daughter, I couldn’t see her much because she’s shrouded with darkness. This is hard.

When Hakuren was giving birth earlier, Raimeiren was even called for help.

I was a little nervous at that time.

It seems like it was necessary to suppress my son’s light and my daughter’s darkness using Raimeiren’s magic.


Anyway, both mother and children are healthy.


However, there’s one problem.

I only thought that I’ll be having a son so I only thought of a boy’s name.

What should I name my daughter?

I want to ask Hakuren about it but she’s too tired and is now sleeping.

Can I think of it alone?

That would be reckless of me.

I have no naming sense.

Dors, don’t just suggest gleefully.

I can’t decide on the spot.

But I’ll keep your referrals in mind.

I’ll decide once Hakuren wakes up.

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