Chapter 648 – Peach

Peaches were harvested.

Of course, only those that can be readily eaten.

Even so, that’s still a lot.

I already want to eat them at once but I’ll have to secure some to be sent as gifts.

First of all, Michael-san.

Peaches can’t be said to have a good storage time so I won’t sell them.

I’ll just send some to Michael-san for him and his family to enjoy.

Next are the demon king, Beezel, Randan, Glatts, and Hou.

I’ll also send them enough for their whole family to enjoy.

As for the dragons…..I’ll send some to Mark, Domaim, and Kworun.

Dors, Girar, and Doraim can eat here in the village so no need to secure their share.

Ah, but I still have to give some for Doraim’s nest for Gucci and the others.

Then, let’s secure Doraim’s nest’s share.

Since I’ll give some to Doraim, maybe I should secure some for Dors and Girar too.

Since they are dragons and maybe they’ll give some to other dragons, let’s give them a little more.

 Let’s also secure some for Howling Village, the lamias of the south dungeon, the titans of the north dungeon, and the grocks of the east dungeon.

How should I pass these to them?

Ah, yeah, let’s not forget ancestor-san’s share.

Though I haven’t seen her lately, let’s secure some for Fushu.

However, I have to consider ancestor-san’s arrival.

Or else, their shares would rot.


Youko is looking over here.

For the influential people in Village Five?


I’ll secure some for them.

However, I’ll have you give it to them for me.

If I’ll be the one distributing them, they’ll be pressured on what to give back.

If the influential people of Village Five will receive some, Miyo will surely hear it from Shashaato City.

Let’s secure her share too.

I’ll have Miyo give some to Governor Ifrus.

I wonder if this is okay.


Since the short-range teleportation gate can now be used, I should send some to the school in the royal capital too.

Gol, Sil, Bron, Ursa, Alfred, and Tiselle are in their care after all.

I don’t know how many teachers they have but if I give a certain amount to the principal, it should be okay.

Should I send some to Gol, Sil, and Bron’s wives too?

Even if their wives don’t want them, I’m sure Gol, Sil, and Bron want some.

They often ate it when they were in the village after all.

I’ll send their shares along with Ursa’s group’s share and have them gift them to others as they wish.

Ursa is generous so she’ll give away all her share immediately but Asa, Earth, and Metora will probably stop her.

I’ll also leave some in case I forget to give someone.

I’m fully aware of my carelessness.

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That’s it for the gifts.

Although it has considerably decreased, I think it can still be said that we can’t consume all of these.

The high elves, the mountain elves, the oni maids, the dwarves, the beastgirls, the civil servant girls, the kuros, and the spiderlings who helped harvest peaches are waiting for me.

I’m sorry.

My children are looking at me with eyes full of expectations too.

They helped in harvesting too.

Alright everyone, let’s eat.

On my signal, the spiderlings controlled their webs to peel the peaches, cut the fruit, and remove the seeds.


Yeah, I’ll eat it now.


After seeing that I had eaten, the other began to eat too…..the peaches cut by the spiderlings disappeared before they even got on the plate.


However, I shouldn’t eat too much.

If I eat until I’m full, I can’t eat dinner and Ann will glare at me.


One of the spiderlings asked me on what should be done to the seeds.

Peach seeds are used by the dwarves to brew alcohol so put them in a barrel.

Ah, it’s not for brewing alcohol but to make alcohol’s smell good.

The end product will be an alcohol that smells like peach.

Ah, you don’t need that much so if someone else needs them, I should give it to them? But, who would want them?

The fairies in the flower garden?

This is the first time I’ve heard of this.

Take the fruits to them and not only seeds.

If we only give them seeds, won’t it look like we’re bullying them?

All right all right, I’ll secure some for them or else we might eat their share.

The rest will be dessert after dinner.

Leave some for the people who aren’t here.

For Loo?

Yeah, Loo likes peaches.

I’ll secure her share at once.

Of course, for my other wives too.


There was a response from the royal capital after receiving peaches.

Aside from thanks, to summarize it in one word, it should be “more”.

I think peaches are valuable because they are rare.

That’s why don’t brag them around.

Now that you are being asked by someone you can’t refuse, you’re coming to me crying.

Ah, yeah, this is mainly Tiselle’s fault.

Tiselle did not eat her share but sold it to the Dalfon Company.

It seems like the Dalfon Company sold them for a sky-high price which made peaches a rumored phantom fruit in the royal capital.

The nobles of the royal capital started moving when they heard about it.

The nobles mobilized their network to seek the phantom fruit.

And when they find someone who has phantom fruits on hand, they’ll pressure that person.

The demon king and the four heavenly kings weren’t able to refuse because of relationships.

The school principal was severely affected too.

It seems like she has been receiving noble guests every day who were searching for the said phantom fruit.

They are hoping that maybe, she can give them even one.

And of course, they are offering to pay her at a high price. I found out everything with the help of Metora’s letter.

Thanks to the short-range teleportation gates, we can receive letters immediately.

Ursa and Alfred ate and distributed their shares to the other students.

I wish Tiselle would learn from them.


It looks like Earth wants to use peaches as a dessert in his café.

I have no problem with that but it can only be sold for a limited time.

Also, there might be a commotion since it is the rumored phantom fruit.

I’ll write him a letter saying wait for the rumor to go down first before starting.

Then, I received another letter….

It looks like an excuse letter from Tiselle.

To summarize, she never intended to sell them. She only gave them to her friend at the Dalfon Company.

That friend of hers thought that she should give her something in return so she sold it at a high price since it’s super rare.

Tiselle wouldn’t lie about this so it should be true.

And it looks like she’s in trouble too because it caused an uproar.

 I see I see.

So, she wants me to send more to appease the uproar.

It can’t be helped.

That’s the plan but I was a step too late.

Michael-san is already shaking hands with the civil servant girls.

Just now, Michael-san, who heard the rumors of the phantom fruit in the royal capital, signed a contract dealing with the peaches.

Sorry, Tiselle.

The surplus peaches of Big Tree Village will go to the Goroun Company.

Next time we’ll harvest peaches, I’ll send them to you so I can only have you wait until then.

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