Chapter 49 – Commander of the 4th Knight Order

– Commander of the 4th Knight Order of Emperor’s Kingdom’s POV-

The royal order from the king orders me to lead my 4th Knight Order.

We’re going to survey the forest.

If there’s a problem found during the survey, we will resolve it as soon as possible.

That’s the order of the king this time.

The 4th knight order has a lot of contact with the forest from the start.

Our job usually revolves around capturing monsters, subjugation, and surveying the forest like this time.

The only difference now is it has become noisy since there’s an abnormality with the magic stone. For me, it’s just a normal survey like any others.

I don’t feel anything strange about this job unlike the noisy people around.

「To the center of the forest where the kings are? This might be a problem.」

Those are the words of my friend but for me, there’s no problem at all.

Those insignificant existence who are called kings of the forest are nothing before our king.

Those kings have already disappeared from the forest several decades ago.

What’s so frightening about their existence?


The information that the magic stone was cracked ran among the knights.

However, if one listens closely, you’ll hear that the crack of the magic stone is just a small one.

The size of the magic stone is so big that it can’t be compared to a normal one.

The magic stone is about 1 meter so a small crack is nothing.

It is also written in the reports that the magic stone already had cracks when it was first found.

What are you afraid of?

Even if the kings of the forest are alive and counterattacked, we just have to suppress them.

Those kings of the forest are nothing but a relic of the past.

In the beginning, there are many knights who felt uneasy after hearing that the magic stone cracked.

However, when they heard that it was only a very small crack, those who felt uneasy were mocked….

That’s natural because our country is the most powerful in the world.

「I hope so…」

I laughed at my friend who’s acting timidly. I secretly sneered at that coward.


We trekked the mountain path into the forest like usual.

However, we did not step forward immediately.

When I look back, I can see that the faces of my subordinates are stiff.

There’s no change in the forest if you are looking outside of it.

That’s natural but just looking at it will make you feel something.

You’ll feel fear, rising fear.

I ordered the slave unit to survey.

If it is the usual, we should have been preparing for a place to sleep already.

However, no one started to prepare.

There is something in everyone that refuses to prepare in this place.

The slave unit finally returned from the forest.

There’s no problem around the entrance of the forest.

I took a big breath and exhaled.

Though my heart is heavy, we have to continue surveying.

I stepped forward into the forest by dragging my heavy feet.

I remember the anxiety on my friend’s face.

That time, I should have listened to him…

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