Chapter 4 SS – Employee’s Work

Risa Floren is a slave who voluntarily sold herself.

Her parents are doing some business but due to various circumstances, she has to shoulder their debt.

In order to repay the debt, she chose to become a slave herself.

If it is not for the sake of his little brother, who will be the head of the family, she won’t leave.

She was sold at the highest price possible which is the best for her family.

However, even though she decided to be a slave, she can’t think about her future, a future that will be dark.

She’s especially can’t help but be uneasy on who’ll be her master.

She’s not a criminal slave so her safety is guaranteed but that’s only on the surface.

There’s no master who doesn’t hide something.

For that reason, until she knows who’ll be her master, she’s spending her time in constant tension and anxiety. Then, Risa’s buyer finally shows up.


A man called Wahid looked at Risa gently.

Of course, Risa, who’s already 15 years old, knows that a good appearance doesn’t necessarily reflect good character.  

Since slaves can’t choose their master themselves, she has no choice but to bet on her luck.

Wahid brought 14 more slaves in addition to Risa.

It is not like there’s no one who buys multiple slaves but that many is rare.

The slave-dealer is overjoyed and reminds them to not cause trouble.

Those fifteen slaves were not only women like Risa, there are also men.

Many of them are young but there is also a man who looks almost 30.

From what she heard, it seems like that man was a former adventurer and was bought to work as a guard.

When they left the store and went out of Ryuusen City, they were told that they’ll be going to the place where they’ll work. She became uneasy about where she would be taken.

When they entered a building outside the city, they received a brief explanation. When they were told that the place they’ll work at will be a tower connected to a teleportation gate of that building, everyone was surprised.

Of the fifteen, six were assigned to combat-related work and the remaining nine were assigned to office work like receptionist.

Risa, who has no combat ability, was naturally assigned to office work.

At first, she works in a temple in the tower.

Of the nine clerks, the oldest one was Claire-san. She’s the one arranging their works.

After that, they were divided into four pairs and a pair will constantly work with each other.

Risa’s first partner was a girl named Sarasa. She’s younger than Risa.

The pair will always have to act together so even share the room they’ll sleep in.



When the day’s work was over, Sarasa exhaled heavily on her bed.


「Yeah. Maa….I mean a little.」

The two of them work at the teleportation gate in the tower for the last few days.

There is also a pair who’s working on Ryuusen’s side so they have to work on the gate while communicating with the other side.

Some people know that they are slaves so they are giving them some attitude.

However, Wahid’s treatment of the slaves is consistent.

No matter whether it is a slave or a staff, if you want to use the gate, never act violently against the staff.

It seems like they will surely make money in the tower so no one dares to be violent.

That said, it is also true that there are people who dare to almost cross the line but they can tolerate it.

Risa was educated by her parents on how to deal with such customers so she’s okay.

However, Sarasa has no experience at all so Risa can only shield her from time to time.

「Right. You can rest all you want. Tomorrow is a rest day.」

「Yeah, that’s right….hey, Risa.」


「…..can I really rest?」

Risa was not able to answer Sarasa’s question for a moment. Even she is not sure.

Sarasa and Risa’s day off is indeed tomorrow.

There’s no problem and she even confirmed it many times.

However, they can’t believe that they, who are slaves, can get two days off a week(1 week there is 7 days too).

Tomorrow is the 1st one.

「It’s okay. I’ve checked it with Ek-san. Tomorrow is our day off.」

「Yeah!….but, Lili and the others will have it hard….」

Lili was from another group that’s in charge of the tower’s teleportation gate.

The fact that Risa and Sarasa will have a day off means Lili’s group must work harder.

By the way, if two pairs are in charge of the same task, one of those pairs will do some chores.

「That’s right but we also did our best with just the two of us the other day. Riri’s group will be fine.」

「…..right. Okay, I’ll take a day off.」

「Yeah, good night.」


The next day.

Sarasa and Risa had plenty of time to spare.

They can spend it in the village because no monster will attack them there so they can go wherever they want but there are only adventurers there.

There’s no guarantee that two women will be safe walking alone.

However, that’s just Sarasa and Risa’s prejudice.

Because of that, they did not go out and wander around the private area of the employees of the temple. Broom talked to them there.

Broom is a slave like them, someone in charge of combat.

He usually plays the role of a watch in case a commotion occurs at the teleportation gate.

「Oya? What’s this? Risa’s group is taking a break?」

「Yeah. How about Broom-san?」

「Oh, so that’s how it is…..then, if you’re free, why don’t I take you to look around the village?」

Risa was puzzled by the sudden offer.


「Ah, wait wait. I don’t mean anything. Actually, I was asked by Ek.」

「Ek-san? About what?」

「If the two of you are free today, I should guide you to the village. Maa, I’m free anyway so I’m here.」

Risa was convinced by Broom’s explanation. At the same time, she’s grateful to Ek.

Ek was probably expecting the two of them to spend their day off in the private area.

Looking around the village is much better than staying in the temple.

Risa and Sarasa gratefully receive Broom’s offer.

「In that case, can I ask you to guide us?」


The three of them look around the village. Since the village is still under construction, except from the buildings that were already there from the start, there’s almost nothing to look around.

They also entered Schmidt’s store but it is mostly dealing with adventurer-related goods so there’s only a little for Sarasa and Risa to see.

—Scene Change—

Since Risa’s group has taken work in the tower, the number of people involved in running the tower has increased.

At the same time, they were also informed that the number of teleportation gates will increase at a later date.

More employees will be added and they must be accustomed to work before the number of gates increase.

Another important thing to note is that Crown will be officially established at that time.

As for the employees of the tower, they all belong to Crown and will continue to work as members of Crown.

A card for each member will be created and each employee will be given with a Crown card.

In the future, when Crown is finally established, business will also increase and so will Risa and the other’s work.


By the way….Risa would later be freed from being a slave and take an important position in Crown but that will be a story for another time.

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