Chapter 641 – The Purpose of the Birds

The parade ended and the banquet continued until late at night.

This year, there were many scenes where one would jump into the water. Well, this year’s theme is water after all.

Thanks to this, the water level in the reservoir has dropped significantly.

This is something we should reflect on.

The dragons worked together to transport a huge chunk of ice from the mountains in the north and melt it and it seems to have made up the deficit.

Is the water temperature okay?

Won’t that make the pond turtles hibernate again?

Ah, you’re evacuating on land until the water temperature rises.

Okay, got it.

The parade was a big success.

Eat as much cabbage as you like.

Of course, I won’t forget the lizardmen who worked hard with the pond turtles.

In a way, they have more impressive scenes than me.

No, next year’s theme will be different.

You should give others a chance to stand out too.


3 best highlights of this parade.

Water art by the pond turtles and lizardmen.

Pegasus riding elves jumping out of the water and marching…, can that be called a march?

They had weapons and stuff.

And the last will be everyone jumping into the water while dancing.

I did things in this festival that I thought were scary and won’t do voluntarily.


But there are also heartwarming or interesting things.

The orthros Oru was surprised when Guronde fell into the reservoir so he jumped into the reservoir to save her.

A few kuros who can’t swim wandered around the reservoir.

The phoenix chick Aegis looked shy while looking at the giant birds. He didn’t even leave the eagle’s back.

Because of this, the eagle scolded the giant birds more and when the eagle reluctantly finished her scolding, the giant birds were already dead tired.

Well, I won’t tell the eagle to go easy on them since they should reflect on what they did.


So, for what reason did those birds try to kidnap me?

Let’s listen to it tomorrow.

For now, more specifically, tonight….we’re going to have a fashion show using the costumes Zabuton made for us.

I’ll do things that will please me first.


The next day.

Surrounded by the villagers, with Zabuton and the eagle in front, are the giant birds.

It seems like they are going to explain why they tried to kidnap me.

Even so, these giant birds can’t speak.

They are like Zabuton and the eagle.

However, I’ve been with Zabuton for a long time.

I can tell what she wants to say.

I’m good with the eagle too.

Thus, I’ll have them explain to me.


The first one who appeared.

The giant crow.

「I thought of talking to you about making a new country. Let’s make a great country together!」

The giant crow spreads its wings and looks into the distance.

I see.

So that’s your purpose.

Why did you choose me?

「Given the fact of how you created a village at the center of the forest of death. I was thinking of soliciting you for a long time but I could never do something into the spider’s territory so I only watched you from a distance. Then, I saw you flying alone in the sky which is our realm. That was the chance I was waiting for. I’m sorry if I didn’t follow the proper procedure so I officially apologize.」

The giant crow gave me a beautiful stone which I don’t know where he took it from.

I guess this is a nuisance fee.

I took it without hesitation.


I thought Loo would jump on me as soon as I took it but she didn’t.

Instead, the dwarves started making a commotion.


Maa, let’s hear it later.

「So, once again, do you want to found a nation with me in a new land?」

I appreciate your invitation but I’m not leaving this village.

「….I see. Such a shame.」

I can understand its depression even without being translated.

I feel like I did a bad thing but I won’t leave the village just because of that.

I won’t leave this place for others.


The second one.

Giant swan.

Ah, the giant black swan is with you?

I won’t mind if you explain faster.

Ehto, why did you try to get me?

「I only want someone to love. Since I like you, I thought of making you my partner.」

The giant swan spreads its wings saying it fell in love with me.

How about the giant black swan?

「This fellow here has always been like this. Taking a man she likes from various places so I’m interfering with her.」

I see.

「I always fail my love because you always get in the way!」

「I need to get in the way. You have to learn how to respect others!」

「I live for love!」

「Live for love as much as you want! I’m sure there will be many swans who’ll marry you!」

「Fuh. I’m sorry but I’m only interested in a beautiful person!」

「And don’t get involved with other races! You know, all their complaints go to me! I’m not your complaint manager!」

「Then stop bothering me!」

「I hate to do this too but your parents asked me while crying! I’m so sick of playing with you so stop! Though I think you can’t be cured.」

While I was checking with the interpreter Zabuton and the eagle, the giant swan and the giant black swan began to fight in the reservoir. Zabuton tied them both with her web.

She bound both of them….

But I don’t think the black swan is bad.

Ah, this black swan doesn’t choose the means to disturb the swan.

I see.

Maa, we’ve got derailed….

However, isn’t it impossible to cultivate love between us because I’m human and that’s a giant swan?

When I was thinking so, the giant swan glowed and became human.


What I saw was an admirable, beautiful woman.

She gave out a strange scream because her neck was held by Loo and Tier.

No no, I apologize for what my wives are doing but I can’t stop them.

Seeing her, I feel like I’m looking at a beautiful piece of jewelry that even an amateur can understand how valuable she is.

My heart is shaken.

Someone’s hand covered my eyes to block my view.

「Don’t be deceived! Our race can transform to any appearance we want!」

When I was thinking who it was, it was a woman similar to the swan woman.

Given the color of her clothes, and in contrast to what the white swan was wearing….are you black swan?

「Yes. As you can see, I can transform too. I can even transform to a figure identical to her.」

Hearing black swan’s words, I calmed down.

Her true identity is a giant swan.

「Please wait! I was made into a swan by a curse! This is what I truly am! That girl is trying to fool you!」

「Stop lying! You’ve been a swan since you were born!」

Maa, I understand now how she causes trouble in various places.

However, I’m not disrespecting or despising myself but, I don’t think I can be classified as a beautiful person.

I think I’m only normal……

I wonder where she saw me good?

The black swan answered that question.

「Ehto….that is, she’s fine as long as it’s not a swan. This time, she saw you being abducted so she jumped out thinking that you might fall in love with her if she helps you. However, I felt her deep-rooted desire. I’m sure she would have kidnaped you.」

「No no no no no no! I’m not trying to kidnap him!」

The swan denies it but from what I heard and what they’ve done so far, I’ll take the black swan’s side.

Black swan, do you have anything you want to eat?

I guess you had it hard.

Ah, you don’t need to hold back.

We have a lot.

Also, you don’t have to cry…..swan, be quiet, you’re too noisy.

However, you can talk when you transform?

Why didn’t you explain everything in your human form in the first place?


Last one.

Giant peacock.

It’s your habit to join festivals?

So, you only came here to celebrate?

Since you saw there’s an air battle happening when you arrived, you participated?


So, you mean no harm huh.

However, it has been a rule that when going to a festival, there must be two of you but you came alone.

Ah, so that’s why you were being scolded by the other giant peacock.

It got angry because you left it behind.

Then, I’ll leave this peacock to the other peacock.

By the way, thank you for coming to our festival.

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To sum it up.

The crow had had its purpose and the swan took advantage when everyone’s guard was down.

The crow apologized properly and since Zabuton and the eagle scolded it instead of me, it gave something as compensation.

And it looks like it is reflecting on its action.

The problem is….the swan seduced Gulf’s son and is now being pinned down by Gulf’s son’s wife.

I feel like that’s too big of a problem to get involved.

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