Chapter 644 – Those Who’ll Stay, Those Who’ll Leave

While regretting parting with Versa, ancestor-san left.

And after being downhearted a little, Versa left for Village Five.

She’ll probably return to her writing activities.


Yeah, do your best.

I’ll send you sweets as gifts, just remember the no touch topics.

If you encounter any trouble, just tell Youko.

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Mark and Suiren went home carrying souvenirs on their backs.

Helze will stay in the village but as I have said many times, her marriage will be dependent on the couples involved.

If Hikaru doesn’t like it, I will stay on his side.

Also, if you want to remain in the village, you’ll be in trouble if you don’t work….there’s no problem regarding that matter.

She worked hard as Hakuren and Rasuti’s surrogates during their pregnancy and she’s still doing so even after the two have given birth.

I know that all villagers like and are willing to cooperate with your marriage so don’t bother pointing that out.

Also, even though she professed to be aiming for Hikaru, she hardly gets close to him.

According to Hakuren, she’ll only guard her partner(Hikaru) until he becomes an adult so I don’t need to worry.

…..was Kwon like that with Domaim?

Ah, Hakuren doesn’t know because she ran away from home at that time.


Domaim, Kwon, Sekiren, and Kworun also left with souvenirs on their backs.

Please come again.

Doraim and Grafaloon are taking care of their grandchildren, Rananon and Kukulkan.

Are you not going home?

If there’s something, Gucci will come to call you?


Doraim gave Kukulkan, who he’s been holding, to Grafaloon and invited me to go outside.

……Big Tree Dungeon?

There was an unfamiliar teleportation gate in the basement.

No, I know what kind of teleportation gate it is.

It’s a short-range teleportation gate made by Loo.

And it is installed here….

The destination of that short-range teleportation gate is Doraim’s nest.

They have already prepared everything and it will be operational as soon as I give my permission.

Maa, I’m not going to refuse since it is towards your nest.

The manager of the gate will be someone from the nest and I think that saves us manpower.

However, do you really need to install a gate? Do you really have to do all this trouble to turn an hour of flight into a five minutes walk?

Ah, it was Grafaloon’s idea.

I don’t really mind but if you put all your attention to your grandchildren, won’t your daughter(Rasuti) resent?

……just a little.


The angels have left too.

And as expected, it was Raz Maria and Reginleif who stayed.

It seems that Raz Maria and Reginleif don’t have leadership positions unlike the returning angels.

The feelings of those returning angels, I heard them a little…..can they really lead the angels while being like that?

As for the angels here, since the angel leaders are gone, Kierbit, and the twin angels, Suarukou and Suaruriu, are glad.

You guys have no partners. No children too. I guess they’re sick of hearing that from them.

It seems like the shadows in their hearts were erased after not hearing those lines recently.

By the way, Aurora is strangely similar to Kierbit.

The other day, I told Tier that Aurora would be a princess like Kierbit and she looked at me like I’m a weirdo.

Speaking of princess, isn’t she like the princess of ang….

No, I didn’t say anything, Kierbit.

Please stop showing your anger using your wings.

Yeah, I learned about it from the interaction between Tier and Ruincia.

I was surprised that there were more expressions that the wings can show than I thought.


By the way, I have to comfort Kuroyon, who’s a little depressed after Malbit left.


Kuroyon’s partner, Eris, complained saying that’s her job.

Sure it is.

Then, I’ll leave him to you.

However, my hand is in stroke-something mode.


I stroked the Fenrirs nearby.

Okay okay.

It’s getting hot so be careful of your physical condition.


As for the beastboys, Gol, Sil, and Bron, they are coming back here quite often.

It is probably because of the short-range teleportation gates.

They are also thinking about when to bring their wives to the village.

Why do you even need to think of that? Just bring them here and that’s it. They’re going to visit and not migrate here after all.

Or are you saying that you’ll migrate here?

You have to talk to your wives about things like that.

You can’t just decide that on your own.

Also, Daga said something to me a while ago….ah, you are really trying to go to the forest with just the three of you?

You can’t do that.

If you’re going to go to the forest, you have to be with the kuros or the spiderlings.

If you don’t, even I will scold you.

Maa, since Daga already scolded you, I won’t say much.

By the way, what is the purpose of you trying to go into the forest?

You’re not just being daredevils, aren’t you?

……you want to train?

Were you in that much danger in the kingdom?


It’s the other way around?

The demon king’s kingdom is too peaceful that you thought you’d get dull?

Ah, honestly, I don’t know how you feel but if you want to train, think of your safety first.

You have to remember that you are already married.

Can’t you just train with Daga or Gulf?

You want someone who won’t hold back and shows no mercy?


How about asking Hakuren to help you?

After giving birth, she said she wanted to rampage because she wasn’t able to move a lot for a long time.


You only want to train and not become legends?

Are you telling me that you’ll become legends if Hakuren trains you?

Then, how about someone else…..

What about Girar?

 In fact, he’s been telling me from time to time that if he has anything that he can do for the village, I should just tell him.

Harvest time is still far ahead so I think he’ll be a great training partner for you….hey, don’t run away.

Girar knows how to hold back.



The fairy queen was taking a nap at a branch of the world tree.

That’s some high-level dexterity.


Speaking of which, I wish to thank the fairy queen for safe births.

Not only for Hakuren and Rasuti since I’m sure she’s the reason why giving birth has never been a problem in the village.

However, she hates being thanked or prayed directly so I can only convey my gratitude deep in my heart.


The fairy queen woke up and looked at me.

Unfortunately, it is still a little early for snack time.

Continue to nap…..the giant silkworms appealed to me to take her.

The fairy queen is in the way.

I guess it can’t be helped.

It’s a little early but it’s snack time.

I invited the fairy queen and headed back to my mansion.


In my mansion, the demon king and Beezel are complaining while drinking alcohol even though it is still daytime.

It seems like the dispute regarding the short-range teleportation gates is still ongoing.

You have it hard.

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