Chapter 643 – I Did Not Forget

After dinner of the day when the children went back to the royal capital.

I, Dors, Raimeiren, Girar, Guronde, Mark, Suiren, Doraim, Grafaloon, Hakuren, and Rasuti gathered in the guest receiving room.

It is a meeting about the name of Rasuti’s second child.

Before giving birth, Rasuti had already decided names of a boy and a girl but shortly after giving birth, Rasuti no longer wanted to use any.

「I feel special power in him. I think a name based on that should be better.」

Dors and the others agree with her on that matter.

We should have thought of a name immediately but it was postponed until now because of the parade.

I did not forget.

Until we decided his official name, we have been calling him “Rasuti’s son” or “Doraim’s grandson” so I  really want to decide as soon as possible.

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The result of the discussion that lasted until midnight.

Name: Kukulkan

It is the name of a powerful dragon but loves peace.

As for me, since Rasuti’s fine with it, I have no objection.

Yeah, I don’t really have any objection, it’s true.

I’ll probably turn it to Hinokukulkan or Hikokulkan if I’m the one who’ll decide.

I’ll just accept Kukulkan honestly.


Breakfast without Ursa, Alfred, and Tiselle.

I’m kind of lonely.

Fortunately, E3 is still here.

No, I have nothing to do with this.

There’s a reason why she did not go to school with Ursa’s group.

Not because I forgot.

Well, if I forget it, I’m sure E3 will remind me.

The reason E3 is still here is to settle her mahjong winnings with the dragons.

I thought it was being liquidated every time but it looks like they can’t be liquidated instantly.

What are you betting in the first place?

It seems like the dragons’ bets that won by E3 are worth more than she can handle.

Maa, even I will be troubled if I’m suddenly handed with a mountain or a castle I’ve never heard of.

Just being given with managing rights over those are already too much of a problem.

Let’s say you wouldn’t mind it at all but please stop betting things on that level.

Ah, you never felt you’re going to lose so you go for it and that amount is not that significant to you?

Gambling is scary.


After breakfast, the liquidation took place.

And I got involved.

Maa, I mean, they did it in the village.

I purchased everything that E3 won from the dragons.

The payment is products of the village.

There shouldn’t be a problem with that because we’ll send her the village’s products gradually per season and within the scope of common sense. There’s no way we’ll pay her all at once.

I feel like the number of partners that the village must share its crops with per season has increased.


It seems like the dragons don’t want to buy back what E3 won from them that I bought.

They told me to give them to Hiichirou, Rananon, Hikaru, Himiko, and Kukulkan when they grow up and travel for fun.

Should I really give children something that disturbing?

A dragon’s name comes with honor and title so they will not be harassed.

Then, they should be fine but don’t bet on those kinds of things from now on.

And E3.

Here’s a barrel of gold coins, what do you plan to do with it?

No, it doesn’t matter even if you keep it as it is…..

Well then, I’ll keep it in the village’s warehouse.

I’ll give you a certificate….it is easy to get in trouble if it is written on paper?

I’ll look for an item of similar value at the warehouse then.

I found a bracelet that looks good.

It is a bracelet that emphasizes a thin design.

Given E3’s hobby, this should be okay for her so let’s replace the certificate with this.

Loo also said that it is about the same value as the barrel of gold.



Are you telling me that this is a magic tool?

I see.

Then, teach E3 how to use it.

Thank you.

E3 is scheduled to return to the royal capital via Beezel’s teleportation this evening.

Ah, dragons.

Don’t invite me to play mahjong.



Versa came back from Village Five.

She should return every day but recently, she seems to be making progress in writing that she even built a workplace in Village Five. She started hiding there.

Because of that, she did not participate in the parade.

I did not forget to invite her.

I have been contacting her every day since a few days ago.

Besides, the civil servant girls have been visiting her to listen to her stories.

Thus, even if she complains that she was not able to participate, it is not my fault.

And looking at it, she was surprised upon seeing the giant crow, swan, black swan, and Mr. and Mrs. peacocks.

I only want to verify but, are you acquainted with each other?

Ah, that’s not it.

You only know the man-hunting habit of the swan.

I see.

Can you think of any measures?

Just think of her as a disaster and give up?

No, I only casually asked you.

What about Village Five?

I heard that your activities are getting bigger and bigger as your “comrades” gather more and more but don’t cause trouble for Youko.

It is a virtue to do your activities in the shadows?

Though you have factions, please have them compete only with your works and never use force, okay?

I pray she won’t forget that.



An elegant flight by Mr and Mrs peacocks was performed.

They are just flying normally but I feel happy for some reason.

If you want me to pray to you, I’d be glad to.

On the other hand, the angels are burning with sense of rivalry.

Giant crow, don’t compete with them now.

Swan, sit down.

Eagle and Aegis are quietly watching.

Good good.

Speaking of which, since the parade was held late, is it alright for Malbit, Ruincia, and Suarurou to stay here this long?

Don’t turn your face away.

Ruincia has been tainted.

I know that you get along well with your granddaughter but she might hate you if you don’t work properly.

Mark and Suiren will go home soon. Why don’t you hitchhike with them?

Before that, there’s a battle on choosing who’ll remain here?

Isn’t it decided that it would be Raz Maria and Reginleif?

It has not been decided yet?


Well then, let me know when it’s been decided.

Also, make sure not to cause damage to the field when you fight.

No, there’s no way I’ll give you kuro horns.



A tired ancestor-san arrived.

It’s been a while.

He’s lamenting that he wasn’t able to participate in the parade but I think it’s not good to neglect his main job.

Though it has already ended, you can still feel the festive atmosphere.

He said he would leave as soon as he had dinner here today.

Maa, you should spend your time with Versa over there rather than with me.

I can see you at the pillar over there.

Are you being shy that you don’t want to come here right away?

That’s not it?

I forgot.

Whenever Versa is here, I should take some distance from ancestor-san.

I ran away.

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