Chapter 2.10 – Let’s Go to the Royal Palace!

After Eseria showed off her new toys and books at her elder sister and elder brother’s birthdays, she continues to earn by being an adviser to the Wallace Company and spends her everyday life leisurely. It is mainly because of the fact that her mental age is higher than her appearance. She receives lots of praise from her tutor for her liberal arts subject and even her parents tolerate her out of common-sense behaviors.

Eseria loves such tolerant parents but one day, her whole family suddenly became serious when they were having dinner. She can only tilt her head to what’s happening.

「Eseria, we are going to the royal palace next week to say hello to my aneesama. Do you have anything scheduled next week? Cornelia, she wants to see you too so you are coming with me, right?」

「Yes, mother.」

Cornelia nodded obediently but Eseria casually asked back.

「Mother, who’s your aneesama?」

As soon as she said that, the dining room became quiet immediately but after a moment, screams from Miredia and Cornelia rose.

「What! How can you forget who my aneesama is!? Are you serious?」

「She’s from the Duke family of Careid like mother, it’s her majesty the queen!」

「Ah, sorry! I see!」

After being pointed out, she pulled out the memory of that inside her head and replied. Looking at them, Digress and Najek can only sigh.

「It’s not like it’s her fault. Eseria has never seen her majesty the queen after all.」

「Right. Being blood-related doesn’t mean you already know that person when you are born. Until I met her, I’m like Eseria too.」

「Yes, I have never brought her to the royal palace before since she’s too small and might do something rude. Now, she’s already seven years old so I thought it’s time to bring her there…..」

Looking at Miredia, who had put her hand on her cheek because of being anxious, Eseria gave her assurance with confidence.

「It will be okay, mother!」

「Really? Then, let’s go as planned.」

「By the way, mother, do you have anything to do with her majesty the queen?」

Cornelia, who thought that there’s something going on, asked her mother why she would go to the royal palace in the first place. Miredia replied with a troubled expression.

「Not really….it seems like a lot of things have made my aneesama depressed recently. “I want distraction” is what she said before saying she wants me to visit her along with my children.」


Cornelia saw her little sister somewhat confused so she spoke in her mother’s stead.

「Eseria, I’ll tell you the details after eating.」

「Yes, aneesama. I’ll listen to you later.」

Given the expression of her elder sister, Eseria immediately knew that it must be something that can’t be talked about over dinner so she obediently quieted down.

After that, the children gathered in Cornelia’s room where they continued the discussion.

「So, aneesama, what are you going to say about the queen?」

In response to that question, Cornelia hesitated a moment and began speaking cautiously.

「Eehto….do you know that the queen has never given birth since she got married?」

「Somehow, I don’t recall hearing about it…」

Cornelia continued asking questions to Eseria who answered with confidence.

「Then, in addition to the queen, do you know about the king’s three concubines?」

To that question, Eseria strangely replied in a flat tone.

「If you’re asking if I heard how “The king is a scum bastard” I think I heard about it.」

「Eseria, even if it’s true, he’s still the king. Be careful with what you are saying.」

Najek seriously held his head to her little sister’s unreserved remark. However, this unrelenting conversation continued.

「The king’s concubines had already given birth to two princes and three princesses, do you know that?」

「That is…..even if I heard something about it before, so what?」

Eseria responded with an indescribable expression and Cornelia answered indifferently.

「So, recently, the king said he’s going to add a fourth concubine and there’s a rumor that the concubine is already pregnant.」

「This country’s king… a completely bastard father. Will this country be alright in the future?」

「Aneue….I have never heard of that rumor. Where did you get it….」

She looks at her little sister, who’s already worrying about the county’s future, while her younger brother was surprised, Cornelia continued with a serious expression.

「First of all, do you understand the queen’s hardship as she manages the court ladies and the royal palace while doing her official duties?」

Then, Eseria answered with a loud voice.

「Yes! It even brings tears to my eyes! The queen is majestic!」

「….is that enough for one to cry?」

As her little sister screamed with tears, Najek murmured with a skeptical expression. However, he was rebutted by her older sister and little sister.

「A man should learn when to shut up.」

「Right, Najek. This is a delicate story about the subtleties of women.」

「….I’m sorry.」

The two young ladies left Najek, who apologized, out and talked seriously.

「So the queen has no child and she sometimes calls out to her younger brother and sister and invites them to the royal palace with their children. She doesn’t have any child so she pouring all her love to her nephews and nieces.」

「Is that so….then, aneesama, I would like to use this opportunity to please the always busy and lonely queen!」

「Good. Especially this time, it will be your first time to see her. What are you going to do?」

Cornelia made a difficult expression but Eseria replied to her with a bright face.

「Aneesama, I have a good idea! Just yesterday, Milan brought me a prototype!」

「Ph, what is it? I’m already thinking of bringing one of your games but they are already all out in the market. This prototype is different since only you have it. It might be a good idea.」

Seeing Cornelia agreeing, Eseria looked back at her maid, who was standing by the wall, and immediately gave her instructions.

「Well then, Misty. Hurry up and go to the room and bring the box on the desk. I’ll show it to aneesama.」

「As you wish, please wait a minute.」

Cornelia, who saw Misty bowed and went out of her room, called out to her little sister.

「Eseria, what did you do this time?」

Eseria sticks out her chest.

「Ufufu, it’s something fun! Even if the queen is an adult, she’ll definitely get excited!」

「Really? It’s that amazing?」

「This is….I’m strangely uneasy. Is it really okay to let Eseria meet the queen?」

Cornelia was impressed but Najek murmured with an uneasy expression. And unfortunately, his anxiety was correct.

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