Chapter 646 – Objection Accepted

On the grounds of Village Five, the Fierce Tiger Demon King Army led by the demon king is fighting against the Village Five Iron Bull Army led by Kinesta.

It is a seesaw game where the lead was taken by the other team each inning.

The game was worth seeing and the Village Five Iron Bull Army won via a come from behind victory with a score of 8:9.

And a banquet took place after the match.

It’s a yakiniku all you can in Niz’s Alcomeat.

「Yeah, both teams did well, cheers!!」

The demon king drank a glass of magically pre-cold beer from his big glass.

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Ramen street in Village Five.

「Salt ramen, big serving of noodles, char siu, add some leeks, and no pickled bamboo shoots.」

「Your order is, salt ramen, big serving of noodles, char siu, add some leeks, and no pickled bamboo shoots.」

「Eh? Why are you not adding pickled bamboo shoot? Salt ramen, big serving of noodles, char siu, add some leeks, and a lot of pickled bamboo shoots!」

「Your order is, salt ramen, big serving of noodles, pickled bamboo shoots.」

Soon, salt ramens were carried in front of the two noble girls.

「First is, soup…..yeah. And noodles….good too.」

「Can’t you just eat normally? Just eat ramen without doing that.」

「Don’t say that. Everyone has their way of eating. Also, I have to write my impression of this later.」

「How can you even dare write something for this when you didn’t even add pickled bamboo shoots? Don’t tell me you don’t like pickled bamboo shoot? I think you can eat them normally.」

「This time, I’ll write a review for ramen without pickled bamboo shoots.」

「Why are you even making a review about something not too different? Yeah, this tastes great. Would you like to drink?」

「It’s natural as long as there’s a difference in taste. Enough of that, excuse me, two cups of beer please.」

「Yes, two beers!」

Beer was poured into the cups of the two noble ladies.

「Let’s taste another ramen after drinking this.」

「Okay. As you wish.」

The two noble ladies drank beer after a light toast.


Village Five’s forge which is full of heat.

Throughout the day, the sound of dwarves’ blacksmith’s hammers hitting metal echoes rhythmically.

「Ooooohh, change shift! The guys on break, you need to be hydrated. Take a bath, eat, and go home.」

The dwarves move according to the supervisor’s instruction.


「Fuh, done for the day.」

「Everyday, it’s fulfilling. Do you know what we’re having this dinner?」

「The guys on the last shift said it was fish.」

「Fish. I like it.」

「All food served here is good so I won’t say anything.」

The dwarves are taking a bath at a bathhouse dedicated to the forge blacksmiths.

The hot water of the bath is even heated by the fire at the forge. The only downside is that no one can use it if no one’s working at the forge.

「I appreciate taking a bath every day but why do we have to do it before eating?」

「That’s what has been decided.」




The forge is noisy so it was built in a place a little away from Village Five.

Because of that, it will be difficult for the forge workers to eat in a restaurant in Village Five between work.

In addition, they are working mainly during night, sunset until sunrise, so there are few restaurants open during those times.

In order to resolve their dissatisfaction, Youko, the acting village chief, decided to set up a dedicated restaurant for them.

Their operating hours became 24 hours in shifts too.

The menu changes daily but they can’t choose what will be served.

However, given that it’s free, its reputation among the forge workers is high.

「It would be nice if they would serve free alcohol too.」

「If they do that, barrels per barrel of alcohol will be empty in no time. But hey, alcohol is the reason why taking a bath is great.」


「Ah, a cold beer while soaking in hot water after working is the best!……I won’t exchange this with anything!」

「……of course, I feel the same!」

The young dwarf blacksmith paid a medium copper coin and asked for an additional beer.


The work time of Village Five guards is fixed and there’s a regular night shift.

In fact, there are a lot of people who want to be on night shift all the time because they are considering all the perks of working at night like good pay and free midnight meal.

However, the biggest attraction of night shift is that they are resting during the day.

「Noon. Sitting on this empty terrace seat, watching other people work….and drinking! This is the best!」

By the way, the disadvantage of this act is the resentment of the guards on duty.

「Next training, I’ll personally make you feel hell.」

「W-wait, you can’t do that!」


「Ehto, I think the place doesn’t matter. Drinking will be the best as long as you’re with your boyfriend. You don’t have a boyfriend? Ahahaha….ehto, I’m sorry.」


「Writing up a manuscript. Writing it in desperation but completing it anyway…..going to bed after. Sleeping to death. And upon waking up, drinking alcohol while checking the manuscript is the best. No, the supreme.」

You’re not drunk in another sense, are you?

「I don’t think so. Though sometimes I wonder if writing really suits me.」

I think being able to make others cry with something you wrote is an obvious evidence of talent.



I’m tired.

And drunk.

How did this happen?

It started with a silly talk with alcohol on the table.

Was Gulf the one who started it all?

「I know that the taste changes depending on when, where, and how you drink. Then, what’s the best place, time, and occasion that will make alcohol’s taste the best?」

The whole Big Tree Village tremored because of this topic.

Then, the type of alcohol was narrowed down to beer, and the final conclusion was reached.

However, a survey was also conducted in Village Five, whose population is big, as to whether the result would be the same.

That’s good but I think it depends on who experiences what.

Maa, I never experienced some of these situations after all.

So, what’s the result of the investigation in Village Five?

They have the same conclusion as Big Tree Village too?

I see.

So, this means that it is really the situation where beer tastes best.


Drinking together with your family and friends at a banquet.


I will not oppose this.

Also, objection accepted.


By the way, my answer was rejected because I said drinking while working.

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