Chapter 50 – Commander of the 4th Knight Order 2

– Commander of the 4th Knight Order of Emperor’s Kingdom’s POV-

The forest is as quiet as it used to be.

Monsters’ howls can be heard from time to time.

Yeah, the feeling and what can be heard are the same as before.

Things are what they used to be but the discomfort that’s hanging on my body is still there.

I had the slave troops scout ahead while we, the 4th knight order, were behind them.

We went into the forest little by little.

How long have we been traveling?

Discomfort continues and soon, turns to fear.

Fear piled up more and more with every step we took into the depths of the forest.

No matter how many times I try to calm down, I can’t do it.

The number of monsters that the scouts found so far is four.

The fourth one is still under the excessive attack of my subordinates.

They are in the state where attacking is the only way to relieve the tension.

The number of monsters is too small.

In the place we are, there should have been 10 monsters that attacked us.

All four of those monsters are monsters that our country made in the magic stone experiment.

They should have attacked monsters and not people….

What’s happening?

Does this mean that something is indeed in the center of the forest?

The 4th monster was subdued.

I exhaled.

Though they accumulated fatigue, my subordinates’ tension decreased.

This could be fatal.


It might be a bad idea to take a break in a place where you feel fear.

However, it is not possible for us to leave the forest every time we want to rest.

It can’t be helped so we took a break in this place.

I instructed the slave troops to patrol.

They have no expression at all since they were slaves since they were born.

Slaves don’t need hearts so they are probably not scared.

I envy them.

I look around to check the condition of my subordinates.

That time, light runs through the forest.

I did not know what happened at that moment.

It happened in an instant. No signs or anything.

There’s no way to prevent it.

Screams rise everywhere.

In an instant, the fear everyone was holding deep in them was stirred.

I didn’t do anything other than looking at myself and my subordinates.

No one was wounded, no one died.

However, that moment, my heart beats at an impossible speed as sweat drips and falls from my forehead.

I hold the weapon using my hand and look around but I can’t find anything.

While we’re in a state of panic, light spreads from the earth to the sky.

I heard screams everywhere and even the sound of running.

I tried to stop them in a hurry but no voice came out of my throat.

My legs gave out and I kneed on the ground on the spot. I can only breathe.

I have to calm down, calm down!

After a great effort, I managed to get back on my feet.

When I look around, I can only see fear and despair.

 I took a big breath and sent the withdraw order.

We have to get out of the forest.

We move away from the forest.

Though our progress is slow, everyone runs out of the forest as if escaping from something.

「Commander, the slave troops are gone」

I look around and indeed can’t see any slaves.

The slave crest is powered by the magic stone so no slaves can get away from our country.

Now, the slaves have escaped….

What’s going on?

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