Chapter 17 – The Demon King-sama of Curry-desu

AN: This doesn’t have anything to do with the story but, she’s the main character of my other work: Isekai Guild Meshi

TN: It’s a short cooking web novel.

We finally had rice.

That’s right, we harvested rice.

By the way, what I’m currently cultivating in my field are bean sprouts, carrots, wheat, rice, and no fruits.

As for the current work allotment, the hand riding rabbits are responsible for hunting while I’m handling the field work in the morning and playing with Sonja and Maria at night.

Maria has been an adventurer for a long time so she can do everything like cooking and washing.

—–as for Sonja, nothing.

She’s the hand riding rabbit queen so the hand riding rabbits are working for her or so they say.

Today, the hand riding rabbits hunted down a wild boar—

「Today will be katsu curry!」

That’s what I shouted in the hut.

There are tens of thousands of yen in the offering box.

With my current balance, I’ll be able to order curry roux.

「What’s katsu curry?」

「What is curry in the first place….?」

Ah, the only ones who have ever eaten curry here are the hand riding rabbits so these two don’t know what is katsu or even curry.

「It is the world’s most favorite dish.」

I’ve never heard of anyone who doesn’t like curry.

There might be people who don’t like it but who cares, I love it.

That moment, the door was knocked.

「Hou, this is an unusual group of people.」

—-a legal loli came in.

That’s right, a legal loli.

Blonde twin tail, crimson eyes, and purple mantle.

She looks like a 12 years old girl….a true legal loli.

Punk….no, she’s not.

She’s dressed like a junior high schooler or a high schooler who’s devoted to her character on her tank top and tattered denim.

She also has a skull with crossbones accessories.

She’s wearing a fancy mantle over them.

「Oh, it has been a while, Maria. I heard you encounter a disaster one after another in the Demon City.」

Maria got down on one of her knees and bowed to her.

「It has been a while— Cornelia-sama.」

I asked Maria in a whisper.

「Who on earth is this legal loli?」

「She’s one of the 12 demon kings. She looks like a cute little girl outside but in fact, she’s the evil dragon of darkness. She stays at the border of the human world…..she’s a strange person who decided to live in seclusion with her followers without getting involved in the political strife of the demon world.」

Demon king….?

Uuooohhhhh……..I’ve encountered a standard fantasy existence again.

「Then, why is demon king-sama here?」

As soon as Arisa whispered that, the legal loli demon king—Cornelia faced me.

「Oi, you’re the lord here, right? How did you manage to get along with that succubus and the hand-riding rabbit queen?」

「They came here and settled down without even asking my permission.」

Fumu…..Cornelia puts her hand on her chin and tilts her neck a little.

「I know Maria’s situation and even if I’m the one who’ll ask her, it will be difficult to chase out the hand-riding rabbit queen. Then, how good are you, lord of this place? How about holding your hoe for a moment?」

Marx, who I met at the adventurers guild, asked me the same thing.

I hold my hoe and face the demon king Cornelia as she requested.

Cornelia looks at me while keeping her eyes only a little open. After a while, she smiled slightly.

「I see. You’re a real man….ladies, whichever race they are, surely likes powerful men.」

「I’m not sure what you’re talking about but, why did demon king-sama come to our place?」

Cornelia glared at me.

I sensed an intense pressure.

Maria even screamed a little.

Sonja’s ears are all up including her fur. She’s also not on her usual smile and has a serious expression.

I don’t know what it is but did she let off an aura of intimidation using a skill or something?

「You are overhunting demon beasts. They are free monsters and not related to me but I’ll be affected if you hunt too much. Also, this is part of my territory so how can you build a residence without informing me? I even sent an evil cyclops to bring you to me but you purge it immediately.」

A hair-raising crisis was triggered.

I can feel the heavy atmosphere enveloping the surroundings.

Maria has already lost her will to fight and her face is pale.

As for Sonja….I can see battle intent in her eyes. If anyone makes a move, she’ll jump out without hesitation.

Then, Cornelia smiled in a truly dreadful way.

Oi oi, if this continues, a battle will surely start.

 「Hey, demon king-sama? Did you come here to fight?」

「What do you think, lord of this place?」

「No, I have no intention of fighting you, how about you?」

Then….Cornelia shook her head to the left and right.

「Even for me, I don’t think it is a good idea to have a fight with you….let’s put this on hold.」

「….on hold?」

「Being a demon king aside, I’m a fighter myself so I want to fight with you. However, I don’t want to take unnecessary risks. 」

「What do you mean? 」

「……if we can talk about it, let’s do just that. 」

Then, Maria raised her face. She has a startled expression.

「Cornelia-sama…..avoided a battle? 」

「What are you saying Maria? 」

「When she asked you to pick your hoe against her….she felt that you and her powers are equal. Because of that, she doesn’t want to take a risk and fight you. Or at least that’s what I think. However….is that even possible? 」

I don’t know what it is but, is holding a farming tool making me super powerful?

I just held a hoe, right?

Then, Cornelia smiles and says something.

「Do you want to verify? Actual ability is very hard to measure. 」

Again, tension rises.

Oi oi, this girl is really a battle freak.

—-at that time, the aroma of the curry I was cooking permeated.

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