Chapter 642 – Swan’s Pond


The surface of the reservoir was lit up and there, a giant swan was swimming gracefully.

And the dance of the giant swan began before anyone knew it.

To be honest, I don’t know much about dancing but I still have the energy to watch after all.

However, even I notice that every move of her is calculated including how she scoops water with her wings.


I’m so impressed but I never thought that it was still too early to be so.

The black swan participated in the swan dance.

The performance of the two swans was more amazing than the solo dance earlier.

I don’t know what’s amazing with it but I know it’s amazing.

I keep on watching until I forget the time.

Until a while ago, you wouldn’t think that they were fighting in their human forms.

Since you can cooperate like this, why do you even have to fight?

I can’t help but think.

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When their dance was over, they formally introduced themselves to us in the middle of the reservoir.

The residents who were watching them responded with a big applause.

Then, loaves of bread were thrown like balls.

This is the swan’s request.

If we thought the dance was great, they wanted us to throw bread.

The oni maids baked bread around lunch when they informed us so we have pieces of bread we can throw.

The giant swan and black swan peck the loaves that were thrown in.

I allowed it because of the atmosphere but please stop now or you’ll pollute the reservoir.


The pond turtles will be eating the sunken loaves of bread?


Ah, children.

Don’t throw near them or you might hit them.

Ursa, don’t throw with so much power.

It looks like a bullet.


Giant peacock.

What are you going to do?

It is now your turn to perform.

Can you do something after their dance?


Got it.

Let’s reschedule your performance.

It’s okay.

The demon king will do his best to perform now.

It seems like he prepared a lot of things because he did not stand out at the parade.


The next morning.

Yeah, I think the demon king did his best.

Thus, let’s not talk about it.

Let’s forget what happened for the sake of the demon king.


I patrolled around my mansion then, and had breakfast.

After that, I looked around the field.

It’s my usual routine… the reservoir, the giant swan and black swan were sleeping.

You were the stars last night. Are you so tired?

Their sleeping posture is the same and they look good but…..

They’re big.

Can’t they turn to normal swan size?


When I returned from looking around the field, I found the normal size peacocks perching on the room of my mansion.

So, they can turn to normal size.

If possible, please stay that way.

By the way, that place is where Aegis used to…..

It looks like Aegis is with them.

It seems like they’re getting along well.

Also, I’m not going to ask why but the eagle is sulking in my room.

I don’t mind if it’s sulking but why does it have to do it in my room?

Well, let’s not mind since I don’t use it during daytime.

And, demon king.

If you want to sleep, don’t sleep in the guest receiving room and find an empty room somewhere.

If you don’t sleep in the guest receiving room, the cats won’t go to you?

I see.

Sleep until you feel better.



The giant swan and the black swan came to me in their human forms.

The swan is wet. What happened?

Ah, she tried to seduce a villager(Gulf) and the guardian(wife) hugged her, and german suplexed her to the reservoir.

You bounced on the water three times?

Do it again, I want to see it….forgive my rudeness.

Go and take a bath.

Also, remember your role.

Are you really a god’s familiar?


Yesterday, after a series of scolding, the giant swan claimed that she’s a god’s familiar.

However, she has nothing that can prove it.

Only her words.

However, since the giant black swan reluctantly admitted it, I believed it as the truth.

I already said I believed it but the swan still wants to prove it so yesterday’s dance was supposed to be a dance for god…..

Perhaps she wanted to show off.

The giant peacocks also rode in the flow.

It seems like the peacocks are spirit beasts.

I don’t know what that is but, is it similar to holy beast?

I was informed before that holy beasts are beasts that approached godhood but….ah, completely different?

Ah, you did not evolve from beasts but creatures directly created by god.

I see.

Then, I asked if the giant crow is a holy beast or a spirit beast like them but it seems like it is an incarnation of the sun god.

What a heavyweight.

However, I didn’t doubt them.

I was convinced for some reason.

But what about Zabuton, who captured the incarnation of the sun god, and the eagle, who scolded it?

Can the incarnation of the sun god be caught or scolded?

There are several more incarnations of the sun god so it’s okay?

I guess so.

The crow seems to have decided to not perform like the swan’s dance. Instead, it enjoyed drinking with the dwarves.

It seems like it is still sleeping even though it is almost afternoon. I guess it was the influence of alcohol.

It doesn’t really matter.


This afternoon, Ursa, Alfred, and Tiselle will return to school.

I’m going to miss them again.

Ursa is reluctant to leave her new brothers and sisters, Hikaru and Himiko, and is even thinking if she really needs to go.

If you want to see them, you can just come back using the short-range teleportation gates anytime you want.

If you worry too much, you might hurt the feelings of the other children.

Last night was also their farewell party so I only needed to see them off.


The giant staggering crow, who still looks drunk, showed Ursa’s group the right path.



The royal capital is indeed west of here but they’ll use the teleportation gate of Big Tree Dungeon and it is south of here.

Ah, yeah, sorry.


After the children went west a little, they went south for the Big Tree Dungeon.

I’m sorry I made you follow that crow a little.

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