Chapter 645 – Water Gun and Glass

The giant crow, giant swan, black swan, and giant peacock couples left.

I was surprised because I’m already 50% sure that they’ll settle in the village.

Maa, it seems like the crow and the peacock couples have various jobs to do.

The giant swan and black swan are free but the crow said he’ll take them out of the village.

Should I thank you?

Black swan is welcome to come back.

The phoenix chick Aegis was lonely when they left but the eagle seems to be happy since it can monopolize Aegis again after a long time.

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Now, the beautiful stone that the giant crow gave me as a nuisance fee.

It seems like this is a receptacle of an ore of a magical material called mithril.

It is a convenient ore that becomes heavy or light, hard or soft depending on how you process it.

In addition, it is also used as an amplifier of magical power so it is in demand all around the world.

However, the number of ore is quite small.

In addition, it is said that only some dwarves have the technology to process it.

In other words, even if the village has it, it can only be used as a weight stone.

「The dwarves that have the technology to process it are the elder dwarves.」


The elder dwarf Donovan said so and I wouldn’t doubt him.

In the past, the elder dwarves were blacksmiths that exclusively dealt with mithril but the number of mithril decreased and it became impossible for them to continue their job so they changed their job to alcohol brewers.

However, they did not abandon the technique of processing mithril.

In short, in addition to their mithril processing technology, they now have alcohol brewing technology too.

Donovan, a descendant of the elder dwarves, seems to be skilled in dealing with mithril.


Well then, I’ll pass this mithril to Donovan’s group.

「… that alright?」

It’s alright it’s alright.

Do as you like.

It would be best if the person who can process it has it.


Summer is approaching.

It’s still a little early but the pool is already being prepared.

It is the lizardmen who took over the work of cleaning the pool and adding water to it.


However, I think it is bad for me to do nothing.

Thus, I made a hand push-type water gun using a bamboo tube.

It will be a toy for children so this would be just right.

If the adults play with it, they probably would be dissatisfied.

The mountain elves are doing their best to do something for that.

From a while ago, we have been talking on how to improve the power and range.


The next day.

The mountain elves show off to me with a smile the water gun they made that used a large amount of bamboo.


Is that a water gun?

I don’t think so.

The barrels are six long bamboo tubes and it looks like a gatling gun.

Moreover, the user has to carry a water tank with several magic stones in it.

I tried to test fire.

The countless wooden boards placed by the pool are blown away and there’s even a loud impact sound each hit.

Yeah, it’s a water gun since when the barrels rotate, water bullets will shoot out but this is technically not a water gun.

This is a gatling gun!

The water tank that I had to carry on my back was quickly emptied and the test fire was over.

Then I thought, I put the bamboo tube from the tank to the pool.

Then, I moved the lever again several times. It started firing again.

Using the water from the pool, it seems like it can be fired continuously until the magic power of the magic stones is consumed.

I see.

Using this is now prohibited.

Yeah, no one should use this.

The wooden boards that were blown away are mostly cracked.

This is not something that can be used to people.

No, I understand the power of technology.

Supplying water, increasing pressure, and shooting are done in each barrel to shorten the firing cycle.

The only things you have to do manually are turning the handle and pointing it to the target. Everything else will be done by the magic stones.

As for what to improve, if you can do something to lower the sound, that would be great and the firepower is scary.


It is regrettable but this needs to be stored in the warehouse.

The children are overjoyed after seeing the test firing after all.

However, this is dangerous.

Then, Dors put his hand on my shoulder.


The gatling gun is fired towards the dragon Dors.

It seems like it won’t hurt even if he receives a barrage from the gatling gun in his dragon form.

In addition, it seems like it can remove the dirt from his scales.

The children who were invited by the mountain elves are happily shooting on Dors.

I think this is not a bad idea but….the place around is already flooded.

The location changed to a pool that has not been yet watered.

Shoot him to your heart’s content.

However, don’t shoot at anything else other than the dragons.

And dragons.

Don’t line up in your dragon form.

To wash your body with that gatling gun, I think one person…one dragon is the limit.


The next day.

The mountain elves made a dragon size, water gun-like pressure washers for a dragon’s body.

I allow it.

But, who’ll use it?

The one who wore that giant gatling gun is the dragon form Hiichirou.

It looks like he can sweep the forest with water bullets.

No, I don’t mind the shortcoming you’re saying, like the magic stones will run out of magical power if you fire continuously for thirty seconds.

He looks gallant and cool after all.

The armed dragon Hiichirou is reloading water and magic stones and looking for something to shoot.

What should I do?

Yeah, I have no choice but to make a suitable target.

Hiichirou, you can only use that thing today.

Also, the only thing you can shoot is the target.

Don’t shoot at people.

Don’t shoot at dragons too.


After dinner at a later date.

Beer is poured into an unfamiliar glass.



This glass is not made of glass.

Is it mithril?

「Yeah. It’s a mithril glass that keeps the temperature in it the same.」

Donovan explains.

You mean cold will remain cold?

And hot will remain hot?

That’s convenient.

「I was able to make 17 cups. I’ll present them all to you.」


Then, there will be an exclusive glass for me.

Six will be given to the dwarves.

The remaining ten will be a shared property of the village.

「Thank you for your benevolence. Also, I made this thing with mithril as a bonus.」

A corkscrew made of mithril.

Is there any effect?

「No, it’s just a corkscrew. I’ll present this to you too.」

Hahaha, thank you.

However, Donovan’s group is better suited to have this.

You manage it.

Though anyone who wants to use it should be free to do so.

「As you wish. Thank you.」

By the way, why am I feeling some gazes from a while ago?

When I looked behind me, I saw Gutt.

Not just him.

Loo and Tier are there too.

And it’s not me who they are staring at, it is Donovan and the mithril products.

Maybe they want to hear some things about mithril processing.

「I did not hide when I was making them and even informed them where I’m making them. Maa, how about we have a drink and talk about it?」

The grumpy-looking Donovan headed to the three with mithril glasses and a barrel.

Sorry for the trouble.

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