Chapter 640 – Mid-Parade

The parade continues but my turn is still a bit ahead.

Because of that, I relaxed a little after taking a bath.


The pond turtles are coming towards me.

What’s the matter?

Ah, you came to apologize for throwing me in the air?

You don’t have to worry about it.

Though it made my heart thump, it was fun.

That’s the reason why I was taken?

That’s an accident.

No one could have predicted it.

Also, though it is a dangerous situation, none of those birds has ill intent.

If they have any ill intent, the angels and dragons would have done something.

That’s one of the reasons why I was calm back then.

But I’m still thankful that the spiderlings came to me.

Anyway, you don’t have to worry about it….if you want to pay me back, do your best in the parade.

It’s your turn now, right?

The fact that I had to jump into the water as an opening act is already a preview that this parade is water-related themed.

That’s the reason why the pond turtles are assigned here and there.

The pond turtles have been practicing diligently when they heard they’ll be relied on.

Don’t waste this opportunity.

I’ll watch you too so do your best.

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I’m going to ride the stage that will appear from the reservoir.


Splash splash, are you sure I can ride that thing deep in the reservoir?

I just took a bath.

Those who can use magic will dry everything out so it’s okay…..I’m glad that you’ve prepared for that but you should have omitted the part that I’ll come out of the water.

No, the stage is rising from the whirlpool made by the pond turtles, cool.

The children were also very excited.

Yeah, the lizardmen can lift that too from deep below but it will take them some serious effort.


I won’t cancel this part.

It was a stunning production.


After the stunning water march of the pond turtles, the usual dive-bombing of the angels started.

Should I think that they are doing it to consume the kuro horns that are continuously being accumulated?

Following the angels is an aerial march by the dragons.

I’m already used to seeing it but their low-altitude flying is very intimidating.

Dors and Raimeiren, Girar, and Guronde, Doraim and Grafaloon, Maxbergak and Suiren, Kworun and Seriren, Domaim and Kwon, and Hiichirou and Guraru.

It seems like couples marching side by side…..I haven’t approved the marriage of Hiichirou and Guraru yet.

Hakuren and Helze did not participate in their march because they have different roles.

Rasuti is regretful but she has just given birth so she has to rest.

But she seems to be okay already.

Then the dragons fall into the reservoir one after another.

They did not have an accident or anything, it’s part of the plan.

The dragons fell into the reservoir transformed into their human form to prepare a place for the next dragon that’ll fall.

The reservoir is quite wide but it’s too narrow for multiple dragons.

By the way, did you really voluntarily cooperate with this kind of production number?

Are you sure you don’t have complaints?

Ah, you find it fun because it’s an unusual experience?

As long as you don’t have complaints, there’s no problem.

Doraim’s way of falling by bouncing twice on the surface of the water was a stunning performance.

Even the onlookers responded positively but go take a bath soon.


After the dragons, it was the universal ship’s turn. It slowly descended from the sky over the reservoir.

On the deck of the universal ship, Hakuren in red and Ursa in blue are doing some spear dance.

Although it is impossible to see their performance from the ground, their production number is being broadcasted in various places and cheers started.

It is rare for Hakuren to hold weapons but it looks like she can properly use a spear.

When did you practice?

Or, can she already do that without practice?

I know Ursa can use a spear.

She can use all kinds of weapons since a while ago.

Their cool performance……hnn. I want to watch them seriously but I can’t help but smile.

I’m glad that Ursa’s performing with Hakuren.

「When she first come here, she was much closer to me.」

Ann, who’s next to me, muttered as if sulking.

Yeah, she certainly did.

When they first met, Ursa is afraid of Hakuren but sticks a lot with Ann.

This is probably the result of Hakuren’s hard work.

Ursa slowly began to prefer to be with Hakuren the most.

Looking at them performing like this, I don’t feel bad.

I enjoyed watching the two while soothing the sulking Ann.


I suddenly heard a loud laughter.

Where is it coming from?

From the sky.

Helze in dragon form.

And the one laughing loudly is riding Helze, Alfred.


Alfred is wearing a black and red suit and has wings made of flowers.

Yeah, I have no comment on what he’s wearing.

Given how my costumes look, I can’t say anything about anyone.

Alfred’s costume seems to be mimicking a devil.

However, if that’s the case, they should have asked Gucci, Bulga, or Stefano and not Alfred.

Kuzuden of Village Four is not bad either.

When I was thinking like that, Helze boarded the universal ship with Alfred on her back.

Then, Alfred boarded the universal ship, took Ursa, and returned to Helze’s back.

I understand now.

So that’s why the devil is Alfred.


As Alfred and Ursa’s father, my mind is a bit messy.

Ann comforted me.


The Ursa-less universal ship landed on the reservoir.

In the sky is the unsteadily flying Helze with Alfred on her back.

When I was thinking what would happen next, Ursa ripped off Alfred’s flower wings on Helze’s back.

But Ursa didn’t kick off Alfred from Helze’s back….

Instead, a doll that looked like Alfred was thrown.

That’s a safe and good idea.

But why wasn’t that used at my production number?

No, I’m already asking too much.

The doll fell from Helze’s back and landed in the reservoir and the pond turtles drew it down using a whirlpool.

「This grudge, I’ll never forget it!」

Alfred, who’s hiding on Helze’s back, screamed loudly using magic.

On the other hand, Ursa’s line is….

「The loser devil is saying something. Ohohohohohohohoho」

Wow, that laughter suits you.

It’s good that you have something that suits you but be sure to not laugh like that in your daily life.


Helze, whose rider has changed, is now flying differently compared to earlier. She’s flying normally.

Before I knew it, Helze’s wings were already decorated with flowers.

She gave the flower wings that she took from the devil to the dragon….no, given the story, it should be the devil who took the flower wings from the dragon and she only returned it.

Helze followed Ursa’s instruction and descended to the ground.

Ursa went down from Helze and boarded a stage.

The hiding Alfred seems to have ridden the stage with her.

This warms my heart.

And Alfred and Ursa’s stage joins the parade.

The parade is almost at the end.


During those times, in the corner of my eyes, I can see the giant crow, giant swan, and giant black swan being scolded by the eagle.

The giant peacock was taken by another giant peacock with a different pattern that came here later and scolded it in another place.

Is it his wife?


AN: The giant peacock is the chinese phoenix hou ou.

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