Chapter 5.1 – Expansion

It has been about a month since Kousuke’s party visited the three cities of Nansen, Kennelsen, and Mixen.

During those times, like Ryuusen, a facility for the teleportation gates was created outside those three cities and the teleportation gates were installed in those buildings.

This time, like what they did in Ryuusen, they did advertise to the adventurers in the city in advance.

The adventurers who passed through the gates were only there because they heard it from other adventurers.

Adventurers who have experienced going through the gate will surely spread it on their own.

Crown was formed a week before the three new gates were opened.

At first, it was not well known as well as its benefits so there were only a few people who joined.

However, as soon as the function of the crown card was spread by the adventurers, other adventurers gradually joined them.

According to Kousuke, for adventurers, being able to know their own ability is closely related to their life or death. In addition, they can use it as proof that they have that skill though they can also use the function of status being invisible to anyone but them. Since there’s not even a concept of skill in this world, it should be pretty attractive.

 However, it is only attractive at first.

Status is something indisputably directly related to the life and death of adventurers. It indicates both strengths and weaknesses of someone.

However, Crown did not specifically or intentionally force anyone to show or hide their status.

Gradually, adventurers registering to crown increased. When about 30 people registered, an explosion of registration occurred.

It is directly connected to the teleportation gate of the three cities.

If you’re a crown member, you can freely use the teleportation gate.

The organization registered over a hundred members in no time.

This is already a fairly large organization even if considering that they are only the adventurer division.

The Adventurer Division is led by Doru.

It is divided into two groups: the actual adventurers and those who are doing office work.

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Of course, since the organization is named Crown, the members are not only adventurers.

There are also the merchant and craftsman divisions.

As for the merchant division, Schmidt is the lead and his members are merchants.

There were a lot of merchants who wanted to register like Schmidt expected.

There’s even a whole merchant guild who joined. It can both be said to be surprising or as expected of merchants.

It is not a big guild but they are likely to be part of the core of the merchant division in the future.

As for the craftsman division, one craftsman guild in Ryuusen has become a pioneer.

They were one of the guilds that originally undertook the construction of the buildings in Tower Village.

It is said that building buildings in the village will not stop soon so they thought it would be better to work in the craftsman division of Crown.


For that reason, Crown has become a large organization exceeding Kousuke’s expectations. Kousuke’s hand has never been so full.

Because of that….

「…. You’re saying that you’re leaving it to me desu no?」

Sitting on the long sofa on the management floor, Sylvia asked Kousuke.


「….looking at that smile of yours, I can feel malicious intent. Am I wrong?」

Seeing Sylvia’s stabbing gaze, Kousuke can’t help but laugh awkwardly.

「No, I’m just thinking that Sylvia may want to take a lead since you don’t want to be left by us, right? I’m not forcing you….you can think that I’m asking you a favor.」

She stared at Kousuke. Sylvia was indeed abandoned by everyone for a while so she can only sigh.

「Maa… can’t be helped.」

「Right. You already fell in love so it can’t be helped.」


Collete, who has been serving tea, barged into the two’s conversation that led to Sylvia’s involuntary scream.

By the way, these two friends have had that kind of conversation in front of Kousuke for a number of times already but Sylvia still seems to be not used to it.

Collete seems to have completed her training as the world tree’s shrine maiden and can go to the management floor more freely than before.

Perhaps thanks to that, the world tree seems to be growing smoothly and the one who earns the tower most of its divine power has been the 73rd floor where the world tree is located.

By the way, the <world tree sapling> has become a young world tree before he knew it.

「Maa, we’ll only open those four gates in a while so I think that it will settle down soon.」

「Agree desu wa.」

Both Kousuke and Sylvia don’t think that the current situation will last forever.

First of all, the staff were confused at first but now, they are already accustomed to what they need to do and are accustomed to their jobs.

Before Crown’s formation and before the operation of the gates, they increased the number of slave laborers.

Kousuke also told Wahid that once the initial registration rush was done, the current members should be enough.


There is little progress on the 76th floor where the Vamilinear Castle is.

In the first place, they don’t even know what should be done for it to generate divine power like the world tree.

In this regard, he can only scold Shrine.

It is said that the Vamilinear Jewel was originally owned by Shrine’s family but it was lost at one point. Kousuke thought that it might have been taken by the tower but he doesn’t know why that would happen in the first place.

Also, they have never heard of the relationship of the jewel to divine power.

Presently, everything generated on the 76th floor is related to the vampires and the igrids.

The vampires that Shrine summoned are now about 50.

The igrid’s population increased to around 200 thanks to the discussion between those in the tower and those in the underground world.

As for where they are living, since they are originally a race that lives underground, they simply dug underground and live there.

Even so, as expected, it is not enough so they are building dwellings on the ground too to accommodate the rapid increase in population.

Of course, some of them live in already made dwellings.

In the future, Kousuke was thinking of making their crafts the specialty of Crown’s craftsman division.


「Hey, can we register to Crown too?」

Shrine, who was watching the two’s conversation, barges in.

「We as in the vampires?」

「Yeah…no, the igrid too.」

In response to Shrine’s question, Kousuke thought for a while.

It is not known to the people of the 5th floor that there are floors where the vampires and igrid, and the elves are living.

In the first place, there’s no way for those groups to meet since there are no teleportation gates that will teleport them to those floors and Kousuke also did not inform them.

「No, I’m not sure….it is certainly a waste to not utilize the combat ability of the vampires.」

They will be excellent adventurers.

Especially as escorts.

「Is there a problem?」

「In this case, the problem is on the human’s side.」

「….mou. Right.」

When she realized what Kousuke was trying to say, Shrine shut up.

A vampire is said to be the keeper of blood contracts and tends to value contracts.

As for humans, just look at their history.

If he makes a teleportation gate that connects the 5th floor and 76th floor, he can’t predict what will happen.

However, if Kouhi and Mitsuki covered some places with a barrier, he might not need to worry about unnecessary things to happen that much.

Even so, he doesn’t want to take that risk.

However, when he’s thinking about the future, he always thought that it is a good idea to let the vampires register to crown as adventurers.

「Right….if I want the igrid’s craft to be traded, there should be a gate.」

「And you plan to make us guard the gate?」

Kousuke only murmured but Shrine followed up his thought.

「….that’s right. It might be a good idea to try it out first.」

「Got it. I’ll look for personnel for that.」

「Okay. So….what about the elves?」

Collete, who has been listening to Shrine and Kousuke’s conversation, was asked by Kousuke. She finds it hard to reply.

「No, you see, the elves in the 73rd floor are originally isolated.」

「You mean, they are not interested in anything other than the floor they are in?」

「That’s what I want to say. In the first place, their first target now is to be self sufficient.」

「I see. Well, let’s not talk about it for the time being.」

「Yeah. If someone wants to go out, I’ll talk to you again.」

「Understood. Well, for the elves, as long as you raise the world tree properly, I have no problem with what they want to do.」

「I know.」

In the first place, the elves have regarded themselves as the guardian of the world tree.

It is unlikely that they would do something that would harm the world tree.

That time, it was decided that the installation of the teleportation gate on the 73rd floor was postponed.

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