Chapter 628 – Twin’s Names

I was thinking of naming my son with Hakuren Hirojirou.

The first son is Hiichirou so the second son is Hinojirou.

It stinks of Japanese style.

TN: Ichirou – First son, Jirou – second son, the third would be Saburou.

However, Hakuren not only gave birth to a son but also to a daughter.

I never thought I’d have a twin.

I have to think about my daughter’s name.

Since his brother is Hinojirou, the sister should be Hinohimeko.

TN: Himeko is a popular name which means he didn’t even bother to think of something new. Hime means princess and Ko is a popular suffix for a girl’s name. He also really loves naming girls with “ko”. Think of Arako or Lamiko



Machio Hinohimeko.



In my previous world, isn’t Hinohimeko already a full name?

Hino Himeko….

Also, I have to apologize to all Hino Himeko of the previous world but, isn’t that a racer horse’s name?

Triple crown winner, Hino Himeko.

Annual representative, Hino Himeko.

Challenging the Big Name Race(foreign big race), Hino Himeko.


This won’t do.

I can only think of it as a racer horse’s name.

I was going to suggest it to Hakuren but let’s reconsider.

No, since they are twins, it would be better to reconsider Hinojirou.

IF that’s the case, I might not be able to stick to the character “Hi”.

If I can’t, then don’t.



Son, Hikaru.

Daughter, Himiko.

When Hakuren woke up, it was decided quickly.

Dors, Raimeiren, and Girar suggested names and are disappointed but I don’t care.

Hikaru and Himiko.

Yeah, good names.

By the way, it has already been half a day since they were born but they are still either shining or shrouded in darkness, is it okay?

When the attribute of their magical power is strong when they are born, this kind of thing happens.

Although this is rare, it seems like their health won’t be negatively affected.

Maa, the immediate problem is that my eyes hurt when I look directly at Hikaru.

To be honest, I can only see Hikaru’s face using dark sunglasses. As for Himiko, I can only see her for a moment when Raimeiren removes the darkness veiling her with magic.

……..both of them look like Hakuren.



When Hikaru and Himiko are lined up at a distance where their shoulders are touching, their light and darkness neutralize each other.



Hakuren’s delivery ended safely and the dragons had a big banquet.

The other residents of the village are also celebrating but don’t forget that Rasuti is about to give birth.

She’s about a month away from giving birth.


Yeah, you can continue the banquet before that.

Kwon, your father is here.

Aren’t you going to meet him?

Even if you don’t see him much, you shouldn’t disregard …..

You are Raimeiren’s younger brother, right? Should I call Raimeiren?

No, you don’t have to go to the corner of the room to hide…..

I understand.

You can stay there.

So, there are also modest dragons.


I let them have a banquet but I also took note of several things.

First of all, Rasuti.

Even if this is already her second pregnancy, it doesn’t mean she’s not anxious.

Our daughter, Rananon, is currently with her mother, Grafaloon, so I’m sure she’s relieved….

No, that’s what she’s anxious about?

Rasuti dotes on Rananon after all.

And there’s a banquet in front of her.

It looks merry but you are pregnant so don’t drink.

Do your best to hold back.

I’ll do my best to remove the source of your anxiousness.


The next thing that needs to be looked after is Helze.

Helze has been in this village even before Hakuren gave birth after feeling that Hikaru is her destined husband.

But she’s not even getting close to Hikaru….I heard that she’s so shy that she can’t even look at his face.

Mark looks depressed so I have to watch out if he thought of doing something unusual.

If you are embarrassed to talk about it to someone, you should at least try talking to your mother, Suiren.

Although younger, Guraru has already experienced what you are experiencing so you can try talking to her.

Look, she’s getting along well with Hiichirou.

Though I think it is still too early for you to call Hakuren mother-in-law.

I advocate freedom of love.

If Hikaru doesn’t like it, I’ll go against it.

No, I’m not joking.

However, let’s just celebrate Hikaru’s birth now.

And after that, try to work hard once Hikaru becomes aware of love.

I will allow you to continue to live in this village.


Finally, the other children.

Even though I’m treating my children equally, Hikaru and Himiko are newly born after all so I need to specially take care of them.

Other children are sensitive to things like this.

Maa, since they have many brothers and sisters, they shouldn’t mind if there are two more. However, I should be more careful of the impact on the children who are around the age of ten.


Alfred had a look that I’ve never seen before.

It looks like he’s finding it hard to express something.

It looks like he’s suffering.

I’ve never seen such an expression.

I became worried so I asked the nearby Ursa if she knew anything.

She said he was jealous of the light and darkness veil of Hikaru and Himiko.

When Flora heard that, she gave him a bracelet that manipulates light and darkness. Alfred was delighted.

However, that bracelet will run out of energy after a series of usage.

To replenish light and darkness, you have to put the bracelet under the sun and leave it in the dark. It will be a test of patience.

I see.


Everything seems to be alright.

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