Chapter 647 – Training

At the sky, high altitude.

The spiderlings, who are riding the dragon Guraru, look serious.

Then, one of them sent a signal and jumped off from Guraru’s back one after another in a pair.

There are around 30 pairs.

The spiderlings that jumped out used their legs and poses to control the direction of where they were falling.

There are thirty pairs of them but they are moving like one creature.

And that creature has a purpose.

The flying eagle.

After confirming their target’s appearance, the spiderlings moved like bullets toward the eagle.

But it’s not like they are planning to collide with it.

The pairs approaching the eagle kicked each other and separated to move to the left and right of the eagle.

The moment I finally had an idea of what they were going to do, the eagle changed its movement.

And an unnatural move too.

Looking at it closely, the webs of the spiderlings had already attached to the eagle.

It seems like the spiderlings already shoot their webs as soon as they separate from each other.

Now, they caught the eagle.

By the way, not all 30 pairs caught the eagle. Only a certain number of pairs caught it. That made the eagle land on the ground in a fluttering manner.

The spiderlings waiting on the ground finalized the capture of the eagle.

The spiderlings that didn’t manage to attach web to the eagle knit a small parachute and descend to the ground.

I’m glad they didn’t fall directly.

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The spiderlings are currently conducting training for capturing a flying enemy.

Zabuton had spread her web 10 meters above ground but she reduced the coverage of the web she spread ever since the number of flying villagers, angels, harpies, phoenix, and eagle increased.

Every year, there are a certain number of people who are getting caught in her web.

Because of that, she reduced the coverage of her web significantly in order to prevent those incidents from happening.

However, the other day, I almost got kidnapped.

It is not a matter of covering the whole village with web since it is about the altitude of the intruder. Because of that, the spiderlings voluntarily started training and this current situation is their presentation to me.

By the way, I’m watching them on the dragon Girar’s back who’s flying next to the dragon Guraru.


When Girar, who took me on board, and Guraru, who brought the spiderlings up, got down to the ground, the spiderlings lined up to welcome me.

You’re impressive. With this, the sky is safe.

「No, isn’t it faster to have Guraru attack?」

Girar, don’t say that.

No, I thought so too.

Hang in there, spiderlings….


The spiderlings are signaling it’s nothing.

So, you also noticed that it would have been faster to let Guraru attack?

This is only a capture training and the actual strategy is different?

Is that so?

Then, what’s the actual strategy….


The mountain elves made a gun.

It looks like a mortar, not the gatling gun that I banned.

This also uses water pressure…

It uses air pressure to fly.

Like a pet bottle rocket?

The spiderlings boarded the warhead.


No way…..

Before I stopped it, it was already fired in the sky.

The spiderlings seemed to have become one with it.

They split with it after a certain altitude.

And fall like their previous training.

I see.


This is dangerous so it’s prohibited.


I won’t let you be the missiles and fly.

Besides, it would be faster to attack directly using this gun.

There’s no need for you to be the main weapon.

You can guide it if you’re attached to it so the accuracy is much higher?

Well, you got……

No no no no!

I acknowledge your effort but think of another way to counter something in the air.

I don’t think you can evolve to something that can fly.

It’s useless and pointless.


Hot spring.

There’s Yoru who’s maintaining the giant gatling gun.

The one that can be equipped by dragons.

Given its size, there’s no way Yoru can use it no matter how hard she tries.

You’ll use magic to control it?


It seems like she’ll use humanoid golems.

Two handles on the left and the right.

The water tank will be on its back.

It will be powered with magic stones.

Yoru is sitting on a chair on the chest of the golem and is set for shooting.


She didn’t shoot.

It seems like she’s already satisfied sitting like that.

That’s great.

She can even manage the hot spring while sitting on it and that will also make the children unable to touch that thing.

By the way, you can maintain it but you should not remodel it in any way.

Ah, as for the main topic for today.

I’ll give you this mortar.

Yeah, I don’t need your eternal loyalty.

You can use it as you like. I assign you as its manager.

I won’t mind no matter how you use it.


I feel like the hot spring area is becoming an armory….however, I’m relieved because Yoru rarely lets anyone touch them.

I came to the hot spring to communicate with the ghost knights and lion’s pride.

Maa, we’ll just soak in the hot spring together.


The ghost sorceress put a cup of alcohol on a bucket but….it’s still daytime.

I’ll get it anyway.

Yeah, it’s great.


I returned from the hot spring area and looked around the ranch area.

Several kuros were herding a flock of goats.

Given they are altogether like that, the goats are gutsier….and it looks like they’re going to meddle with me.

They are already looking at me.

The kuros can easily stop them but they might injure or even kill them so they won’t do much.

Half of the herd turned around me…..

When I was thinking about how that happened, Alice, Kuroichi’s partner, was already beside me.

Alice is not outstanding but she’s one of the eldest villagers.

And she’s also one of the leaders of the kuros.

In other words, she’s scary in one way or another.

Even to goats.


Being strict is one of her good points.

Good good.

Alice’s main job is to guard my children.

Thus, Alice being her means my children are here.

It’s a young group centered around Lupumirina and Aurora.


Lupumirina and Aurora came to me.

Okay, great.

You’re getting heavier……

Carrying the two of you is already my limit.

By the way, why are the others aside from these two hiding behind Alice?

Father is shock.

The high elves, oni maids, and beast girls, who are their babysitters, are at a slightly distant place. They are sending signals to the children to let me pamper them…..but the children are still hiding behind Alice.

This event made me think that I have to work hard and communicate more with the children.

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